WWW Pages Not Seen with All Servers Defined as Virtual

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If a World Wide Web (WWW) server is setup with multiple virtual servers and also has a Proxy server installed, users on the internal side of the network get one of the following error messages when they try to connect to the web pages on the Proxy server:


All of the servers specified in the Directories tab of the WWW Service Properties are virtual servers.


Make sure that at least one of the WWW Service Home directories is not a virtual server. You can create a dummy home page if you need to keep all of your current Web Pages virtualized.

To create a dummy home page, add a new virtual directory (click New from the Directories tab) and specify a directory to point to, then click Home but do not select Virtual Server.

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Keywords          : kberrmsg pxsperm 
Version           : 1.0 2.0
Platform          : WINDOWS
Hardware          : ALPHA x86

Last Reviewed: October 7, 1997