No Documents Found Using FrontPage 98 & Index Server 1.1

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When you are using the FrontPage 98 Search Form on a multi-homed Internet Information Server (IIS) computer with Index Server 1.1 installed, the following error message may appear:

   0 Documents Found.

The search returns no results.


There is no catalog set up for the virtual server where the Search Form resides.


To work around this problem, use either of the following two methods:


Set up Index Server with a catalog for the virtual server. The instructions can be found in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

 Article ID: Q183731
 Title    :  How to Index and Create a Catalog for a New Web Site

The article is located on the Web at the following location:


Add the following line to the Frontpg.ini file:

   [Frontpage 3.0]

This change forces the Search Form to use the WAIS search built into FrontPage instead of using Index Server.

You must open the Web where the Search Form resides and recalculate the hyperlinks. Recalculating allows the FrontPage Server Extensions to incorporate the changes made to the Frontpg.ini file. In addition, recalculating updates the indexes, ensuring that all documents are available to be searched.

NOTE: The FrontPg.ini file is stored in the directory in which Windows or Windows NT is installed.


For Windows 95 - C:\Windows\FrontPg.ini For Windows NT - C:\Winnt\FrontPg.ini

When this line is added to the beginning of the [Frontpage 3.0] section of the Frontpg.ini file, the setting is global for all FrontPage Webs. However, this can be done on a per-virtual server or per-subweb basis by specifying the setting under that particular server's IP address.


For a virtual server with the IP address of, you see the following section in the FrontPg.ini file:

   [Port 80:]  - This line varies with versions of IIS.
   frontpageroot=C:\Program Files\Microsoft FrontPage\version3.0


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft FrontPage 98 for Windows.


When FrontPage detects Index Server, the Search Form automatically integrates by pointing itself to a file named Index.htm0.idq. This file is located in the _vti_bin directory.

On a multi-homed system, this causes a problem if an additional catalog was not set up for the virtual server in which the Search Form resides. Because there is no catalog, there is an empty entry in the Index.htm0.idq file for CiCatalog. Thus, there is nothing to search.

Further information about setting up catalogs with Index Server can be found in the Index Server product documentation.

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