Access Denied HRESULT 0x80030005 Occurs When Administering, Opening, or Closing a Commerce 3.0 Store

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When you try to administer, open, or close a Microsoft Site Server Commerce 3.0 store, you receive an Access Denied message with the error code HRESULT 0x80030005.


One or more of the following files is marked as read-only:


Use Explorer to remove the read-only attribute from these files. The read-only attribute is not a permission. It is an attribute on the file's properties General tab.


These files will be marked as read-only when a Commerce store is placed under Visual InterDev Web Source Control or Visual SourceSafe Source Control. Each time one of these files is checked back in to source control project, you must manually remove the read-only attribute. Currently, there is no way to automatically remove the read-only attribute when a file is checked in.

You may also receive the following error when you attempt to use Editdictionary.asp:

Commerce.FileDocument.1 error '80030005'
Access Denied.
/storename/editdictionary.asp, line 155

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Last Reviewed: June 7, 1999