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This article describes how to create an exclude dictionary. An exclude dictionary contains words that the main dictionary recognizes as being spelled correctly, but that you want questioned during a spelling check. Using an exclude dictionary allows you to specify preferred spellings for certain words.

For example, if you prefer "theatre" rather than "theater," add "theater" to the exclude dictionary so that if Word finds "theater" during a spell check, it prompts you for the correct spelling.

Once you create an exclude dictionary, Word uses it automatically with the main dictionary. If you want to check spelling without using the exclude dictionary, rename the exclude dictionary before you check spelling in a document.


Creating an Exclude Dictionary

To create an exclude dictionary, follow these steps:

1. In a new, blank document, type the words that you want to put in the

   exclude dictionary. After typing each word, press RETURN to make each
   word a separate paragraph, for example:


2. On the File menu, click Save As. Make sure that you save the exclude
   dictionary in the same folder that contains the main dictionary.

   The main dictionary is usually located in the following folder:

      Macintosh HD:Microsoft Office 98:Shared Applications:Proofing Tools

3. In the Save File As Type box, select Speller Exclude Dictionary.

4. In the Save Current Document As box, type a name for the exclude


   NOTE: The exclude dictionary must include the name of the language
   followed by "Exclude Dictionary." For example, an exclude dictionary for
   both English (US) and English (UK) would be named "English Exclude
   Dictionary" (without the quotation marks).

5. Click Save.

   If Word prompts you to confirm that you want to save the file with
   formatting that will not be saved in text format, click Yes, and then
   click Speller Exclude Dictionary.

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