PUB97: CorelDRAW! Filter Imports .Pat and .Cdt, Not .Cmx Files

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The CorelDRAW! (.cdr) filter that ships with Microsoft Publisher can actually import other types of CorelDRAW! files besides those with a .cdr extension. It also imports Pattern (.pat) and Corel Template (.cdt) files. These file types do not, however, show up in the Insert Picture dialog box.

NOTE: This filter does not import Corel MetaFile Exhange (.cmx) files.


To Import a .pat or .cdt File into Publisher

1. On the Insert menu, click Picture File.

2. If there is a check mark in the Preview check box in the Insert

   Picture dialog box, click the Preview check box to clear it. If you
   don't do this, you receive an error later in this procedure.

3. Click CorelDraw picture on the Files of Type list.

4. Type one of the following in the File Name box:




5. Select the folder that contains the picture you want to import.

6. Click the name of the picture and then click OK.

NOTE: if there is a check mark in the Preview check box, you now receive this error:

   Publisher cannot convert this picture.

   This is either because Publisher doesn't recognize the format of
   the picture you want to add or there was an error loading a graphic
   filter. Publisher has graphics converters that enable it to
   recognize most picture formats. Some of these converters may be
   missing. To install converters for word processors and graphics,
   run Publisher Setup again.

If you click OK, the picture imports despite the error.

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Version           : WINDOWS:97
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Last Reviewed: March 20, 1998