WD98: Tab Spacing Incorrect in Online Layout View

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Tab spacing appears incorrect when you view your document in online layout view. Tab spacing is displayed correctly in all other views.


The "Enlarge fonts less than" option, located on the View tab (click Options on the Tools menu), is set to a point size that is larger than the point size used in the document. The default setting for "Enlarge fonts less than" is 12 points.

Microsoft Word 98 Macintosh Edition provides a new document viewing option called online layout view. This view optimizes the layout to make reading the text easier. To do this, Word increases the text size and wraps the text to fit inside the current window configuration. This view is designed primarily to view HTML or Web style documents that support background colors and textures. The changes made to the document to enhance readability affect the display of the document only. The document may print very differently from the way it is displayed when this online layout view is selected.

When you change the font size, tabs are not automatically adjusted to compensate. This is one reason that HTML documents do not use tabs.


To work around this behavior, use either of the following methods.

Method 1: Change the Document Formatting

If the document is being designed for online viewing, remove the tabs and replace them with another type of formatting to control the spacing.

TIP: HTML documents normally use tables for this purpose.

Method 2: Use Page Layout View

If you are not creating a document for online viewing, use page layout view to see an accurate display of the tabs.

Method 3: Change the "Enlarge fonts less than" Value

To change the minimum text size used for online layout view, follow these steps:

1. On the View menu, click Online Layout.

2. On the Tools menu, click Preferences, and then click the View tab.

3. Change the "Enlarge fonts less than" option to a value less than or

   equal to the smallest font used in the document. Click OK.

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Last Reviewed: February 11, 1999