How to Secure Microsoft Transaction Server Administration

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Microsoft Transaction Server can provide security for all administration settings. By default, Microsoft Transaction Server administration security is disabled. To enable administration security, perform the steps listed in the MORE INFORMATION section of this article. After authentication is enabled, only the Windows NT users and groups listed as members of the Administrator role will be able to perform administration tasks with Microsoft Transaction Server Explorer.


To enable administration security, perform the following steps:

I. Secure the Microsoft Transaction Server Registry

1. Start Regedt32.

2. Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Transaction Server key.

3. On the Security menu, click Permissions.

4. In the Registry Key Permissions dialog box, change the permissions of

   the Everyone group from "Special Access" to "Read-Only."

5. Click to select the "Replace Permission on Existing Subkeys" check box,
   and click OK to change the permissions.

II. Add Yourself to the System Package's Administrators Role

1. In Microsoft Transaction Server Explorer, select the System package.

2. Select the Users pane of the Administrators role.

3. On the File menu, click New.

4. In the Add Users And Groups To Role dialog box, add yourself to the Add

   Names list box and click OK.

III. Enable Authentication on the System Package

1. Select the System package.

2. Right-click the package and click Properties on the context menu.

3. On the Security tab, click to select the Enable Authorization Checking

   check box.

4. Click OK.

You will have to stop all server processes on the computer before the authorization checking takes effect. Now only you will be able to perform administration tasks with Microsoft Transaction Server Explorer. Others will have read-only privileges, allowing them to view but not change the various Microsoft Transaction Server and package settings.


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