WD6X: Invalid "Word for Macintosh 6.0" File Type in WinWord 6.0

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When you choose to view the Save File As Type list in the Save As menu in Word 6.0 for Windows, the following option appears at or near the bottom of the list:

   Word for Macintosh 6.0

If you choose this file type option when attempting to save a document and then click OK, you receive the following error message:

   Word cannot save Word for Macintosh 6.0 files. The converter for
   this format can only open files.

If you choose this option in the Confirm Conversions dialog when opening a document in a non-Word file format, you receive the following error message

   File is not a Microsoft Word document.

followed by:

   Word cannot open the document.


The Word 6.0 for Windows Setup program automatically installs a converter file named Msword6.cnv in the Msapps\Textconv subdirectory in your Windows directory. This converter is installed so that other Microsoft applications that share converters with Word can automatically read and write the Word 6.0 file format. The Word for Macintosh 6.0 file type option is associated with this converter.

You are not supposed to use this converter from within Word 6.0 for Windows. However, the option to choose the converter is not properly removed from the Save File As Type and Confirm Conversion format lists in Word.


To avoid this problem, do not choose the Word for Macintosh 6.0 format option when opening or saving a document in a non-default file format. Because Word 6.x for the Macintosh and Word 6.x for Windows share the same file format, conversion is not necessary.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Word 6.0 for Windows. This problem was corrected in Microsoft Word 6.0a for Windows.

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Last Reviewed: March 7, 1998