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    Q94314 32-Bit Flat Memory Model MASM Code for Windows NT
    Q123729 Accessing Command Line Arguments
    Q102434 Accessing Global Symbols Defined in C from MASM
    Q30887 Accessing MASM Structure Fields in a Multimodule Program
    Q39370 Addressing above 1 Megabyte Under MS-DOS
    Q33067 Anonymous Labels for Jump Instructions
    Q101264 Assembling Code Developed for MASM 5.x with MASM 6.x
    Q74924 A Structure Template Can Be Referenced in a MASM Program
    Q32810 BSESUB.INC Contains Incorrect Declarations
    Q113420 BUG: A2008 When Angle Brackets Missing on FOR Argument List
    Q74666 BUG: A2154 If Structure Member in Control-Flow Directive
    Q94911 BUG: ALIGN Directive Placement Changes EXE File Size
    Q74745 BUG: Assembling .ASM File With CL.EXE Fails w/ MASM 6.0
    Q85228 BUG: Causes of A2042 During Data Initialization
    Q73308 BUG: Class Must Be Listed Last in Full Segment Definitions
    Q75601 BUG: Continuation Char with Initializing Structures
    Q113426 BUG: DX1020 or Application Error from H2INC
    Q120064 BUG: Error A2005 Generated Due to Conflict with Global Label
    Q94941 BUG: EXTERNDEF ABS Fails with Span Dependent Value
    Q73368 BUG: H2INC 1.0 Does Not Support _syscall or _stdcall
    Q80380 BUG: H2INC Doesn't Allow Multiple Files to Be Specified
    Q72853 BUG: H2INC Produces Garbage/GP Faults w/ Some Function Typedefs
    Q104677 BUG: H2INC Versions 1.0 and 1.1 Do Not Support _syscall
    Q120065 BUG: Help Files Not Available After Installing Samples Only
    Q26653 BUG: Inconsistent Case Conventions in Equate @Filename
    Q113422 BUG: Incorrect Formatting of Macro Comment Listings
    Q72228 BUG: Installing MASM 6.0 for OS/2 May Result in a Setup Error
    Q107500 BUG: Invalid A2006 Error Generated by MASM 6.x
    Q110477 BUG: L1103 Error Caused by Incorrectly Nested Segments
    Q123666 BUG: LINK Error L1101 with Public Weak Extern
    Q73036 BUG: Macro Expansion May Occur Before Macro Call in Listing File
    Q136545 BUG: Macro with Line Continuation Interprets ";" Incorrectly
    Q69346 BUG: MASM 5.10 Installation Asks for Disk "OS/2 Program"
    Q134938 BUG: MASM sample SYSINFO Error: L1101 invalid object module
    Q138765 BUG: Ml.exe Hangs If ASSUME DataReg:ERROR Directive Used
    Q120066 BUG: ML Uses DGROUP in Flat Model and Generates A2006
    Q123661 BUG: No Error or Code for Multiple END Statements
    Q93594 BUG: No Warning Moving Segment Register to Extended Reg.
    Q137664 BUG: Number of Lines on First Page of Listing File Incorrect
    Q111473 BUG: ORG in STRUCT Affects Current Segment Size with -Sf
    Q123664 BUG: PAGE + Directive Doesn't Insert Form Feed in Listing File
    Q231177 BUG: Permission Denied Error by Building From PWB
    Q120071 BUG: Record Instance Cannot Have Same Name as a Record Field
    Q97110 BUG: SIB MOV EAX,[EAX+EBP] Generates Incorrect Code
    Q111877 BUG: SIZE and SIZEOF May Give Incorrect Values for Locals
    Q111502 BUG: SUBSTR Index Past End of String Incorrectly Assembles
    Q123663 BUG: The Command "ml /?" Causes Unexpected Errors
    Q111500 BUG: Trailing Commas May Cause Incorrect Error Messages
    Q123869 BUG: Trouble Changing Where SETUP Installs MASM
    Q104674 Chaining Interrupts Using MASM
    Q58650 Changing a Drive's Volume Label
    Q123685 Characteristics of MASM Labels
    Q39517 Comparing String Arguments in Macros
    Q84744 Conditionally Assembling the END Directive
    Q24962 <constant> and [<constant>] Are Semantically the Same
    Q123686 Controlling Segment Ordering
    Q94577 Creating 32-Bit Flat Memory Model MASM Code for OS/2 2.0
    Q39235 Declaring a Communal Variable of a Record Type
    Q85068 Displaying Data for Debugging in MASM
    Q39446 Division Operators "/" with .186, .286, and .386
    Q137174 DOCERR: A2041 Error When Macro Parameter Length > 255 bytes
    Q87932 DOCERR: ALIAS Directive Undocumented in MASM 6.0
    Q39442 DOCERR: asub and ctest in MASM Programmer's Guide
    Q38936 DOCERR: [bx].month Example Incorrect in MASM Programmer's Guide
    Q35804 DOCERR: .code Directive with Segment Name
    Q32882 DOCERR: Comment Strings Should Not Overlap onto the Next Line
    Q67757 DOCERR: Conditional Jump Instruction Is Incorrectly Documented
    Q117865 DOCERR: Control and Status Word Missing Abbreviation Info
    Q28596 DOCERR: Correction for Shifting and Rotating Bits
    Q26583 DOCERR: @DataSize Misspelled
    Q73753 DOCERR: Date Format in Listing File Incorrect in MASM 6.0 Manual
    Q28226 DOCERR: Division Rather than Multiplication
    Q28226 DOCERR: Divison Rather than Multiplication
    Q34375 DOCERR: Documentation Error on the LGDT Instruction
    Q39527 DOCERR: DUP Is a Reserved Word in MASM
    Q72706 DOCERR: Encoding for LTR Instruction Is Incorrect
    Q72705 DOCERR: ENDM Can't Be Used to Return Value from Macro Function
    Q49245 DOCERR: Error in Macro Example in MASM 5.1 Update Manual
    Q30493 DOCERR: Errors in Chapter 5 of MASM Programmer's Guide
    Q75968 DOCERR: Errors in MASM 6.0 "Installing and Using..." Manual
    Q39518 DOCERR: Example in MASM 5.1 Programmer's Guide
    Q62136 DOCERR: EXE2BIN.EXE Doesn't Come w/ PC-DOS 3.3, 4.0, & 4.01
    Q79210 DOCERR: Extended Keyboard Detection Is Documented Incorrectly
    Q35803 DOCERR: External Addresses in "=" Directive
    Q30898 DOCERR: KBDINFO Incorrectly Defined
    Q27104 DOCERR: LODS Adjusts the SI Register, Not the DI Register
    Q28223 DOCERR: Macro Contains IF Directive Rather than IFE Directive
    Q50862 DOCERR: @MakeFil Macro Spelling on MASM 5.1 CodeView Tutorial
    Q67439 DOCERR: MASM 5.1 Instructions Operand Size Documented Wrong
    Q71980 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Makefile BELL.MAK Gives C1024 Compiler Error
    Q71979 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Makefile SNAP.MAK Gives U1073 NMAKE Errors
    Q73746 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Programmer's Guide Errors: Chapter 7
    Q73400 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Programmer's Guide Errors: Chapters 11-20
    Q72886 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Programmer's Guide Errors: Chapters 1-6
    Q80131 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Programmer's Guide Errors: Chapters 1-6
    Q74173 DOCERR: MASM 6.0 Programmer's Guide Errors: Chapters 7-10
    Q49699 DOCERR: MASM Err Msg A2063, Name in .MODEL SMALL Not Ignored
    Q39372 DOCERR: MOV mem,accum and MOV accum,mem Formats Documented Wrong
    Q32832 DOCERR: New Command-Line Option for MASM 5.1: /LA
    Q34503 DOCERR: PROC Directive Will Not Work with Structure Type
    Q30363 DOCERR: procedure Pprog(); Should Be procedure Pprog;
    Q33382 DOCERR: Programmer's Guide FREE ST(num) Reference Is Incorrect
    Q66170 DOCERR: Repeat Prefix (REP) Documentation Error
    Q28229 DOCERR: Result of Operation Stored in DESTINATION, Not SOURCE
    Q28233 DOCERR: Signed/Unsigned Comparisons
    Q39439 DOCERR: SMSW, SGDT, SIDT, SLDT, VERR, VERW Don't Assemble
    Q45146 DOCERR: Some Coprocessor Instructions Not Emulated
    Q39444 DOCERR: The Stack Grows into Low Memory
    Q94942 DOCERR: Value Returned By Prologue Macro Documented Incorrectly
    Q79844 Embedding the Assembly Date and Time in a MASM 6.0 Object
    Q40192 Error A2105 with PUSHA and POPA Instructions
    Q94586 EXE2BIN Error Messages
    Q38935 Expressions in Definitions Changed for MASM 5.10
    Q177759 FILE: PATCH: MASM 6.13 Patch Available
    Q11833 Finding Size of Program
    Q74925 FIX: A1010 from Unclosed Segment in MASM @ShowStr Macro
    Q59754 FIX: A2006: Phase Error May Be Caused By Incorrect NOP
    Q40452 FIX: A2006: Phase Error Using EQU in An IFNDEF Block
    Q79067 FIX: A2029 Incorrectly Generated If Operand = [ebx][ebx]
    Q40852 FIX: A2042 May Be Caused By Using LOW and OFFSET In MASM 5.1
    Q30502 FIX: A2107 with .RADIX 16 and Real Number Initialization
    Q94912 FIX: A2138, A2036 or Hang, Init Nested Structure Array
    Q94408 FIX: A2138 Error--Structure Member Span-Dependent Equate
    Q32812 FIX: A4001 May Be Caused By a Literal '>' in Text Equate
    Q35882 FIX: A5114: Operand Size Does Not Match Segment Word Size
    Q74663 FIX: ALIGN Following DUP Operator or Structure May Fail
    Q80119 FIX: ALIGN Immediately After INCLUDE Generates L1101
    Q77945 FIX: Alignment in Nested Structures Incorrect in MASM 6
    Q75280 FIX: ALIGN or EVEN Cannot follow DUP in Same Module
    Q75275 FIX: Assembling with /Sg May Cause A2075 Error
    Q75178 FIX: ASSUME Using SEG on Communal Far Data Item
    Q75244 FIX: Avoid externdef or proto when Initializing Data
    Q74744 FIX: Bad Code Produced When Using Location Arithmetic
    Q67760 FIX: Bad Object File Generated with MASM 5.1 and 5.1a
    Q72728 FIX: BIND Generates Multiply Defined Symbols with API.LIB
    Q26801 FIX: Byte Order Incorrect in Listing File For Doublewords
    Q26830 FIX: Code Segment Defined within a Procedure
    Q30381 FIX: Command Line Option /E Generates a Bad Fixup Record
    Q30382 FIX: Command Line Option /Z Is Ignored after Processing
    Q26838 FIX: COMM Directive
    Q74221 FIX: COMM Directive Produces Error If Count Field Not Specified
    Q97840 FIX: DOSXNT DX1020 Error Using .WHILE and Processor Flag
    Q94587 FIX: DUP Behavior Different with Span-Dependent Value
    Q60072 FIX: Duplicate Struc Declaration and /Zi Hangs MASM 5.1, 5.1a
    Q106403 FIX: DUP Operator Must Be Preceded by White Space
    Q68945 FIX: DWORD Local Variables Use Wrong Offset in MASM
    Q120154 FIX: DX1020 Using TEXTEQU to Define False IF Block
    Q60267 FIX: Error A2057 With DOS.INC, .386, and MASM 5.1 or 5.1a
    Q76078 FIX: Error A2114 When Using OPTION PROLOGUE
    Q85743 FIX: Error L1057 Generated When Assembling with /Zi
    Q30377 FIX: Error Message A2051 Incorrectly Generated
    Q32691 FIX: Error Message A4100: Impure Memory Reference
    Q81367 FIX: EVEN, ALIGN Generate Error in AT Segments
    Q123728 FIX: EXTERNDEF on PROC Labels Does Not Make Them Public
    Q30421 FIX: Extra Line-Feed Char Generated in Four-Digit Listing File
    Q82290 FIX: EXTRN ABS Doesn't Work As Software Interrupt Number
    Q82290 FIX:EXTRN ABS Doesn't Work As Software Interrupt Number
    Q81892 FIX: FNENI, FNCLEX Assembled Wrong After PROC USES
    Q32762 FIX: Forward Reference to Segment Name Gives Phase Error
    Q104041 FIX: Functions Exported Incorrectly in MASM 6.1 WINDLL Sample
    Q34774 FIX: FWAIT Prefixes Generated for Processor Control Instructions
    Q79157 FIX: H2INC Doesn't Recognize /BATCH Command-Line Switch
    Q91692 FIX: H2INC Version 1.0 Ignores /G3 and /G4 Option Switches
    Q120067 FIX: .IF with Multiple Tests Adds a JMP Instruction
    Q80116 FIX: Illegal Instruction from Structure Member Offset
    Q26803 FIX: Incorrect Checksum
    Q64535 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated for IRET With PROC USES
    Q78862 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated If Operand Is [eax][eax]
    Q79159 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated If Operand Is [esp][esp]
    Q59374 FIX: Incorrect Code With TYPE and SI Index Register
    Q79208 FIX: Incorrect CV Info for Local Structure in MASM 6.0
    Q59567 FIX: Incorrectly Generated A4100: Impure Memory Reference
    Q102432 FIX: Incorrect RET Generated for PROC when EPILOGUE:NONE
    Q76725 FIX: INVOKE May Cause Incorrect Line Information
    Q67788 FIX: IRP Directive Has Single Line Limit of 120 Characters
    Q76911 FIX: JMP Jumps to the Proc When Using Duplicate Names
    Q95121 FIX: L1101 Error Linking MASM Object Module w/ Large Structure
    Q72849 FIX: L1126 Link Error May Be Caused By EXPORT in PROC Definition
    Q29735 FIX: LES Instruction Assembles Incorrectly
    Q59585 FIX: LOCAL Directive with a Structure
    Q69123 FIX: Long Command Line Generates Protection Violation
    Q74670 FIX: MASM 5.1/5.1a Cause LINK to Put Uninitialized Data in .EXE
    Q72480 FIX: MASM 5.1/5.1a .OBJ May Cause LINK to Generate L2013 Error
    Q74664 FIX: MASM 5.1/5.1a Will Not Allow .STACK to Exceed 32K
    Q76727 FIX: MASM 5.1, 6.x, and the LOCK and REP Prefixes
    Q76727 FIX: MASM 5.1, 6.x, and the LOCK and REP Prefixes
    Q39374 FIX: MASM 5.1 Generates Incorrect Listing for RET Statement
    Q73190 FIX: MASM 6.0 ALIGN Directive Requires Patch to Work Correctly
    Q78393 FIX: MASM 6.0 Always Uses EAX Register with BSWAP
    Q82287 FIX: MASM 6.0 Does Not Align on Page Boundary
    Q73752 FIX: MASM 6.0 Does Not Detect Overflow Initializing Structures
    Q73409 FIX: MASM 6.0 Fails with /Ta if Filename Has No Period
    Q79146 FIX: MASM 6.0 Generates L1103 for Nested Structures
    Q72482 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Generate A2103 Error When Assembling with /Zi
    Q72708 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Generate Incorrect Code for IMUL Instruction
    Q79835 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Generate Wrong Listing for CMPXCHG
    Q80120 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Incorrectly Generate A2032 for EQU
    Q79821 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Incorrectly Generate A4000 for CMP
    Q79151 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Incorrectly Insert Prologue with USES
    Q73684 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Initialize Every 256th Data Symbol
    Q72700 FIX: MASM 6.0 May Parse a Comment as a Conditional Directive
    Q73189 FIX: MASM 6.0 ML Driver Does Not Pass /nologo to LINK Correctly
    Q72390 FIX: MASM 6.0 Setup May Generate "Bad Full Path" Error Message
    Q68071 FIX: MASM Aligns on 4-Byte Boundary After Offset 8000h
    Q81894 FIX: MASM Allows Alignments > Segment Alignment
    Q85877 FIX: MASM BELL and SNAP TSR Program Examples Incorrect
    Q72791 FIX: MASM Fails to Generate Error When Real Values Are Too Smal
    Q72791 FIX: MASM Fails to Generate Error When Real Values Are Too Small
    Q79285 FIX: MASM Generates a _TEXT Segment in Far Code Models
    Q99239 FIX: MASM Generates Incorrect Code for Indirect Addressing
    Q34930 FIX: MASM Generates Stack Overflow on Code with Redefinition
    Q81888 FIX: MASM Incorrectly Allows Relative Values as Constant
    Q81888 FIX:MASM Incorrectly Allows Relative Values as Constant
    Q83087 FIX: MASM Moves Segment Register w/out Generating Error
    Q34500 FIX: Mixing \ and / in Command Line Causes Problems
    Q94407 FIX: ML DX1020 Error With Several Source Files In Directory
    Q94913 FIX: ML Fails When PAGE Directive Has Invalid Value
    Q30385 FIX: MOV with Type Operator Generates Incorrect Opcodes
    Q74532 FIX: Near Call Between Segments Within a Group May Fail
    Q35113 FIX: Nested Dups in Structure Cause Recursive Loop
    Q79286 FIX: Nested NOT Operators Yield Incorrect Value
    Q76217 FIX: Nested Structures May Hang Macro Assembler 6.0
    Q26800 FIX: No Error Generated by MASM 5.0 for Equates Made Public
    Q94943 FIX: No Stack Frame From CMACROS.INC cProc FORCEFRAME
    Q30412 FIX: Omitting Range Keyword After LABEL Directive Causes Error
    Q30416 FIX: Only First LOCAL Variable Generates CodeView Information
    Q26796 FIX: "Operand Expected" Error Message
    Q27835 FIX: Operator "." and the Operator "*"
    Q94751 FIX: ORG Behavior Different with Span-Dependent Value
    Q85509 FIX: ORG Calculated from Label May Fail in 6.0a/6.0b
    Q74746 FIX: ORG Following ORG Statement with $ May Fail in 6.0
    Q39443 FIX: Parentheses Necessary for Operator Precedence
    Q99575 FIX: Phar Lap err 58 Running MASM From Read-Only Drive
    Q35883 FIX: Public Labels Are Prefixed with Underscore Incorrectly
    Q26822 FIX: Relational Operators Evaluate to Wrong Value
    Q26270 FIX: Relational Operators with MOV May Evaluate Incorrectly
    Q76945 FIX: Sample Program BELL.C Causes R6001 Error
    Q67787 FIX: STRUC Defined Structures Cannot Be Nested
    Q30379 FIX: Structure References Using '.' Cause Confusion
    Q30383 FIX: SUBSTR Will Not Work if Target Is the Same as Source
    Q75177 FIX: Subtracting Two Externs Gives Incorrect Results
    Q79843 FIX: SYS1811 or A2087 and A2006 Incorrectly Generated
    Q30380 FIX: Text Macros Cannot Serve as Data-Definition Replacements
    Q30576 Fix-Up Overflow Caused By Extrn Statements and .Fardata
    Q72887 FIX: Using a Higher Processor Directive in a Macro Causes A2006
    Q85227 FIX: Using EXTERNDEF w/ a label May Work Incorrectly
    Q71890 FIX: Using TYPE Operator in Indirect Memory Operand Gives A2056
    Q73401 FIX: Value of @FileName Truncated If File Has Short Extension
    Q26819 FIX: "Value Out of Range" Error
    Q39373 FIX: Warning A4057 Generated Instead of Error A2019
    Q68873 FIX: Warning A4057 When Using Local Variables
    Q77078 FIX: Whitespace Character Must Precede DUP Operator
    Q32811 FIX: Wrong Opcode For Far Call from USE16 Seg to USE32 Seg
    Q74883 FIX: ^Z in Input File Appears to Truncate Listing File
    Q79829 FIX: /Zm and $-Constant Produces A2075 in MASM 6.0
    Q93005 FIX: /Z Switch Gives "Unknown Option" Error in MASM 6.0b
    Q73194 H2INC Does Not Initialize Variables During Conversion
    Q24958 Hexadecimal Numbers Must Begin With a Digit Between 0 and 9
    Q66054 HOWTO: Create Static Overlays with Macro Assembler
    Q39523 How to Declare Externals in MASM
    Q25259 How to Enable Math Coprocessor Instructions
    Q34377 How to Implement a Function Pointer in MASM
    Q68805 How to Reboot Your Machine Within a MASM Application
    Q39526 How to Share a Structure Between C and Assembler Modules
    Q72848 How to Use Int 20h to Terminate an .EXE Program
    Q32865 Invalid Operation and Inexact Result in Control Word
    Q69540 JMP to a Far Address Lists Segment First in Listing File
    Q24965 Jump to Absolute Address
    Q32777 Language Names Used as PUBLIC Symbols Are Not Allowed
    Q77138 Line Numbers for MASM Listing Files
    Q76163 Line Numbers in .MAP File Do Not Relate to Listing File
    Q75247 LOCAL Requires Language Specifier on .MODEL
    Q26707 LOOP Can Use ECX in 16-bit Segment, CX in 32-bit Segment
    Q76076 Macro Assembler Version 6.0 Return Codes
    Q34379 Making Multiple Initialized Far Data Segments
    Q60307 MASM 5.1 Setup Shows Blank Display on LCD/Mono Monitor
    Q119012 MASM 6.11a Patch Information and Installation
    Q98856 MASM 6.1a README.TXT: Patch Release Notes
    Q90311 MASM 6.1 General Questions & Answers FastTips (Complete)
    Q74882 MASM MUL Operation Accepts Only One Operand
    Q69987 MASM Optimizations Not Recognized by Some Processors
    Q70249 Max Identifier Length May Cause Mixed C/MASM Conflict
    Q98859 Minimum System Required to Run MASM 6.1
    Q89143 Minimum System Requirements for MASM 6.0
    Q86816 Mixed C and MASM with MASM Main Language, C Run-Time
    Q86815 Mixed C and MASM with MASM Main Language, No C Run-Time
    Q68562 .MODEL Directive Forces DOSSEG Segment Ordering in MASM
    Q68072 .MODEL Directive Language Parameter Doesn't Preserve Case
    Q61502 .MODEL with a Language Makes Procedure Names PUBLIC
    Q35881 Name Directive No Longer Supported
    Q119517 New Keywords Near16, Near32, Far16 and Far32 in MASM
    Q75276 OFFSET Always Returns the END of a Segment Name
    Q30517 OFFSET Operator Is Segment Relative
    Q61590 Passing a long* from a C Module to an Assembly Module
    Q39520 Passing an Integer from C to MASM, Returning a Double
    Q62626 Passing a Pointer to a Structure from C to Assembly
    Q138983 PATCH: MASM 6.11d Patch Available
    Q173168 PATCH: MASM 6.12 Patch Available
    Q138983 PATCH: Ml611d.exe MASM 6.11d Patch Available
    Q173168 PATCH: Ml612.exe MASM 6.12 Patch Available
    Q228454 PATCH: ML614.exe 6.14 Patch Available
    Q69988 Percent Character Not Allowed in Identifiers in MASM 6.0
    Q24953 Phase Errors May Be Caused By Forward References
    Q81327 Positioning External Declarations in Assembly
    Q11339 PRB: 8087 mnemonics without Operators
    Q155047 PRB: A2041 Initializing a Large STRUCT
    Q34985 PRB: A2102 Warnings Generated for Possible 80286 Problems
    Q148509 PRB: A2108 Error When Using Simplified Segment Directives
    Q11902 PRB: Assume Directive Not Displayed
    Q26839 PRB: "AT" Combine Types
    Q28216 PRB: Cannot Backup Distribution Disks
    Q177426 PRB: Codeview for Windows Does not Run in Windows 95 and NT
    Q177426 PRB: CodeView for Windows Does Not Run in Windows 95 and NT
    Q35114 PRB: Comparison of a Constant and a Relocatable Is Not Allowed
    Q64438 PRB: CV2206 WARNING: Corrupt Debug OMF Detected in Object...
    Q123990 PRB: DX1410 Error Using NMAKE with MASM 6.11
    Q119872 PRB: Error A2032 Using Indexed Addressing
    Q120155 PRB: Error A2068 Using REP Prefix with CMPS Instructions
    Q29570 PRB: Error "constant expected" with ORG Directive
    Q81891 PRB: /Fb May Cause A1006 in Low Memory Situations
    Q120068 PRB: H2INC Does Not Handle #undef
    Q117796 PRB: Incorrect Debug Information in 32-bit Object Module
    Q95414 PRB: INVOKE Pushes SS to Convert NEAR PTR to FAR PTR
    Q49900 PRB: Jumping to an Absolute Addresss with MASM
    Q49900 PRB: Jumping to an Absolute Address with MASM
    Q35128 PRB: Line Parsing Order: Looks Up Second Token First
    Q110405 PRB: MASM 6.x and the Windows 3.1 DDK
    Q67758 PRB: MASM Err Msg: Unable to Open Input File: options.asm
    Q92611 PRB: MASM Generates Unexpected Prefix Bytes 66h, 67h
    Q80117 PRB: ml /D?WIN and CMACROS.INC Produce A2016 and A2008
    Q72727 PRB: No Error for Same Register Listed Twice in USES Clause
    Q85508 PRB: No Warning for INVOKE Between 16-Bit and 32-Bit Segments
    Q38216 PRB: Possible Cause of L2002 for Mixed C, MASM in Large Model
    Q92609 PRB: SEGMENT AT Does Not Initialize Data at Absolute Address
    Q11910 PRB: SIZE Operator Value
    Q80384 PRB: Span-Dependent Value Behavior Changes in N-Pass Assembly
    Q110598 PRB: Spontaneous Assembly and MASM 6.11 Errors
    Q111474 PRB: Usage of an ORG Directive in a STRUCT Declaration
    Q39371 Procedures With Arguments Require a Specified Language
    Q75248 PROC w/ Parameters Requires Language Specifier on .MODEL
    Q24954 Producing .com Files With MASM
    Q72483 QuickHelp Categories Menu May Be Shorter with MASM 6.0
    Q120069 Real and Protected Mode Segment Size
    Q30601 Real-Number Data in IEEE Format
    Q35507 Real-Number Encoding Needs Exact Number of Digits
    Q80381 Relative Addresses (Relocatables) and the Minus Operator
    Q24955 Results of not Specifying a Starting Address
    Q117682 Returning a Float from Assembly to C
    Q70671 Return Must Match Memory Model for CALL to Label in Proc
    Q92435 SAMPLE: ASMClock.exe Uses MASM 6.0 to Program in Windows
    Q77256 SAMPLE: MASMWin.exe Uses MASM 6.0 to Write Windows Application
    Q30500 Segment Relative Versus Group Relative
    Q31598 Sign-Extended Register and Immediate Form of AND/OR/XOR
    Q31598 Sign-Extended Register and Immediate from of AND/OR/XOR
    Q47504 Some Instructions May Require Enabling of Instruction Set
    Q50405 Specifying the Size of a CALL or JMP Instruction in MASM
    Q76504 Static Variables Declared in MASM Routines Called from C
    Q59127 Testing Math Coprocessor Instructions FLD FADD FSTP FST
    Q10462 The MASM ASSUME Directive Does Not Generate Code
    Q39441 The ORG Directive and Actual Offsets
    Q67440 Tracing into a Macro When Debugging Assembly Programs
    Q64439 Trapping a Keystroke and Displaying Its Extended Scan Code
    Q123688 Turning a 16-bit Protected Segment into a 32-bit Segment
    Q27587 Two Causes of Interrupt 0 in MASM Program
    Q32836 .TYPE Operator Has New Bit Settings
    Q58864 Using a Macro to Determine the Current Segment
    Q72698 Using Full Segment Directives with MASM 6.0 HELLO.ASM
    Q73187 Using Huge Memory Model and Huge Arrays in MASM
    Q120070 Using Immediate and Memory Operands
    Q113058 Using Interrupt 21h, Function 3Fh to Read the Keyboard
    Q49246 Using OFFSET with a Group of Data Segments
    Q73407 Using PROTO and INVOKE to Call a C Function from MASM
    Q30424 Using the & Operator to Combine Multiple Parameters
    Q40572 Versions of MASM Prior to 6.0 Do Not Support Flat Model
    Q31810 Writing Faster Macro Assembler Programs
    Q72701 Writing Macro Functions and Using the EXITM Directive
    Q117389 x86 Protected Mode Exceptions

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