INF: DTC Files Are Removed from SQL Installation

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As part of the default Microsoft SQL Server installation, Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) is installed to facilitate transactions across multiple SQL Server computers. When Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) 2.0 is installed on the computer as part of the setup, version checking removes the DTC files placed in the MSSQL\Binn directory and the DTC service key in the registry is changed to point to the new files that are installed in the Winnt\System32 directory.


If you reinstall SQL Server version 6.5, Setup reinstalls the missing files in the MSSQL\Binn directory and modifies the DTC service registry key to point to these new files. This causes the new functionality included in MTS version 2.0 to fail, including support of clustering of the DTC service. To avoid loss of functionality, you should run MTS 2.0 Setup after you run Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 setup to replace the DTC files.

MTS 2.0 may be installed as part of the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack or IIS 4.0 or as part of the SQL clustering implementation in Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 Enterprise Edition.

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Last Reviewed: March 3, 1998