RFT-DCA Converter Enhancements in Word 6.0c for Windows

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Included below is a summary of corrections made to the RFTDCA.CNV converter in Word 6.0c for Windows. This converter is used to convert to and from RFT- DCA file format. All corrections listed here have been made since the previous Word 6.0a product release.

Corrected problems include:


For more information about current RFT-DCA converter limitations, choose "Search for Help on" from the Help menu, type "readme" (without the quotation marks), then highlight the "Readme Help" topic and choose the GoTo button. In the Word Readme Help Contents, choose File Conversion, then choose Conversion Limitations, and view the "Converting Between Microsoft Word 6.0 and RFT-DCA" topic.

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Last Reviewed: January 23, 1995