PRB: Error "Bound to Unknown Type" Inserting ATL Control in VBA UserForm

ID: Q214462

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When inserting your ATL control in a Microsoft Office 97 VBA UserForm, you crash in OLEAUT32.DLL, or receive the following error:

Bound to unknown type.


This is typically caused by ATL controls that declare enumerated types in their IDL file without specifying a tag.
For example, you may have an enumerated type such as the following in your IDL file:

   typedef enum {
      myEnumVal1 = 1, myEnumVal2 = 2
   } MyEnum; 


To ensure that your type library is suitable for all containers, you should provide a tag for all enumerated types. For example:

   typedef enum MyEnumTag {
      myEnumVal1 = 1, myEnumVal2 = 2
   } MyEnum; 


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For additional information, please see the following article(s) in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q181255 How To Implement Enumerated Properties in ATL

Additional query words: TYPE_E_UNDEFINEDTYPE 80028027 -2147319769

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Last Reviewed: July 27, 1999