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    Q210129 ACC2000: Applications Run from Automation Do Not Always Close
    Q210604 ACC2000: Functions for Calculating and Displaying Date/Time Values
    Q201888 ACC2000: How to Create a Jet CHECK Constraint
    Q210249 ACC2000: How to Get the Fiscal Year or Month of a Particular Date
    Q209948 ACC2000: How to Use Automation to Send a Microsoft Outlook Message
    Q210365 ACC2000: How to Use the Circle Method on a Report
    Q210338 ACC2000: Sample Function to Create a Running Sum on a Form
    Q210468 ACC2000: Sample Function to Return a Random Record from a Field
    Q210271 ACC2000: Sending the Current Record to Word 2000 with Automation
    Q210276 ACC2000: Storing, Calculating, and Comparing Date/Time Data
    Q237359 MOD2000: COM Add-ins Containing ActiveX Controls Cause Errors When Used in Office 2000 Application
    Q226118 OFF2000: Programming Resources for Visual Basic for Applications
    Q208520 OL2000: Programming Examples for Referencing Items and Folders
    Q201074 OL2000: Programming with EntryIDs and StoreIDs
    Q201081 OL2000: Using Find and Restrict to Retrieve Items
    Q222758 PPT2000: How to use the Presentations.Open Method
    Q222771 PPT2000: Introduction to Macro Programming in PowerPoint 2000
    Q222768 PPT2000: Sample Code to Assign a Random Animation to all Objects
    Q222790 PPT2000: Sample Code to Display the Selection Type
    Q222791 PPT2000: Sample Code to Get Input From an Office Assistant Balloon
    Q212386 WD2000: How to Change the Default File Name and Directory
    Q209220 WD2000: How to Print a Field Result on the Last Page of a Document
    Q191028 WD2000: How to Retain Information Typed Into a Form Field When You Protect a Form
    Q201950 WD2000: Sample Code to Scroll to Top or Bottom of Document Window
    Q213578 XL2000: How to Assign a Macro to an ActiveX Worksheet Control
    Q213552 XL2000: List of ID Numbers for Built-In CommandBar Controls
    Q213550 XL2000: Sample Macros for Customizing Menus and Submenus
    Q213211 XL2000: Sample Macros to Return ID for a CommandBar Control

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