OFF98: List of Problems Fixed by Office 98 Update for Mac OS 8.5

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Office 98 Update for Mac OS 8.5 is a free update to Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition. This article contains a list of the articles that discuss the problems fixed by the Office 98 Update for Mac OS 8.5.

For more information about the Office 98 Update for Mac OS 8.5, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q194430 OFF98: How to Obtain and Install Office 98 Update for Mac OS 8.5


Q194380 WD98: Typing Slow After Pasting From PowerPoint

Q194379 WD98: Document Paginates Differently After Upgrade to OS 8.5

Q194388 WD98: Text Changed to Unreadable or Incorrect Characters

Q194287 OFF98: Menus Not Displayed When Clicking Immediately Upon Start

Q193193 OFF98: Euro Symbol Replaced by Underscore in Windows Document

Q194406 WD98: Font Menu does not Match Appearance Control Panel Settings

Q194420 WD98: Menus Appear White and Two-Dimensional

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Last Reviewed: May 25, 1999