Prompted to Save File when Browsing to any Web Site

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When you use Microsoft Proxy Server to browse to a Web site, (for example, you may be prompted with a save or open file prompt:

   You have chosen to download a file from this location.
   / from Microsoft.


This is caused because the Scripts virtual directory has Read access AND Script (or None) permissions enabled.


To resolve this problem, perform the following steps:

1. On the Proxy Server computer, open the Microsoft Management Console

2. In the MMC, open the tree for the default Web site by clicking
   the plus sign (+) beside it.
3. Open the properties for the Scripts virtual directory by right-clicking
   on the Scripts virtual directory and choosing Properties.
4. Click the Virtual Directory tab, click to remove the check mark next to
   the "Read" Access Permission, and then select the "Execute (including
   script)" permission.
5. Save the changes by clicking OK.


If you are browsing directly to a specific URL that contains a filename (for example, then you may receive the following error in the title bar of the browser:

   TerminateExtension failed. ProxyInit failed=%Id. UrlCacheInit
   failed=%Id. W3 Proxy Filterge

The body of the browser will contain a lot of garbage characters. This text is actually the contents of W3proxy.dll if it were to be viewed by a text editor.

You can correct this behavior with the same resolution described above.

Version           : WINNT:2.0,4.0
Platform          : winnt
Issue type        : kbprb

Last Reviewed: February 22, 1999