Xl97: BIFF Records Documentation Error in MS Excel 97 Developer's Kit

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In the "BIFF Records: Record Number Order" table on pages 275-280 of the "Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Kit," the record type number designations for several record types are not correct. In addition, other records are missing, and the last entries for the table are incomplete.

This article contains the known errors and the correct values for these record types.


The correct record number and names are listed in the following table

   Record    Correct   Record
   number    number    name

    85h       85h      BOUNDSHEET is shown in BiffView.exe as BUNDLESHEET.
   218h       18h      NAME: Defined Name
   231h       31h      FONT: Font Description
   223h       23h      EXTERNNAME: Externally referenced name
   406h        6h      FORMULA: Cell Format 
The record numbers that are missing are listed in the following table.

   Record    Record
   number    name

   1Bh   rtEntExU
   E5h   rtMergeCells 
The last six entries in the table that is ordered alphabetically by record name at the top of page 275 do not list the record number. The correct numbers are listed in the following table:

   Record                                           Record
   name                                             number

   WRITEACCESS: Write Access User Name                 5Ch
   WRITEPROT: Workbook is Write-Protected              86h
   WSBOOL: Additional Workspace Information            81h
   XCT: CRN Record Count                               59h
   XF: Extended Format                                 E0h
   XL5MODIFY: Flag for DSF                            162h 


Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Kit, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-498-2

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Last Reviewed: June 8, 1999