WD: WordPerfect 5.2 Files Convert with Insufficient Line Leading

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Converted WordPerfect documents may not have sufficient leading between lines. Lines in a paragraph may be spaced touching each other or lines of text may be cutoff.


Use the following procedure to change the line spacing between lines.

1. On the Edit menu, click Select All.

2. On the Format menu, click Paragraph.

3. On the Format Paragraph dialog, select Line Spacing. Change from

   Single to Multiple. In the At box, type "1.20" (without the
   quotation marks).

This sets the line spacing to 120% of normal.

If this setting is insufficient, you can continue to fine tune the settings by 0.01% of single line spacing until the leading in the converted document matches the leading in the second document.

Example: Setting Format, Paragraph to Multiple 1.20 sets line spacing to 120% of single. Setting it to 1.21 sets the spacing to 121%, etc.


This behavior is a limitation of the WordPerfect 5.x converter as provided by Microsoft Word for Windows.


Microsoft Word for Windows allows for the conversion of documents from WordPerfect 5.2 to Word. However, there are some limitations that may be presented after the document has been converted. Leading (Line Spacing between lines) conversion is one such limitation of the WordPerfect 5.x converter.

This seems to happen when a printer font has been chosen as the default font in WordPerfect. This also seems to happen in both the Windows and DOS versions of WordPerfect 5.2.

Use the workaround above to correct the leading problem in converted WordPerfect 5.2 documents.

For additional information, please see the following articles here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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Last Reviewed: November 10, 1998