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    Q98872 256-Color Support in OLE 2.0 Containers
    Q122285 Adding Type Libraries as Resources to .DLL and .EXE Files
    Q108181 Article List for OLE 2.0
    Q84982 Asynchronous Operations in OLE Applications
    Q139216 BUG: 16-bit Custom Handler Not Loaded If 32-bit Handler Found
    Q108311 BUG: Accelerator Causes Crash in ISvrOutl Embedded in C12Test
    Q148375 BUG: AppPaths Not Set in Environment of Launched Application
    Q112410 BUG: Borland WINSIGHT Causes GP Faults w/ Some OLE Sample Apps
    Q108932 BUG: Cannot Paste Link SR2TEST Object in OLE 1.0 Client
    Q111014 BUG: CL2TEST Does Not Display Prompt String from GetCurFile()
    Q109548 BUG: CL2TEST Fails to Parse Filenames with Extended Characters
    Q111339 BUG: CL2TEST Handles Icon Aspect Incorrectly
    Q111340 BUG: CL2TEST Not Properly Activating Links to Embedded Objects
    Q170364 BUG: CoRegisterClassObject Fails with CO_E_WRONG_SERVER_IDENTITY
    Q111595 BUG: CreateFromTemplate of OLE 2 Object into OLE 1 Container
    Q109542 BUG: Cursor Does Not Update with Sr2Test and ICntOutl
    Q181949 BUG: DCOM95 MTA Clients May Block Broadcast DDE Messages
    Q170432 BUG: DCOMCNFG Fails on a Backup Domain Controller
    Q216051 BUG: DCOMCNFG NT 4.0 SP4 Does Not Write .exe Name under HKCR\APPID
    Q108931 BUG: Deleting an Open Packager Object Causes GP Fault
    Q98679 BUG: DIB Can Be Returned Only on TYMED_HGLOBAL
    Q171359 BUG: DLLHOST.EXE Causes an Error with RPC_C_AUHN_LEVEL_NONE
    Q110872 BUG: Embedded Object's Size Changes When it Is Run
    Q148373 BUG: E_NOINTERFACE Returned When Interface Properly Registered
    Q110798 BUG: First Entry in Paste Special Dialog Is Blank
    Q108310 BUG: (I)CntrOutl Does Not Set Target Device Information
    Q110796 BUG: Iconic OLE Object Prints as Black Rectangle on PostScript
    Q110799 BUG: IEnumUnknown Is Not Remoted
    Q109549 BUG: Insertion of Large .WAV Object Fails
    Q108371 BUG: Insert Object from Zero Length File Causes GP Fault
    Q185803 BUG: International Versions of DCOM95 Causes CompObj.dll Message
    Q110715 BUG: Invisible MSDRAW Object Retains Keyboard Focus
    Q111614 BUG: IOleCache::Cache(), ADVF_DATAONSTOP, and OLE 1.0 Objects
    Q110488 BUG: IOleCache::Cache Returns Incorrect Error Value
    Q111577 BUG: IOleObject::Close(OLECLOSE_NOSAVE) and DoVerb()
    Q111655 BUG:IOleObject::IsUpToDate Returns Wrong Value for Manual Link
    Q111607 BUG: IROT::Register() and IOL::SetDisplayName() Inconsistency
    Q167133 BUG: Local COM Connections Timeout After Six Minutes
    Q109116 BUG: Object Packager GPFs w/ Paths Greater Than 64 Characters
    Q111578 BUG: OLE 1.0 Server Launched for Paste Link
    Q111585 BUG: OLE 2.0 Compatibility Layer Uses Document IDataObject
    Q109547 BUG: OLE 2.0 Containers & 1.0 Objects that Close w/out Saving
    Q109552 BUG: OLE 2.0 Does Not Support CF_OWNERDISPLAY
    Q185599 BUG: OleAut32.dll Is Unregistered Incorrectly
    Q111611 BUG: OleConvertStorageToOLESTREAM() Fails When CLSID Is NULL
    Q109543 BUG: OleCreate and IOleCache::Cache Fail with Multiple TYMEDs
    Q86408 BUG: OleCreateLinkFromFile Fails on CD-ROM-Based File
    Q110714 BUG: OLERENDER_ASIS Results in Blank Embedded Object
    Q111608 BUG: OLE Type Emulation for Previously Loaded Objects
    Q176938 BUG: Oleview Hangs with Incorrect Typelib Viewer Registration
    Q108939 BUG: Paste Link Disabled Across the Network
    Q111612 BUG: Paste-Linking a 256-Color Paintbrush Object
    Q112413 BUG: Printing Does Not Work from CL2TEST.EXE
    Q111609 BUG: Relative Monikers and OLE 1.0 Link Objects
    Q165300 BUG: Remote COM Calls Fail Because RPCSS is not Started
    Q165300 BUG: Remote COM Calls Fail Because RPCSS Is Not Started
    Q175020 BUG: Remote COM Server Shuts Down After 6 Minutes
    Q109545 BUG: Retaining Clipboard IDataObject Causes Unexpected Result
    Q165309 BUG: Security Information is not Synchronized
    Q108930 BUG: Set Line Height on ISvrOutl Object Causes GPF in Cl2Test
    Q109546 BUG: SR2TEST Menu Items Enabled Incorrectly
    Q108935 BUG: SR2TEST Won't Close After Editing Link Object
    Q109541 BUG: Status Bar Not Redrawn With SR2TEST When In-Place
    Q110871 BUG: SVROUTL Link Not Displayed Correctly in CNTROUTL
    Q147581 BUG: Type Library Corruption If It Has More Than 256 TypeInfos
    Q112412 BUG: Windows OLE DLLs Do Not Convert Mac OLESTREAM
    Q112411 BUG: Windows OLE DLLs Don't Convert Mac TEXT cfFormat
    Q94609 BUG: Write Incorrectly Fills Out the OLETARGETDEVICE Structure
    Q138812 Calls to an OLE Object Should Not Be Done from DllMain
    Q74804 Choosing both the OLE Libraries and the DDEML
    Q109431 CLEANDB.EXE Not Included in OLE 2.01 SDK
    Q74806 Comparing DDEML to the OLE Libraries
    Q74807 Comparing OLE & DDE Message Protocols and Libraries
    Q75003 Comparing the OLE Libraries to DDEML
    Q158508 COM Security Frequently Asked Questions
    Q98678 Containers Should Not Query for IOleInPlaceActiveObject
    Q113255 Corrections for Inside OLE 2 Sample Code
    Q83023 Creating Metafiles to Use with OLE Applications
    Q83459 Defining the Term "Color Scheme" in an OLE Context
    Q99045 Determining If an Object Is Capable of Visual Editing
    Q72638 Differences Between OleClose and OleDelete Functions
    Q118897 DOCERR: F1 Help for Menu Items in an OLE 2.0 Container
    Q104961 DOCERR: OleGetClipboard Not Needed Before OleSetClipboard
    Q113188 DOCERR: Text Corrections for Inside OLE 2
    Q158508 FAQ: COM Security Frequently Asked Questions
    Q174024 FAQ: DCOM95 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q171974 FILE: Bind to an Object on a Remote Machine using ROT
    Q171974 FILE: Bind to an Object on a Remote Machine Using ROT
    Q156673 FILE: HELSVC.EXE Implements an OLE Server in a Service
    Q121835 FILE: OLE 2.03 Update Available for Windows and Win32s
    Q97351 FILE: OLE Client Implementation Guide Version 1.02
    Q87482 FILE: OLE Toolkit Available in Microsoft Software Library
    Q170432 FIX: DCOMCNFG Fails on a Backup Domain Controller
    Q170989 FIX: Large Number of Methods in an OLE Interface Causes Failure
    Q104141 FIX: SR2TEST GP Faults During Object Shutdown
    Q131051 FIX: TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY Error on Win32s
    Q114600 FORMATETC for IDataObject::DAdvise Must be Validated
    Q122285 HOWTO: Add Type Libraries as Resources to .dll and .exe Files
    Q158582 How To Configure a Non-DCOM Server and Client to Use DCOM
    Q158582 HOWTO: Configure a Non-DCOM Server and Client to Use DCOM
    Q138813 How to Convert from ANSI to Unicode & Unicode to ANSI for OLE
    Q138813 HOWTO: Convert from ANSI to Unicode & Unicode to ANSI for OLE
    Q139073 How to Fill EXCEPINFO in IDispatch Implementation
    Q124385 How to Obtain OLE Automation '94 Documentation and Samples
    Q149977 How to Put OLE Attachments on the ClipBoard from SimpleMAPI
    Q131154 HOWTO: Testing OLE Applications with Outline
    Q171414 HOWTO: Turn Off the COM Garbage Collection Mechanism
    Q158723 How To Use BSTR, VARIANT, SAFEARRAY Types in Custom Interface
    Q139408 How to Use OLE Drag & Drop from the Taskbar Notification Area
    Q122288 How Visual Basic Automation Statements Map to OLE Calls
    Q86270 Implementing Drag-Drop Insertion of OLE Objects
    Q169321 INFO: COM Servers Activation and NT Windows Stations
    Q150777 INFO: Descriptions and Workings of OLE Threading Models
    Q172314 INFO: Explanation of RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD error
    Q122288 INFO: How Visual Basic Automation Statements Map to OLE Calls
    Q170915 INFO: Incorrect Configuration Can Orphan COM Servers
    Q139071 INFO: OLE Automation BSTR Caching & Finding Memory Leak Sources
    Q149419 INFO: OLE Server Launched by OLE Client Gets System Environment
    Q136885 INFO: OLE Threads Must Dispatch Messages
    Q172314 INFO: RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD If Thread Calls Via Interface Pointer
    Q105530 INFO: Win32 Drag and Drop Server
    Q137629 Inproc Object Custom Interface in Apartment Model Client
    Q109553 Insert Link from File Changes Current Directory
    Q83553 Keeping the OleActivate Function from Failing
    Q89630 Length Limits for OLE Item, File and Class Names
    Q122287 Limits of VB 3.0 & Disptest as Automation Controllers
    Q152023 Locating Resources to Study OLE Automation
    Q137630 Main Apartment Must Not Exit While Process Does OLE Work
    Q83454 Meaning of OLE Notifications
    Q83660 Meanings and Uses of OLE Rendering Options
    Q83022 Microsoft Applications That Support OLE
    Q104139 Object Creation Overview
    Q114598 Objects in .EXE Cannot be Aggregated
    Q121835 OLE 2.03 Update Available for Windows and Win32s
    Q97351 OLE Client Implementation Guide Version 1.02
    Q83659 OLE Clipboard Formats and Conventions
    Q86008 OLE Concepts and Requirements Overview
    Q111015 OleCreateFromFile() Does Not Check for Reserved Names
    Q83457 OLE Data Structures and Structure Allocation
    Q83557 OLE Keys and Values in the Registration Database
    Q132150 OLE Knowledge Base Available as Help File (June 1995)
    Q83018 OLE Methods and Callbacks Must Not Call OLE Functions
    Q71659 OLE Object Names Must Be Unique
    Q77257 OleQueryOutOfDate Function Does Not Work as Documented
    Q87482 OLE Toolkit Available in the Microsoft Software Library
    Q122289 Passing Structures in OLE Automation
    Q104960 Passing Variant Parameters in OLE Automation
    Q108312 PRB: Calling IOleObject::InitFromData Returns E_NOTIMPL
    Q141264 PRB: CoCreateInstance Fails in RPC Server
    Q185012 PRB: COM Causes Delay on Multi-homed Computers
    Q131104 PRB: Compiler Doesn't Lay Out Overloaded Functions in Order
    Q131050 PRB: Compound File Sharing Problems on Novell Netware
    Q143314 PRB: EKOALA5 Custom Marshaling Sample Error
    Q75213 PRB: Embedded Objects Not Activated by Excel
    Q89611 PRB: Error Inserting or Editing a Linked or Embedded OLE Objec
    Q110716 PRB: GetData Returns Outdated Data for OLE 1.0 Object
    Q131047 PRB: GP Fault When Using 16-Bit Automation DLLs
    Q111613 PRB: IOleObject::IsUpToDate() and OLE 1.0 Link Objects
    Q109544 PRB: IROT::IsRunning() Returns S_FALSE for OLE 1.0 Servers
    Q99048 PRB: "Link Document Unavailable" Generated by Microsoft Write
    Q131055 PRB: LoadTypeLib Does Not Register Type Library
    Q104460 PRB: Menu Mnemonics Not Working During In-Place Activation
    Q89552 PRB: Metafile Distorted in OLE Client Application
    Q104791 PRB: Object Appears Larger During Visual Editing
    Q104461 PRB: OleCreate Problems with Borland Compiler
    Q98680 PRB: Paste Link Option Does Not Appear in OLE 1.0 Clients
    Q108942 PRB: Problem with ScrollBar Control While Activated In-place
    Q131053 PRB: Property or Method Name Not Recognized on Some Machines
    Q131155 PRB: Some OLE Containers Do Not Call IViewObject::Draw
    Q201426 PRB: StgOpenStorage Does Not Send ACCESSDENIED Error on Novell
    Q131056 PRB: Synch OLE Call Fails in Inter-Process/Thread SendMessage
    Q77469 Properly Rendering OLE Presentation Formats
    Q131048 Properties with Optional Parameters Not Supported
    Q83021 Reasons to Block an OLE Server
    Q83019 Redistribute Both OLE Libraries with Applications
    Q104138 Reference Counting Rules
    Q122286 Returning Floats and Doubles from Automation methods
    Q108934 Rules for Freeing BSTRs in OLE Automation
    Q106080 SAMPLE: AutoCtrl.exe - OLE Automation Controller Sample
    Q107982 SAMPLE: AutoDll.exe - OLE Automation Inproc Object
    Q131046 SAMPLE: Binary.exe Transfers Binary Data Using OLE Automation
    Q131046 SAMPLE: BINARY: Transfer Binary Data Using OLE Automation
    Q107546 SAMPLE: Collect.exe - OLE Automation Collection
    Q113255 SAMPLE: Corrections for Inside OLE 2 Sample Code
    Q122956 SAMPLE: DECODE16: OLE Error Code Decoder Tool
    Q122957 SAMPLE: Decode32 and Decode16 OLE Error Code Decoder Tools
    Q122957 SAMPLE: DECODE32: OLE Error Code Decoder Tool
    Q138470 SAMPLE: Demo of Simple C Automation Component and Controller
    Q122955 SAMPLE: Drgdrps.exe OLE Drag-Drop Source
    Q122955 SAMPLE: DRGDRPS: OLE Drag-Drop Source
    Q122954 SAMPLE: Drgdrpt.exe OLE Drag-Drop Target
    Q122954 SAMPLE: DRGDRPT: OLE Drag-Drop Target
    Q159041 SAMPLE: Helper Functions to Add Event Support to Server
    Q149231 SAMPLE: Marshaling Code for Connection Point Interfaces
    Q140202 SAMPLE: MFCARRAY Using Safe Arrays in MFC Automation
    Q130843 SAMPLE: MFCINP16: Inproc 16-bit MFC Automation Object
    Q130842 SAMPLE: MFCINP32 Inproc 32-bit MFC Automation Object
    Q107698 SAMPLE: Multilingual OLE Automation Object
    Q107698 SAMPLE: MultLing.exe - Multilingual OLE Automation Object
    Q122244 SAMPLE: Ole2View 1.33 Update Available in Software Library
    Q107546 SAMPLE: OLE Automation Collection
    Q106080 SAMPLE: OLE Automation Controller Sample
    Q107982 SAMPLE: OLE Automation Inproc Object
    Q81198 SAMPLE: OLE Implementation Guides and Sample Code
    Q131052 SAMPLE: OPTARG: Optional parameters with Automation
    Q131052 SAMPLE: OPTARG: Optional Parameters with Automation
    Q139468 SAMPLE: ROTCLEAN: Tool to Remove Stale Monikers from ROT
    Q131086 SAMPLE: SAFEARAY: Use of Safe Arrays in Automation
    Q107981 SAMPLE: SimpAuto.exe - Simple OLE Automation Object Sample
    Q99464 SAMPLE: Simple OLE 2.0 Container
    Q107981 SAMPLE: Simple OLE Automation Object Sample
    Q131105 SAMPLE: TYPEBLD: How to Use ICreateTypeLib & ICreateTypeInfo
    Q139074 SAMPLE: VTBLBIND: Marshaling Using an OLE Automation Marshaler
    Q139074 SAMPLE: VTBLBIND: Marshaling Using an OLE Automation Marshaller
    Q141759 SAMPLE: XLCLIENT: Automation Client for Excel
    Q114599 SIMPSVR Implements IDataObject::GetData Incorrectly
    Q114014 Sizing OLE 2.0 Objects and OLEMISC_RECOMPOSEONRESIZE
    Q148374 Strong/Weak Marshaling of Proxies Is Not Supported
    Q112036 Summary List of OLE Bugs
    Q104140 The Component Object Model
    Q74802 Use DDE Messages or OLE and DDEML Libraries?
    Q124597 Using MKTYPLIB /h Option to Output C or C++ Style Header file
    Q139072 Using OLE Automation Marshaler for 16/16 & 16/32 COM Interface
    Q149571 Using OLE in Services in Windows NT 3.51
    Q74801 Using OLE to Perform Standard DDE Operations
    Q74805 When to Use the OLE Libraries or the DDEML

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