PRB: Error 800A175D "Could Not Open Macro Storage"

ID: Q224338

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You receive the error 0x800A175D or -2146822307 when using Microsoft Word as an automation server.


Microsoft Word is being launched under a user account whose "user hive" hasn't been loaded. By default, only the interactive user and services running from a user account have their User Registry hive loaded.


To avoid the error, do one of the following:

You need to identify what user account Microsoft Word is executing under, and what context you are developing in. For instance, if you are automating from a Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) package, the default user account is IWAM_MachineName. In this scenario, you could change the user to "Interactive User" from within the Internet Service Manager Microsoft Management Console. Right-click on your package, click the Identity tab, and choose "Interactive User."

NOTE: MTS might be involved implicitly when automating from ASP. Such an example is when you set your Web application to run in "isolation mode," or when you use Server.CreateObject in Active Server Pages (ASP) code.

In other situations, using the DCOMCNFG.EXE utility is appropriate for setting the user under which Microsoft Word executes.


For more information, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q158229 INFO: Security Ramifications for IIS Applications

Q168877 HOWTO: Load a User's Hive Programmatically

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Last Reviewed: June 1, 1999