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The "More Information" section of this article discusses providers of third- party conversion solutions.

Some of the products and services mentioned here are manufactured or provided by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' and services' performance or reliability.

The third-party contact information included in this article is provided to help you find the technical support you need. This contact information is subject to change without notice. Microsoft in no way guarantees the accuracy of this third-party contact information.


Muller Media Conversions

Muller Media Conversions, Inc., specializes in providing solutions to corporate document-and-data-transfer problems for many nonstandard formats not supported by the more mainstream file conversion products, such as MasterSoft Corporation's Windows Word for Word.

   32 Broadway
   Suite 1600
   New York, NY  10004
   Phone: (212) 344-0474
   Fax: (212) 968-0789
   Web: http://www.mullermedia.com

M/H Group

The M/H Group's W-Link disk-to-disk file conversion program (not to be confused with their similarly named product, "Word-Link") provides word processing document conversion between Wang PC documents and IBM PC word processing formats.

The M/H Group TextCom program provides an IBM PC or compatible with telecommunication capabilities and allows it to convert some word processing document formats to and from Wang systems via the WPS Bisynchronous Protocol.

M/H Group Word-Link disk-to-disk file conversion program (not to be confused with their similarly named product, W-Link) provides disk-to-disk document conversion between IBM PC-based word-processing formats.

M/H Group's "Archive-Link" program provides disk-to-disk document conversions between standard Wang OIS or VS system 5.25-inch Archive Disk Format and IBM PC based word processing formats.

   300 West Adams Street
   Chicago, Illinois 60606
   Phone: (312) 443-1222
   Fax:   (312) 443-1377

Zandar Corporation

Zandar Corporation's TagWrite products are advertised as providing support for conversion from IBM Bookmaster, Document Composition Format (DCF), Interleaf, Ventura, SGML, KEEP, and other formats to Rich Text Format (RTF). TagWrite supports styles; headings; complex tables; emphasis (bold, italic, underline, etc); references, cross references and Index for dynamic update in Word; special characters; footnotes; and other features. This product includes support for equations (Word Equation Editor versions 3.0 and later) for Bookmaster.

   117 South Williams
   Burlington, Vermont 05401
   Phone: (802) 862-8005
   Fax: (802) 862-7913
   Web: http://www.tagwrite.com/ 

Advanced Computer Innovations

Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. word processing conversion software products, WordPort and R-Doc/X, provide a third party conversion option for several word processing formats.

   30 Burncoat Way
   Pittsford, NY 14534-2216
   Phone: (716) 383-1939
   Fax:   (716) 383-8428

Traveling Software

LapLink Mac Release by Traveling Software is a file transfer and format conversion utility for use in transferring and converting word processing documents between the Macintosh and PC environments.

   19812 North Creek Parkway
   Bothell, WA 98011
   Phone: (800) 343-8080 or (206) 483-8088
   Fax: (206) 487-5440
   Web: http://www.travsoft.com

ZyLAB Corporation

ZyLAB Corporation provides support for simultaneous search and retrieval of files in multiple formats, including Microsoft Word formats, with its products ZyINDEX for MS-DOS and ZyINDEX for Windows.

   100 Lexington Drive
   Buffalo Grove, Il 60089
   Phone: (708) 459-8000 or (800) 544-6339
   Fax:   (708) 459-8054
   Web: http://www.zylab.com

National Data Conversion Institute

The National Data Conversion Institute is a file and media conversion bureau that advertises support for conversions between the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works, and Microsoft FoxBASE families and over 3500 different computer systems including word processors, minicomputers, microcomputers, and mainframes with a typical turnaround of 24-48 hours from receipt of the source media.

   5 East 16th Street
   New York, NY 10003
   Phone: (212) 463-7511

MDCS DataTran

MDCS DataTran is a conversion bureau that provides conversion services, specializing in document transfer. MDCS advertises support for a wide variety of computer formats, dedicated word processors, mainframe, miniframe, and microcomputers, including the Microsoft Word family of products.

   1213 27th St.
   Port Townsend, WA 98368
   (360) 379-1701

K-Talk Communications, Inc.

K-Talk Communication's "MathPORT" conversion product is advertised as being capable of converting equation and other typesetting definitions from Tex and LaTeX, DERIVE, Maple, Mathematica, and WordPerfect formats to image file format (TIFF), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), or EPS with TIFF preview graphic images that can subsequently be inserted as pictures into any of our Word family products in order to retain appearance.

In addition, K-Talk also offers a conversion product known as "TexPort" that converts complete documents from TeX and LaTeX typesetting formats to WordPerfect 5.1 documents, with the equations converted in K-Talk format and available in a variety of graphics formats (TIFF, WMF or EPS). This provides an avenue in which to convert Tex and LaTeX documents to Word. The WordPerfect converter supplied with Word will import the converted document and the equations can be edited with the K-Talk MathEdit equation editor which is included with TexPort. Macros for Word for Windows 6.0 automate the conversion from TeX to Word.

Finally, K-TALK offers a conversion product known as "Publishing Companion" that translates Word and WordPerfect documents into TeX or LaTeX format. Equations, tables and most commands are converted. Word 6.x or 7.0 for Windows is required. Publishing Companion converts Word Equation Editor 2.0 equations to K-Talk's equation format used in the MathEdit equation editor and then to TeX or LaTeX. The process is automated through a WordBasic macro.

   1287 King Avenue, Suite 203
   Columbus, Ohio 43212-2220
   Phone:  (614)488-8818
   Fax:    (614)488-9505
   Web: http://isis.infinet.com/ktalk
   E-mail:  lisa@ktalk.com

EchoSoft Corporation

EchoSoft Corporation's A1Free software provides a means for extracting documents from Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) ALL-IN-1 proprietary file cabinet. A1Free also supports conversion of DEC WPS Plus (version 3.1 or higher) and DEC/DX documents from DEC's ALL-IN-1 proprietary file cabinet to WordPerfect VMS documents in standard VMS directories on a VAX.

EchoSoft's PC-Porter software enables you to transfer these and other documents, in groups, from the VAX to the PC without losing long VMS filenames.

   170 Oakleigh Road
   Newton, MA 02158
   Phone: (800) 969-3246
   Fax:   (617) 244-4876

Systems Compatibility Corporation

Outside In for Windows allows viewing and conversion of files from several foreign file formats into Word via the Windows Clipboard. Outside In can be installed for access from a Word for Windows menu.

Software Bridge is a standalone word processing file format translation Program. Software Bridge can be run under Windows and supports conversion between a variety of foreign word processing, spreadsheet, and database formats, including formats readable by each version of Word.

Word Exchange provides file conversion that keeps formatting intact between Microsoft Word and other word processing packages.

   401 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 600
   Chicago, IL 60611
   Phone: (312) 329-0700 or (800) 333-1395
   Fax:   (312) 670-0820

Electronic Filing Consultants

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations require submission of quarterly 10-Q reports in ASCII text format. This requirement stems from the SEC's use of the EDGAR Text Retrieval System, which itself expects information in ASCII form.

The "X2ASC" macro product manufactured by Electronic Filing Consultants, Ltd., (EFC) is advertised to provide conversion from Word to ASCII in a manner that conforms to SEC regulations for EDGAR documents.

   2954 North Racine Avenue
   Suite No. 1
   Chicago, IL 60657-4232
   Phone: (312) 226-5858
   Fax:   (312) 226-5858
   Web: http://www.electfiling.com
   CompuServe E-Mail#: 72741,1662

MicroSystems Engineering Company

MASS-11 conversion solutions.

   2500 W Higgins Rd, Suite 950
   Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
   (708) 261-0111

DataViz, Inc.

DataViz Corporation advertises Conversions Plus for Windows as a complete Windows solution that provides file conversions between Macintosh and PC programs, as well as conversions between PC programs. The product allows you to put a high-density Macintosh disk in your PC and copy files to and from that disk, as well as convert files directly on your PC.

MacLink Plus is a translation (converter) library that allows conversion between Word for Windows, Word for MS-DOS, Word for the Macintosh, and a large number of third-party products.

   55 Corporate Drive
   Trumbell, CT 06611
   Phone: (203) 268-0030
   Fax:   (203) 268-4345
   Web: http://www.dataviz.com

Langel Conversion Services

Langel Conversion Services is a multi-service bureau that provides conversion services specializing in document transfer. Langel offers support for a wide variety of computer formats, dedicated word processors, mainframe, mini, and microcomputers. Langel advertises support for conversion to and/or from Microsoft Word family products.

   119 West 57th Street
   Suite 1410
   New York, New York 10019
   (212) 967-1303

Exoterica Corporation

Exoterica Corporation's XGML OmniMark product includes a programming language combined with a premium validating SGML parser. XGML OmniMark can be used to convert SGML documents to the input languages of other products (for example, Microsoft rich text format [RTF]), to convert the output languages of other products (including the Microsoft Word family) to SGML- defined languages including AAP and CALS (commonly referred to as autotagging), and to convert between arbitrary languages and data formats. As a result, XGML OmniMark provides a high-level, bidirectional SGML and other foreign format conversion avenue for Word for Windows, Word for MS- DOS, and Word for the Macintosh.

   1400 Blair Place
   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1J9B8
   Phone: (613) 745-4242
   Fax:   (613) 745-5560
   Web: http://www.exoterica.com

PIVAR Computing Services, Inc.

PIVAR Computing Services, Inc. is a file and media conversion bureau that advertises support for conversion between Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) and over 600 other software package formats. In total, PIVAR advertises conversion support for over 5000 conversion formats to and from magnetic tapes, minicomputers, microcomputers, word processors, typesetters, tape cartridges, CD-ROM, and other software packages.

   165 Arlington Heights Road
   Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
   Phone: (847) 459-6010 or (800) CONVERT
   Fax:   (847) 459-6095
   Web: http://www.pivar.com

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