OFF2000: How to Deploy the Office Web Components Over an Intranet

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Organizations that own an Enterprise, Select, or Maintenance Agreement for Office 2000, and who plan to deploy Office in phases, can allow early adopters of Office to share component-based Web pages with users who have not yet installed Office 2000. This article discusses how to deploy the Office Web Components to a computer that does not have Office 2000 installed.


Web pages that you create that use Office Web Components contain HTML OBJECT tags that specify which Office Web Components to load when the page is opened. If the components are already installed on the user’s computer, the page opens and is interactive when the user opens the page using Microsoft Internet Explorer. When you create the page, you can use the Codebase attribute of the OBJECT tag to specify an Office installation location that can be used if the components are not already installed on the user’s computer. The Codebase attribute must point to an administrative installation point for Office or to a CD image of Office. To specify the download location for the Office Web components, follow these steps when you create the page:

  1. Start Microsoft Excel.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Options. Click the General tab.

  3. Click Web Options. Click the Files tab.

  4. Click to select the Download Office Web Components check box. In the Location box, type a path similar to the following:

    where <PathToOfficeInstallServer> is the path to an installation point for Office.
NOTE: You cannot use the HTTP or FTP protocol in the Codebase attribute of the OBJECT tag to point to an installation location for the Web components. The File protocol must be used to install the Office Web components. This is an Office-wide setting; Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Access also use this setting.

To use HTML documents that contain the Office Spreadsheet, Office PivotTable, or Office Chart components, you need Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 or later. To browse a data access page created with Access, you need Internet Explorer 5 or later.

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