Removing Windows NT Boot Menu After Installing Windows 95

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Windows 95 can co-exist with Windows NT on the same computer. However, if you want to remove Windows NT system files and the Boot menu after you install Windows 95, you must follow the procedures described below.


To de-activate the Windows NT Boot menu sequence and remove Windows NT system files, do the following:

1. Create a Windows 95 Startup disk using the Add/Remove Programs options

   in the Windows 95 Control Panel.

2. Put the Windows 95 Startup disk in drive A and reboot your computer.

3. Update the hard disk partition boot sector using the SYS command on the

   Windows 95 Startup disk by typing "SYS C:" (without the quotation

4. Remove the Windows 95 Startup disk from Drive A and reboot your

5. In Windows 95, remove or back up the following files:

      NTBOOTDD.SYS (located only on a SCSI boot partition drive)

6. If you want to remove Windows NT, delete the Windows NT directory tree

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