PPT4: Segment Load Failure in POWERPNT.EXE w/AppMeter 1.0

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If you are running a shared network copy of PowerPoint 4.0 that is metered by Funk Software's AppMeter 1.0, you may receive on of the following error messages:

   PP4 caused Segment Load Failure with module POWERPNT.EXE
   at nnnn:nnnn.


   PP4 caused a segment load error at AMRES.DLL


These errors occurs when you try to create a new presentation, open an existing application, or open any other operation that makes use of OLE operations.

This problem is caused by AppMeter. It occurs when PowerPoint has been registered for software site license metering by the AppMeter 1.0 network redirector program. By default, AppMeter registers only POWERPNT.EXE as the application, but does not properly register POWERPNT.DLL. To ensure OLE compliance, PowerPoint 4.0 runs itself from POWERPNT.DLL rather than from the relatively small POWERPNT.EXE file. As a result, AppMeter unintentionally interferes with the DLL file during its normal operations, causing the Segment Load Failure when certain operations are performed.


To register PowerPoint 4.0, so that it operates correctly with the AppMeter program, do the following:

1. Run the AmSuper program.

2. Choose to register an application.

3. For the application name, type:


4. Type the path to the directory where PowerPoint 4.0 has been

5. On the command line, type:

      powerpnt.exe %m powerpnt.dll

6. Fill out the remainder of the information according to your site license

This registers the DLL to be monitored by the AppMeter program rather than be metered.

The third-party products included here are manufactured by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability. For more information and assistance with AppMeter, contact Funk Software at (617)497-6339.

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Last Reviewed: May 16, 1998