WD98: Inserting Linked Picture Results in Absolute Path

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When you record a macro to insert a picture (on the Insert menu point to Picture and click From File) and,

the macro records an absolute path for the picture instead of recording a relative path as expected. When the macro is run, the field code used for the linked picture is an absolute path instead of a relative path.


To change the path for the linked picture, edit the recorded macro and change the path for the linked picture from "absolute" to "relative."


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products listed at the beginning of this article.


When you insert a picture into a document and the picture is located in the same folder or in a folder belonging to the same folder as your document, if you choose Link To File, the linked path for the picture is stored as a relative path.

For example, if the document path is,

   "Mac HD:Docs:MyWebPage:MyDoc"

and the picture file path is,

   "Mac HD:Docs:MyWebPage:Images:MyImage.jpeg"

viewing the field code, the relative path is:

   {INCLUDEPICTURE "Images:MyImage.jpeg" \* MERGEFORMAT \d}

However, when you record a macro to insert a linked picture whose path is relative to the document in which it is being inserted, the path is recorded and played back as an absolute path. For example, the resulting macro would record and play back the path to the picture, in the IncludePicture field, as:

   {INCLUDEPICTURE "Mac HD:Docs:MyWebPage:Images:MyImage.jpeg" \*

To toggle the viewing of field codes, on the keyboard, press and hold "option" then press F9.


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