WordPerfect 6.0 Import Converter Limitations for Word 6.x/7.0

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This article provides information about limitations when converting from WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS, and WordPerfect 6.0 and 6.1 for Windows to the versions of Word listed at the beginning of this article. Features that are converted completely are not listed. Only features that are not converted or require some comment are listed.

Below is a list of Word properties and features and comments about how those features are converted from WordPerfect 6.x documents by the WordPerfect 6.x import converter supplied with the Microsoft Supplemental WordPerfect Conversions Kit for Word for Windows.

NOTE: The WordPerfect 6.0 converters are shipped with Word for Windows, versions 7.0 and 7.0a, but the fonts, templates, and documentation for WordPerfect conversions are not shipped. When the WordPerfect 6.0 Converter Kit is installed in Word 7.0, the following error message is displayed:

     Setup has detected that Word 6.0 is not installed. The WordPerfect
     text converters will only work with Word 6.0 for Windows. To not
     install the text converters, choose the Custom Install button on the
     next dialog box and uncheck the Text Converters option.

Installing the WordPerfect 6.0 Converter Kit with Word for Windows 95, versions 7.0 and 7.0a will allow for the addition of the WordPerfect templates, fonts, and documentation.


Each section covers a group of Word property equivalents. The key is as follows:

   Yes  The feature is converted to Word from WordPerfect 6.x but
        requires some comment.

   No   The feature is not converted to Word.

   S/C  See the associated comment.

                     6.x to
Feature              Word           Comments
-------------------- -------------- --------------------------------------

Character Formatting:

  Strikethrough      Yes            WordPerfect strikeout becomes
  and redlining                     strikethrough formatting in Word;
                                    WordPerfect redlining becomes added
                                    text revision marking in Word.

  Kerning            No

  Word and           No
  letter spacing

Paragraph Formatting:

  [Center]/          Yes            Center and Flush Right codes convert
  [Flsh Rgt]                        to center and right-aligned tab stops
  codes                             and tabs.

  Back tabs          S/C            Back tabs that are preceded by text
                                    are not converted.

  Default tabs       S/C            Trailing default tabs at ends of
                                    lines are not converted.

  Tab leaders        S/C            Dot tab leaders, minus-sign tab
                                    leaders, and underscore tab leaders
                                    are converted to the same tab leaders
                                    in Word. All other WordPerfect tab
                                    leaders become dot leaders in Word.

  Keep Text          No

  Leading            No
  between lines
  and baselines

  Paragraph          Yes            WordPerfect paragraph margins are
  margins                           converted to left and right paragraph
                                    indents in Word.

  Spacing            Yes            Spacing between paragraphs in
  between                           WordPerfect is converted to Spacing
  paragraphs                        After paragraph format in Word.

  Styles             No             Style contents are converted as direct
                                    formatting in Word.

Other Features:

  Advance            Yes            Advance codes are converted to ADVANCE
                                    fields in Word. Advance codes that
                                    have the effect of advancing text
                                    upward on a page cannot be fully
                                    emulated in Word. Absolute vertical
                                    advance in headers is not converted.

  Bookmarks          No

  Borders and fill   No
  (for column, page,
  and paragraph)

  Captions           No

  Chapter and        No
  volume numbers

  Comments           Yes            Comments become annotations in Word.
                                    Comments in headers, footers,
                                    footnotes, and endnotes are not
                                    retained in Word.

  Contour wrap       S/C            Contour wrap is converted to square
  for graphics                      wrap (wrap-around property) in Word,
  boxes                             since Word does not support contour

  Cross-references   No             Cross-references and hypertext links
  and hypertext                     are retained as plain text in Word.

  Document Summary   No             The Descriptive Name, Descriptive Type,
                                    Title, Subject, Author, Keywords,
                                    Comments, Typist, Revision Date and
                                    Subject WordPerfect fields are not

  Drop caps          No

  Equations          Yes            Equations are converted as editable
                                    equation objects.

  Footnotes          Yes            Custom footnote marks are converted to
                                    automatic numbered marks. If the
                                    numbering format of notes is changed
                                    in a document, the notes numbered with
                                    the new format are converted as custom

  Index and Lists    No             Index and Lists are retained as plain
                                    text in Word.

  Insert Filename    No

  Labels and         No             Text of labels is retained in Word.
  bar codes

  Line numbers       No

  Macros             No

  Margins            Yes            Word margins are measured from the
                                    paper's edge to body text; WordPerfect
                                    margins are measured from the top and
                                    bottom edge of the page to the top of
                                    the header and bottom of the footer,
                                    respectively. The conversion adjusts
                                    the margins as needed to preserve page
                                    layout. If you experience problems
                                    with margins (for example, if they are
                                    set outside the printable range in
                                    Word), choose Page Setup from the File
                                    menu, select the Margins tab and
                                    choose OK. If margins need to be
                                    adjusted, Word will ask to fix them.

  Merge codes        No             Merge constructs and macros are lost
                                    when converting to Word.

  Outlining,         Yes            All are converted to SEQ (sequence)
  paragraph numbers,                fields in Word.
  and counters

  Page features      No
  (center page,
  page binding,
  and subdivide

  Parallel columns   S/C            Parallel columns convert to tables.

  Table vertical     No
  cell merge and
  cell alignment

  Text boxes and     Yes            Some text boxes and lines convert to
  lines                             Word drawing layer objects. Drawing
                                    layer objects are only visible in
                                    page layout view and print preview,
                                    and when printing. Drawing layer
                                    objects will not appear in normal
                                    view. Graphics boxes that are
                                    anchored to a page or a paragraph,
                                    have wrap-around text, and are
                                    located in tables, parallel columns,
                                    or headers/footers are converted to
                                    boxes with wrap-through in Word. In
                                    most cases these boxes become
                                    drawing layer objects in Word.

                                    All graphics lines are converted as
                                    solid lines.

  Watermarks         No

  characters         Yes            If the WordPerfect fonts containing
                                    the characters are available on the
                                    system, all the characters are
                                    converted. If one or more of these
                                    fonts are not available, some
                                    characters may not be converted.

The information in this article is derived from the WPCONV.DOC document that is installed by the Supplemental WordPerfect Conversions Kit in the Word directory.

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