HOWTO: Search Transaction Server Articles by Article Topic

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You can use the following KBSubcategory keywords to make queries for Transaction Server articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base faster and more precise. The keywords have a "TSrv" prefix so that a full-text query will not find the keyword in articles not directly related to the category.

NOTE: More general KBCategory keywords (using a "kb" prefix) covering all Knowledge Base articles are also used in Transaction Server articles

Transaction Server Knowledge Base Subcategories

Keyword           Subcategory

TSrvAPI           API Issues
TSrvConfig        Configuration
TSrvConnect       Connectivity
TSrvDeploy        Deployment
TSrvDCOM          DCOM Issues
TSrvDTC           DTC Issues
TSrvExplorer      MTS Explorer
TSrvInstall       Installation
TSrvIntegrate     Platform Integration Problems
TSrvJava          Java
TSrvNetwork       Networking Problems
TSrvODBC          Open Database Connectivity
TSrvPackages      Packages
TSrvProg          General Programming
TSrvResourceMgr   Resource Manager
TSrvSecurity      Security
TSrvThread        Threading Models
TSrvTransaction   Transaction
TSrvVB            Visual Basic
TSrvVC            Visual C
TSrvXA            X/Open Defined Resource Manager Protocol

Additional query words: prodtranssrv
Keywords          : kbkeyword
Version           : 1.0
Platform          : WINDOWS

Last Reviewed: November 12, 1998