XL2000: Hyperlinks in Embedded Excel Workbook Do Not Work

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When you click a hyperlink in an embedded Microsoft Excel workbook, Excel generates the following error and does not select the range indicated by the hyperlink:

An Unexpected Error Has Occurred


This problem occurs when you embed either a new or existing Excel workbook. The problem does not occur when you link to an existing workbook.

The error occurs with the following containers:


To work around this problem, you can link to the Microsoft Excel workbook instead of embedding it. Note that a linked object cannot be edited in-place; the linked object will be opened in a new window for editing.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Excel 97 and 2000.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

For illustration purposes, the following steps demonstrate the problem using Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 as the container. Similar steps in the other containers listed in the CAUSE section of this article will generate the same error:
  1. Start a new presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000.

  2. Click Object on the Insert menu.

  3. When the Insert Object dialog box appears, select Microsoft Excel Worksheet in the Object Type list, and click OK. The embedded workbook will be activated in-place.

  4. With cell A1 selected, right-click and choose Hyperlink on the shortcut menu. Choose Place in this Document for Link to, type B5 for the cell reference, and then click OK.

  5. Click the hyperlink in A1. You receive the error:
    An unexpected error has occurred
    To work around this problem, link to an existing Excel workbook. To link to a workbook using the steps above, in step 3, when the Insert Object dialog box appears, select Create From File, click Browse to locate the workbook, check the Link checkbox, and then click OK.

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Last Reviewed: June 8, 1999