INF: Proxy-Stubs for Custom Interfaces Must Include Mtxih.lib

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Microsoft Transaction Server components must be accompanied by proxy- stub DLLs, which enable out-of-process calls. For OLE automation interfaces, Microsoft Transaction Server is able to use the Oleaut32.dll proxy-stub provided with the operating system. However, if you compile your own proxy-stub to be used instead of Oleaut32.dll, Microsoft Transaction Server requires that it link in functions from Mtxih.lib.

Calls to your Microsoft Transaction Server object through a custom interface will fail unless you perform the following steps:

1. Add Mtxih.lib as the first library in the link line of the proxy-stub's

   mk file. Do not add the /NODEFAULTLIB switch to this line.

2. Add Ole32.lib and Advapi32.lib to the link line. (Other files may also
   be necessary, depending on the nature of your interface.)

3. Add the /MD flag to the .c.obj line in the mk file.

4. Recompile the proxy-stub.

5. Use Regsvr32 to register the proxy-stub DLL.


Microsoft Transaction Server allows you to create an instance of the custom interface component. However, the following problems may occur if you have not correctly linked Mtxih.lib with your custom interface's proxy-stub or if the proxy-stub is not correctly registered:

The following is an example of a correct mk file:

   atl9ps.dll: dlldata.obj atl9_p.obj atl9_i.obj
      link /dll /out:atl9ps.dll /def:atl9ps.def /entry:DllMain
   dlldata.obj atl9_p.obj atl9_i.obj mtxih.lib kernel32.lib rpcndr.lib
   rpcns4.lib rpcrt4.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib ole32.lib advapi32.lib

      cl /c /Ox /MD /DWIN32 /D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0400 /DREGISTER_PROXY_DLL

      @del atl9ps.dll
      @del atl9ps.lib
      @del atl9ps.exp
      @del dlldata.obj
      @del atl9_p.obj
      @del atl9_i.obj


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Last Reviewed: October 11, 1997