Err Msg: Cursor Concurrency Changed

ID: Q198527

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This article pertains to the Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition Sample Site - MS Market interoperability with Microsoft Visual InterDev (VID) 6.0.

The following error occurs when you attempt to delete a Part, Part Class, Req Class, or Vendor in the Market Manager pages on a server that has Visual InterDev 6.0 installed:

   [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Cursor concurrency changed

MS Market is falsely interpreting this informational message from the SQL Server driver as an error.


The problem is that the updated database components shipped with VID 6.0 now return an informational message in the recordset.activeconnection.errors collection. Market goes through this collection and if it finds an error, it displays an error dialog to the user. No other Commerce sample sites check for entries in this collection.


To work around this problem, change the cursor type to adOpenForwardOnly instead of adOpenKeyset in Market's Manager/_delete.asp file. This will prevent the informational message from appearing in the errors collection.

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Version           : WINNT:2.0
Platform          : winnt
Hardware          : ALPHA x86
Issue type        : kbprb

Last Reviewed: January 7, 1999