PPT98: Black and White Versus Pure Black and White Printing

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The Print dialog box in PowerPoint gives you two options for black and white printing. These options are called Black And White, and Pure Black And White, respectively. If you choose these options, the following changes will be made to your slide when it is printed:

Slide Object                  Black And White     Pure Black And White

Slide background color        Prints white        Prints white
Slide text                    Prints black        Prints black
Drawn lines and borders       Prints black        Prints black
Object fills                  No change           Prints white
Filled objects w/o outlines   No change           Black outline added
Patterned objects             No change           Prints black/white
Imported graphics             No change           No change
OLE objects                   No change           No change

NOTE: If you are printing to a color printer, the items described as "No Change" will be printed in color. If you are printing to a black and white printer, these items will be printed in grayscale.


The Black And White option is useful if you want to keep your slide looking as close as possible to the original but you want the background of the slide to be white.

The Pure Black And White option is useful when you want to print draft copies on a color printer or when you want to print very readable speaker's notes or handouts.

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Last Reviewed: September 22, 1998