PUB97: How to Access Clip Gallery Databases from CD-ROM

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Microsoft Publisher 97 installs two .cag files that occupy approximately 26 megabytes (MB) of hard drive space. By adding these files to Microsoft Clip Gallery via the Import Clips button, it is possible to use these files directly from the CD instead.


To use the .cag files from the Publisher 4.0 compact disc:

1. In Explorer, find the Clipart folder in the Microsoft Publisher folder

   (by default, this folder is located in \Program Files\Microsoft

2. Rename the following files in that folder:


3. In Publisher, click Clip Art on the Insert menu.

   A dialog box will appear stating that "Clip Gallery cannot open the
   Previews file," once for Pub40_3.cag, Pub40_4.cag, and once for the

4. Select the "Don't attempt to open that file in the future" option, and
   click OK.

5. With the Publisher 4.0 CD in your CD-ROM drive, click the Import Clips

6. In the "Look In" drop-down box, select your CD-ROM drive.

7. Double-click the Clipart folder

8. Click the Pub40_3.cag file to select it, hold down the CTRL key, and

   also select the Pub40_4.cag and the Pub40_5.cag files. Click Open on the
   File menu.

9. You will get two messages stating you must restart Clip Gallery. Click
   OK both times, and then restart Clip Gallery.

Clip Gallery should now access Pub40_3.cag, Pub40_4.cag, and Pub40_5.cag from your CD-ROM drive. You can now delete the files that you renamed in step 2 (this step is optional).

NOTE: If you don't have the Publisher 4.0 compact disc in your CD-ROM drive when you use the Clip Gallery, the previews for Pub40_3.cag, Pub40_4.cag, and Pub40_5.cag won't be shown. To see the previews again, reinsert the Publisher 4.0 compact disc and restart Clip Gallery.

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Last Reviewed: February 25, 1998