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The description of the STRING record in the Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Kit says the array of string characters begins in byte offset 6. It should state that, for BIFF8 records, the string begins in byte offset 4. The fields of a BIFF8 Unicode String are described in the topic "Unicode Strings in BIFF8." In the published version of the Developer's Kit, the "Unicode Strings in BIFF8" topic starts on page 264.


The published information appears as follows:

   STRING: String Value of a Formula (207h)
   When a formula evaluates to a string, a STRING record occurs after the
   FORMULA record. If the formula is part of an array, the STRING record
   occurs after the ARRAY record.

   Record Data

   Offset          Name      Size      Contents
    4               cch       2         Length of the string
    6               rgch      var       String 
The correct information is:

Record Data

   Offset          Name      Size      Contents
    4               rgch       var       String

   The String conforms to the information on Unicode Strings on page 264 of
   the hard-copy of the Developer's Kit. Within the string you will see
   this structure:

   Offset          Name      Size     Contents

    0               cch       2         Count of characters in the string
    2               grbit     1         Option Flags
    3               rgb       var       Array of string characters and
                                        formatting runs - if applicable 


You can find more information on the contents of the grbit field in the description of how Excel 97 records Unicode and Compressed Unicode that starts on Page 264.

The same material is located on MSDN, Active Subset - (Entire Contents) following this path in the directory:

Microsoft Office Development Office 97 Documentation(October and subsequent MSDN editions )

    Microsoft Office 97 Binary File Formats
     Microsoft Excel File Format
      The Workbook Compound File
       Unicode Strings in BIFF8 

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