"System Shutdown is in Progress" Error Message Using Web Proxy

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When you attempt to use the Web Proxy Server on the client's browser and Proxy Server receives an Access Violation in Inetinfo.exe., you will receive the following error message:

System Shutdown is in progress
NOTE: Using a Winsock connection works correctly.


The error occurs when the user is who attempting to connect through the Web Proxy has insufficient permissions on W3proxy.dll which is located in the <Inetpub>\Scripts\Proxy directory.


To avoid the error, apply Read NTFS permissions to the valid Windows NT user account on W3proxy.dll. The error does not occur and the client should be able to use the Web Proxy service.

  1. Open My Computer or Windows NT Explorer.

  2. Locate the <Inetpub>\Scripts\Proxy folder.

  3. Open the Proxy folder and locate the W3proxy.dll file.

  4. Right-click W3proxy.dll and then click Properties.

  5. Click the Security tab.

  6. Click Permissions.

  7. Click Add and locate the user who is attempting to use the Web Proxy Service to connect. Give the user a minimum of Read Access permissions.

  8. Click OK until you have dismissed all dialog boxes.

  9. Attempt a connection through Web Proxy.

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Version           : WinNT:2.0
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Last Reviewed: June 10, 1999