Error INI File "" Section "Port 80" Not Found

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When you try to uninstall the Microsoft FrontPage 98 Server Extensions using more than one instance of the FrontPage Server Administrator (Fpsrvwin.exe) on the same port, you will see the following errors:

INI file "" section "Port 80" not found.

Ini file section "Ports": cannot add "Port 80=(null)".


This occurs because the second instance of Fpsrvwin.exe reads the information in the Frontpg.ini file before the first instance of Fpsrvwin.exe has uninstalled the extensions and removed the Port 80 section from that file.


Do not run multiple copies of Fpsrvwin.exe with the intention of using both copies to uninstall the Server Extensions from the same port.


Fpsrvwin.exe reads the [Ports] section in the Frontpg.ini file when it is initialized and does not read it again until the Fpsrvwin.exe is closed and reopened.


For additional information about the """ Section "Port 80" Not Found" error, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q170767 PRB: INI File " " Section "Port 80" Not Found Error

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Last Reviewed: August 3, 1999