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When you print a Word 7.0 document containing an EPS graphic that includes a bitmap display image to a PostScript printer, both the PostScript and bitmap versions of the image may be printed. The result is a lower- resolution (overlapping) printed image.

This problem does not occur with all EPS graphics that contain bitmap preview images. However, the problem does occur with greater frequency in Word 7.0 than in earlier versions of Word.

This problem was fixed in Word for Windows 95, version 7.0a.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the encapsulated PostScript (EPS) graphics filter included with Microsoft Word for Windows 95 version 7.0. This problem was fixed in Word version 7.0a.


To resolve this problem, upgrade to Word for Windows 95, version 7.0a. This installs the EPS filter, Epsimp32.flt, version To confirm the version of the EPS filter installed on your system, use Windows Explorer to locate the Epsimp32.flt file. Right-click the file. On the shortcut menu, click Properties, and then click the Version tab.

To obtain Word for Windows 95 version 7.0a, call the Microsoft Order Desk at (800) 360-7561. If you are outside the United States, contact the Microsoft subsidiary for your area. To locate your subsidiary, see the Microsoft World Wide Offices Web site at:



Method 1: Rename the file Mstiff32.dll located in your "\Program files

          \Common files\Microsoft shared\Grphflt" folder to Mstiff32.Bak
          and reinsert your EPS image(s).

          When you now import an EPS image, a bounding box placeholder
          will be displayed in Word, but the image will print correctly.

          NOTE: While Mstiff32.Dll is renamed, you will not be able to
          insert TIFF graphics.

Method 2: If you have access to the program in which the affected EPS
          graphic was created, reopen the EPS image in that program and
          save it without a bitmap preview image if that option exists.
          Then, reinsert the image into Word.

Method 3: Export the image from the creator application in an alternative
          graphic file format recognized by Word.


Most EPS graphics consist of two components: PostScript code, which tells a PostScript printer what to print, and a bitmapped header, which provides a preview image to be displayed on-screen. When printing to a PostScript device, Word 7.0 incorrectly prints both the PostScript code and the bitmapped header, whereas Word 6.x correctly prints only the PostScript code. If the bitmapped header is a low-resolution image (which is commonly the case), the resulting printout is of low resolution and/or displays an overlapping effect.

When Word prints to a PostScript printer, the PostScript commands in an EPS file should be the only information sent to the printer, even if the image contains a TIFF, WMF, or PICT bitmap display image. The on-screen resolution of the bitmap display image should have no effect on the printing quality of the document. However, because Microsoft Word for Windows 95 in some instances incorrectly prints the screen preview in addition to the PostScript code, the print quality is adversely affected.

When printing to a non-PostScript printer and a bitmap display image is embedded in the EPS file, Word prints only the bitmap image. As indicated above, such images are normally of low resolution (for example, 128 x 128 bits), and therefore, the resolution of the printed image is relatively low. If an EPS file contains no bitmap display image, only a bounding box is printed on a non-PostScript printer. These results are normal, given EPS graphics are intended only to be printed on PostScript printers.

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