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    Q182685 FP97: 24-bit BMP and TIF Images Saved in GIF Format
    Q176659 FP97: Applet Properties Not Auto Saved in FrontPage Editor
    Q182687 FP97: Cannot Access Help After Importing Files from Floppy Disk
    Q181981 FP97: Cannot Remove Executable Property of Root Folder
    Q160226 FP97: Cannot Use Proofing Tools or Text Converters
    Q183046 FP97: Cannot Use Search Component With Active Server Pages
    Q183038 FP97: Can't Open or Create Webs Remotely with MSPWS 4.0 for Windows 95
    Q178454 FP97: Centered Form Previews Incorrectly in Netscape Navigator
    Q179061 FP97: Clicking "Preview In Browser" Prompts to Connect to Internet
    Q180349 FP97: Creating Zero Margins in FrontPage for Netscape Navigator 4
    Q175456 FP97: "Found an Error in Spelling Files" or "Spelling Files Not Found" Errors
    Q176931 FP97: FrontPage may not Return Correct Host Name on Windows 95
    Q180823 FP97: FrontPage Uses Host Name Not Fully Qualified Domain Name
    Q161526 FP97: Heading Style Ignored in Converted Word Document
    Q160833 FP97: How FrontPage Handles Document Conversion to HTML
    Q169529 FP97: How to Install FrontPage Server Extensions for IIS 3.0
    Q167931 FP97: How to Install FrontPage Server Extensions for MSPWS
    Q161155 FP97: How to Make a Web Page Display Data from a Database
    Q161414 FP97: How to Publish a FrontPage Web to the Internet, Intranet
    Q161845 FP97: How to Upgrade the FrontPage Server Extensions
    Q166357 FP97: How to Use FrontPage with Microsoft Index Server on IIS 3.0
    Q171673 FP97: How to Use Microsoft Forms 2.0 ActiveX Controls
    Q173663 FP97: How to Use Microsoft Personal Web Server on Different Port
    Q174424 FP97: How to Use Secure Sockets Layer to Secure Pages in Your Web
    Q180825 FP97: How to Use the Script Wizard with FrontPage
    Q178300 FP97: How to View Hidden Files and Folders in FrontPage Explorer
    Q175174 FP97: Hyperlink Not Updated in HTML Source if Linked Page Renamed
    Q160224 FP97: Imported Word Data Does Not Retain Bullets
    Q176932 FP97: Maximum Number of Data Rows Fetched Incorrect in IDC Query
    Q161150 FP97: Microsoft Personal Web Server vs. FrontPage Personal Web Server
    Q162144 FP97: Minimum NTFS File Permission Requirements
    Q174017 FP97: MouseOver Event Not Listed in Script Wizard
    Q162241 FP97: "Registration Failure" Submitting Registration Form
    Q182876 FP97: Removing Left Over Files After Uninstalling FrontPage
    Q217765 FP97: Security Patch for FrontPage Personal Web Server
    Q181979 FP97: Setup Switches Available in FrontPage 97
    Q160227 FP97: Some WebBot Components Don't Work on Disk-Based Web
    Q181204 FP97: Using FrontPage Search Engine Instead of MS Index Server
    Q179625 FP97: Using Image Command Inserts Video as Graphic Not Video Object
    Q175791 FP97: What You Need to Know if You're Using FrontPage & AOL

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