PPT7: Cannot Customize AutoClipart List

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The AutoClipArt List is not customizable in PowerPoint for Windows 95, version 7.0.

AutoClipArt is a wizard in PowerPoint that assists you by suggesting clip art images that complement keywords found in your presentation.

When you run the wizard, the words in your presentation are scanned and compared to a preset list. When a match is found, that word's related clipart is suggested.

There is no way to customize the list of words the wizard uses to choose clipart.


Although you cannot alter the list of words AutoClipArt compares against, you can customize what pictures are associated with certain words. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Within ClipArt Gallery, select a picture you want associated with a

   certain word.

2. Use the right mouse button to click the picture, and then click Picture
   Properties on the menu that appears.

3. In the space marked Description, add the word(s) to associate
   with this picture. Type a space between multiple words; you do not
   need to use a comma.

The next time you use that word and run AutoClipArt, the picture will be one of the suggestions.

If you do not want a certain picture suggested for a particular word, you can remove the keywords from the description box in ClipArt Gallery using the same method.

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Last Reviewed: August 3, 1998