Converters Not Available After Installing Word 6.0 for the Mac

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Several converters that are either included with Word or available on the Word 6.0 Supplemental Conversions Disk may not be registered correctly in Word following setup, resulting in the following:

The affected converters supplied with Word include: The affected supplemental converters include:


This behavior may occur for one of the following reasons:


We are researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.


Method 1: Word automatically registers any noninstalled converter only

          during the first File Open in a Word session. To trigger
          autoregistration, you must choose to open a document that Word
          cannot automatically recognize (for example, a plain text file).
          Therefore, to autoinstall all converters:

          a. Quit and restart Word 6.0.

          b. Type a single letter (for example, "A"), save as Text Only,
             and close the document.

          c. From the File menu, choose Open, specify the name of the text
             file created in step b, select the Confirm Conversions option,
             and then choose the Open button.

Method 2: Converters can also be registered independently of Word. To do
          this, complete the following steps:

          a. Quit Word if it is running.

          b. Open the Word Extensions Folder in your Word folder.

          c. While holding down the SHIFT key, click once on the name of
             each converter you want to register. The names of the
             converters you have selected will be highlighted.

          d. Double-click the mouse or track-ball button on your

In either case, all converters will now be registered and will appear for use in Word.

If a converter is still not registered after following the methods above, an extension could be interfering with the automatic registration process. Restart the Macintosh with extensions off and again try one of the methods above to register the converters.


Double-clicking a native Word document to start Word does not constitute the first File Open in a Word session and does not initiate converter autoregistration.

Word 6.0 documents are based on the OLE 2.0 Docfile specification.

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Last Reviewed: August 22, 1996