PRB: MDAC 2.0 Requires DCOM95 to Install Under Windows 95

ID: Q191094

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If you try to run the Microsoft Data Access Components 2.0 setup on a Windows 95 computer, you get a warning indicating that you need DCOM95 to install MDAC 2.0.


To install correctly on a Windows 95 machine, MDAC 2.0 requires that DCOM95 be installed. MDAC 2.0 installs components that rely on DLLs installed by DCOM95 to register correctly. Note that DCOM95 is not required on a Windows NT 4.0 or a Windows 98 computer.


Download and install DCOM95 prior to installing MDAC 2.0. You can obtain DCOM95 from the following Microsoft web location:
DCOM95.exe is also available on the Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 CD-ROM (Enterprise, Professional, and Standard editions) in the \Pro\Tools\DCOM95 directory.

After downloading and saving DCOM95.exe, double-click DCOM95.exe and proceed through the installation of DCOM95. This process requires you to restart your system upon completion.


This behavior is by design.

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Last Reviewed: July 29, 1999