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  • The Microsoft KnowledgeBase Archive is a collection of technical notes written and formerly published by Microsoft before they were removed from its website. These articles contain a wealth of information essential to the research and use of outdated computer systems.

    Articles are collected from sources, which are either mass imported into the archive or entered one-by-one. Their contents are tracked as revisions, or variants. A document is an article's metadata and tracked variants; by default, the variant with the most recent revision date is displayed when a document is requested. Documents are placed in one or more categories.

    To browse the archive, select the Categories tab, choose a category, and select any articles you desire. The best variant for each document will be displayed. Article listings are sorted by title by default, but they can be sorted by article ID. If the article ID of the desired document is already known, select the Search tab, then enter the article ID into the Quick Lookup form. Alternatively, enter the article ID into the Variant Listing form to view all tracked variants.

    Efforts are made to reconcile errors present in the original sources, such as duplicate and misnamed items. Please send any feedback about the archive, including suggestions and troubles, to one of these locations:

    Superusers may improve the archive in the following ways:

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