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Office Update is a free online extension of Microsoft Office accessible to all users. You can access the site from the link placed prominently at the top of the Office product by clicking Help, selecting Microsoft on the Web, and then clicking Free Stuff. You may also type:

"" (without the quotation marks)

in the Address bar.

Office Update is an excellent ongoing resource for Microsoft Office users and is dedicated to helping you get the very most from Microsoft Office, providing product updates, downloads, assistance, and newsgroups and links to third-party resources.

Components available for download are classified as follows:

ADD-INS AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: ==============================================

An Add-In is a program that enhances an existing software product. An Add-In usually adds a feature not previously available within the application.

Add-Ins Available for Word 97

Add-Ins Available for Word 2000

ASSISTANTS AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: ===============================================

An Assistant is an interactive feature that answers questions, offers tips, and provides help for a variety of features specific to the program you're using. Assistants are shared across all Microsoft Office products.

Assistants Available for Word 97

CONVERTERS AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: =================================================

Converters are program add-ins that allow you to convert your existing files to a format for use in other applications.

Converters Available for Word 97

DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: ==============================================

A document is a file created in an Office program. These usually are in the form of white papers, which offer technical specifications for the specific Office application or feature.

Documents Available for Word 2000

TEMPLATES AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: ==============================================

A template is a pre-designed document that contains formatting, formulas, and often sample text. Different features are included in the template based on its purpose and on the features available in the specific Office application.

Templates Available for Word 97

UPDATES AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: ================================================

An update is a new release of an existing software product. A software update usually adds relatively minor new features to a product or corrects errors (bugs) found after the program was released.

Updates Available for Word 97

Office 97 SR-1 is ONLY available via the web.

Office 97 SR-2 can also be obtained on CD at

SR-2 on CD includes a Read_SR2.txt file, which is not included, if SR-2 is downloaded. All other components can be found on both the download and CD version.

VIEWERS AVAILABLE ON OFFICE UPDATE WEB SITE: ==============================================

A viewer is a program that allows users without a full version of the Office application to view documents created by other Office users.

Viewers Available for Word 97

Most of the components on the Office Update Web site require the customer to register their Office product before they are able to download it.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: ===================

To submit a question to a Microsoft Support Professional using the Office Update Support Request form, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Connect to the Office Update Web site at:

  2. Click Member Services.

  3. Click Office Update Technical Support.

  4. Click Office Update Support Form.

  5. After you enter your e-mail address, click Continue.

  6. Type your Password.

  7. Provide the following information in the space provided:

  8. When the request form has been completed:

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