WD5x: MacWord Non-Hidden Index Entry Text Lost in Word 6.0

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When a Word 5.x for the Macintosh document contains an index entry in which a portion of the actual index entry text is formatted as hidden, the remaining non-hidden portion of the index entry may not appear as normal body text when you open the document in Word 6.0 and later.

For example, a Word 5.x index entry such as

   .i.This is a test;
   ---        -------     (where these underscores represent hidden text)

may appear in Word 6.0 and later with Show All and Show Field Codes active as:

   { XE "This is a test"}

The expected result is:

   This is a test{ XE "This is a test"}


To work around this problem, use the appropriate method for your situation.

Method 1: Use If You Have Access to Word 5.x for the Macintosh

1. Reopen the file in Word 5.x for the Macintosh.

2. Save the document in Word for Windows 2.0 format. If the Word for

   Windows 2.0 converter has not been installed, rerun Word 5.x setup to
   install the converter.

3. Open the Word 2.0 for Windows version of the document into Word. The
   non-hidden portion of each index entry is retained as normal body text.

Method 2: Use If You Do Not Have Access to Word 5.x for the Macintosh

1. In Word, choose to view hidden text so that XE fields are visible.

2. Select and copy text from within an XE field that should appear as

   normal text to the Clipboard, and paste into your document immediately
   before or after the XE field as normal text.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products listed at the beginning of this article.

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Last Reviewed: November 12, 1998