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    Q140730 Accessing PCI Device's Configuration Space from Device Driver
    Q140728 AdapterSettings Entry for SCSI Miniport under Windows 95
    Q140453 BUG: Can't Build Nec73pcm\Drv DDK Sample Without Vxdpipe.h
    Q180581 BUG: CONFIGMG_Yield Can Cause Fatal Exception Under Win95 OSR2
    Q169578 BUG: DriverCallback Return Value Invalid
    Q183173 BUG: IFSMGR_Ring0FileIO / Level 3 Volume Lock Conflict
    Q169602 BUG: Installing a Plug and Play Network Card
    Q180588 BUG: Linking VxDs with Visual Studio 97 SP1&2 Generates Error
    Q187767 BUG: Multifunction Child Receives Wrong Resources Under Win95
    Q196121 BUG: PCI Device Fails After Suspend/Resume on Windows 95 OSR2
    Q192485 BUG: PMPI IdleAc/Dc Not Implemented Under Windows 98
    Q180576 BUG: Short or Aborted USB Transfers Causes Data Toggle Problems
    Q152380 BUG: WORDPAD/NOTEPAD for WIN95 Do Not Request Size of DEVMO
    Q141208 Color Support in Windows Printer Driver
    Q141207 DIB_Enable Sets dpTechnology Field to DT_DISPLAY
    Q151871 DOCERR: Incorrect Parameters for fnOEMDump Callback Function.
    Q151895 DOCERR: Parameters for FnOEMDownloadFontHeader Incorrect
    Q151866 DOCERR: Parameters for fnOEMGetFontCmd
    Q141161 DOCERR: Return Value for DrvGetPrinterData
    Q141206 DOCERR: Return Value for DrvSetPrinterData
    Q181299 FILE: Comm.exe Updates Virtual Communications Device Driver Doc
    Q181303 FILE: FAQ1000-1005 Windows 95 DDK Frequently Asked Questions
    Q181300 FILE: Kernel.exe Describes the Kernel and VxD for Win95
    Q181301 FILE: Storage.exe Contains Storage Device/Adapter Drivers Refs
    Q181302 FILE: Utils.exe Contains a Description of Win95 DDK Utilities
    Q196550 HOWTO: Access IDE Controller Registers Using IDE Passthrough
    Q141160 How To Build Environment Required for Printer Drivers
    Q151891 How To Call GDI Functions from a Print Driver
    Q141162 How To Debug a Print Driver with 32-bit Application
    Q194640 HOWTO: Install Optional Components from 32-Bit Application Co
    Q194939 HOWTO: Monitor System Power Events in VxDs
    Q194940 HOWTO: Programmatically Change the SMMType
    Q180584 HOWTO: Realize a TrueType Font as a Glyph Index Font
    Q180578 HOWTO: Specify Static DevLoaders and Device Drivers in an .inf
    Q151892 How To Use QUERYDIBSUPPORT in Printer Driver
    Q180586 INFO: GlobalSmartPageLock Documentation for Device Drivers
    Q195310 INFO: MapSL, MapLS, UnMapLS Function Documentation
    Q180575 INFO: Raster Fonts Converted to Glyph Fonts in Hebrew Win95
    Q169600 INFO: UNIDRV/UNITOOL-Supported Color Models
    Q162754 NdisWriteConfiguration Not Supported in Windows 95
    Q190525 PRB: ACPI System Fails to Hibernate Due to Display Device
    Q195317 PRB: Filtering of PCMCIA Device IRQ Request Mask
    Q180579 PRB: _PageAllocate May Fail to Allocate Memory Blocks
    Q189148 PRB: Running INFINST for the Windows 98 OPK Intl Languages
    Q194639 PRB: SCSI Miniport Driver Never Receives SRB_FUNCTION_SHUTDOWN
    Q190524 PRB: Standby Power State Not Supported in Windows 98
    Q190527 PRB: Using Linked URBs in a WDM Driver Causes Page-Faults
    Q190526 PRB: WDM Drivers Cannot Access All Registry Keys
    Q180585 PRB: Windows 95 DDK Print Processor Sample Causes Word 97 Fault
    Q195309 PRB: Windows 98 - Battery Status Is Slow to Update
    Q196122 PRB: Windows 98: PCMCIA Devices Show Error 7 in Device Manager
    Q196123 PRB: Windows 98: PCMCIA Memory Windows May Fail Below 1 MB
    Q185783 SAMPLE: IPInst.exe Determines Whether TCP/IP Is Installed
    Q182147 SAMPLE: OSR21dbg.exe Debugs binaries for USB Supplement to OSR2
    Q192586 SAMPLE: Passthru.exe - Sample SCSI Passthrough VSD
    Q191814 SAMPLE: VCEnum.exe Demonstrates Walking Device Nodes List

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