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    Q89914 256-Color Bitmap Problems with Quick Recorder
    Q103155 Adding Musical Disc and Track Titles to Music Box
    Q111018 Adding the Proof Menu Item to the Excel 5.0 Menu Bar
    Q118573 Ancient Lands: GP Fault with Windows Sound System
    Q76868 Authoring Device-Independent MIDI Files
    Q119383 AVI Files Available for Testing Video for Windows Runtime
    Q90020 "Cannot Find SETUP.INF" During Windows Sound System Setup
    Q89913 Cannot Modify and Save Read-Only Files in Quick Recorder
    Q98316 Carmen San Diego Game Interrupted After Digitized Sound Played
    Q96859 CD Audio Does Not Play Through Sound System Speakers
    Q110385 Changes Made to CONFIG.SYS by WSSCNFG.EXE
    Q89875 Changes Made to SYSTEM.INI File During Sound System Setup 1.0
    Q89997 Changes to Wrong File when Switching Tasks in Quick Recorder
    Q99283 Clean Boot Procedure with CD-ROM Drive
    Q121259 Comparing Features of Windows Sound System 1.0, 1.0a, and 2.0
    Q115315 Comprehensive List of WSS 2.0 User's Guide Doc Errors
    Q100856 Compressed Waveform Files Don't Rewind or Repeat
    Q128173 Contents of the Microsoft Windows Sound System DEINSTAL.TXT
    Q107185 Contents of the Windows Sound System 1.0a README.TXT
    Q107186 Contents of the Windows Sound System 1.0 README.TXT
    Q107181 Contents of the Windows Sound System 2.0 README.TXT
    Q89872 Control Panel Changes Have No Effect with Proof Reader, 1-2-3
    Q77861 Control Panel's Sound Won't Play Certain Wave Files
    Q100015 Converting to 8-Bit Color Results in Gray Scale from VidEdit
    Q93647 Creating a Custom Voice Pilot Vocabulary
    Q99860 Debug Script to Test for Sound Blaster Emulation
    Q97677 Debug Script to Test for Windows Sound System Presence
    Q89889 Default Minimal View Attributes in Quick Recorder
    Q76800 Description of a Multimedia PC
    Q76873 Detailed Multimedia PC Specification
    Q105924 Determining Version of Windows Sound System 1.0x Software
    Q114366 Device Errors Occur When Using Windows Sound System Apps
    Q89879 Differences Between PCM/ADPCM Wave Files Explained
    Q113780 Distorted Control Menu and Application Buttons
    Q124387 DOCERR: How to Use the MIXERLINECONTROLS dwControlType Flag
    Q79019 Double-Clicking on Desktop Starts Multimedia Screen Saver
    Q89892 Drag and Drop Fails While Playing/Recording in Quick Recorder
    Q97824 Embedding Sound Files in Excel 3.x
    Q92621 Err Msg: There Are One or More User or Voice Data Files...
    Q96881 Err Msg: Voice Pilot Cannot Support Application
    Q120713 Err Msg w/IntelliPoint/Type & ProofReader: Sound Input Is Busy
    Q89910 Error in Quick Recorder Help
    Q312487 Error Message: Cannot Read Port Name from Registry
    Q131483 Error Message: Quick Recorder - A Memory Error Has Occurred
    Q99296 Error: Training Could Not Be Carried Out for "Bravo"
    Q94475 Error When Playing Sample .AVI Files on CD-ROM
    Q106665 Example SYSTEM.INI Configuration Lines for Sound System
    Q117136 Extra Characters in MS-DOS Session with Voice Pilot Active
    Q99286 Extract Does Not Save Multiple Files
    Q99285 Extract From VidEdit Supports 8-Bit Color Only
    Q89912 File Drag May Not Work with Quick Recorder
    Q89956 File Lost if Cancel Is Chosen During File Conversion
    Q96495 Games Configuration Program Saves Previous Settings
    Q111041 Games Tested with WSS (Hardware & Software) Version 2.0
    Q128759 Garbled Sounds in Windows Sound System Using IMAADPCM.ACM
    Q122325 Gateway 2000 Sound Board Not Compatible with WSS Drivers
    Q121167 GP Fault Occurs & Keyboard Is Remapped w/ProofReader & Word 6
    Q89896 How to Add Vocabulary Items to ProofReader Dictionary
    Q101662 How to Change the Background Color When Playing Fullscreen
    Q89970 How to Determine Interrupt, I/O, and DMA Channel Conflicts
    Q89897 How to Set Up Windows Sound System on a Network
    Q90025 How to Uninstall Windows Sound System
    Q130972 Installing Windows Sound System Proofreader Menu in Lotus 5.0
    Q120452 Invalid Machine ID with OEM Windows Sound System 2.0
    Q122941 Invalid Voice Pilot Macro Hangs System
    Q90008 Low Memory Makes Voice Pilot Slow
    Q90015 Mail in Startup Group Conflicts with Sound System Setup
    Q89967 MCI CD Audio Drivers Must Be Installed for Music Box to Work
    Q92756 Media Player: Basic AVI Playback Troubleshooting
    Q93090 Media Player: Full Screen AVI Playback
    Q131651 MIDI-in Port Does Not Work on SB Pro Card with WSS 2.0 Drivers
    Q89874 MIDIMAP.CFG Is Replaced During Windows Sound System Setup
    Q76867 MIDIMAP.INI Edited Through Control Panel
    Q89902 MIDI Sequencing Software Issues with Windows Sound System
    Q120815 Modified Windows Sound System Setup with Adaptec 1570 & 1572
    Q98190 Move Command Doesn't Work in Voice Pilot
    Q76874 MSCDEX CD-ROM Driver and Windows with Multimedia Extensions
    Q76804 MS-DOS Application Unable to Use Audio in 386 Enhanced Mode
    Q108803 MultiMedia Glossary
    Q76939 Multimedia Windows: Problems with SCRNSVR.EXE and IDLEWILD.EXE
    Q89959 Music Box Titles List Box Does Not Close with ESC Key
    Q77725 Must Exit and Reenter Windows to Update Sound Driver
    Q92401 Noise (Hissing) During Playback of Sound Files
    Q89950 No Shortcut Keys for Label/Description Fields in Sound Finder
    Q90070 Not All Playable File Types Have Help Pop-up Topics
    Q90002 No Volume Control with MS-DOS Application on WSS
    Q128025 Oracle7 for Win32s Hangs When Initializing Database Manager
    Q95085 Pausing the Windows Sound System 1.0 Voice Pilot
    Q110881 Poor Sound Quality Using TrueSpeech Compression
    Q89870 Proofing Sound Quality May Vary with Speed in Proof Reader
    Q120032 ProofReader Does Not "Say" Unknown Words or Spaces in Cells
    Q98267 ProofReader Fails with Extended Workbook Filenames
    Q121011 ProofReader Repeats Single Number or Does Not Initiate Volume
    Q89903 Quick Recorder Does Not Save Alternate File Extensions
    Q89901 Quick Recorder Resize when Playing Causes Random Data Display
    Q76780 README.TXT: General Notes About Applications
    Q76783 README.TXT: General Notes About Hardware
    Q76774 README.TXT: Using Windows 2.x Drivers with Windows 3.0
    Q76765 README.TXT: Using Windows with Multimedia Extensions
    Q107353 Real-Time Pass Through Not Possible with the WSS Card
    Q78417 Relocating Help Files in Windows with Multimedia Extensions
    Q93091 Setup: Changes Made to the Initialization (*.INI) Files
    Q93274 Setup: Control Panel Drivers Supplied
    Q90003 Setup Defaults to Custom Installation with Low Disk Space
    Q76878 Setup Detects an Installed Copy of Windows on Hard Drive
    Q89974 Setup Detects Incorrect Space Available on WFWG Server
    Q92758 Setup: Files and Directories Changed During Installation
    Q95440 Short Menus in Microsoft Excel 3.0 Hide Proof Menu
    Q113644 Single Digit Playback in Excel 5.0 Proofreader
    Q89952 Skip Button Is Disabled in Windows Sound System
    Q89969 Slow Startup in Music Box Due to ASPI4DOS.SYS
    Q90036 Small Text Under Picture in Quick Recorder Explained
    Q76811 Sound Blaster: Built-In Game I/O Port Feature
    Q76807 Sound Blaster: Built-In Stereo Power Amplifier
    Q89963 Sound Finder Converts All Files in Convert Dialog Box
    Q89900 Sound Finder Does Not Restore Minimized Quick Recorder
    Q89948 Sound Finder Does Not Start Minimized
    Q89972 Sound Finder Does Not Use Uniform Naming Convention
    Q89957 Sound Finder Ignores Working Directory Setting
    Q94560 Sound Finder & Quick Recorder Description & Label Text Limits
    Q113781 Sound: GP Faults or System Hangs with Third-Party Shells
    Q106019 SoundScapes: Playing Sounds from Any Directory Using WSS 1.0x
    Q84431 Sounds Option Unavailable in Alarm Clock
    Q89877 Sound System: Description of Yamaha OPL3 and OPL2 Chips
    Q104212 Sound System Err Msg: Cannot Find "<path>\PROOF.XLA"
    Q89958 Sound System Err Msg: Specified File Is Unable to Run
    Q109994 Sound System: Microphone Doesn't Work with Microphone Input
    Q93643 Sound System: Proofreader and Lotus 1-2-3 Compatibility
    Q113828 Sound System: Sound Blaster 16 Doesn't Play CD Audio
    Q99376 Status Frames Skipped Returns a Value of Zero
    Q99284 Support Information for Intel Video Capture Cards
    Q96445 SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI Entries Made by WSS 1.0x Setup
    Q76816 SYSTEM.INI Settings for Multimedia Windows
    Q98739 The Window Sound System Autodemo
    Q95089 Tips on Training Voice Pilot
    Q98564 Troubleshooting Sound Support for MS-DOS Games in WSS 1.0a
    Q130862 Unable to Start Quick Recorder as an OLE Server
    Q87882 Using SHARE.EXE and Sharing Violations with WinLogin
    Q117800 Using the MMP16 Sound Card with Windows Sound System
    Q110377 Using Windows Sound System 2.0 with Unsupported Card
    Q114944 Using WSSCNFG.EXE with Multiple-Configuration System Files
    Q95419 VFW: Information About TRUEVISION Bravado 16 Capture Board
    Q93273 VFW: Setup - Run-time Installation Changes to Windows
    Q92757 VFW: Troubleshooting - Frames Dropping During Playback
    Q96021 VidCap: Captures Only Blackness with Video Blaster
    Q99287 VidCap: Double Buffering Causes Dropped Frames
    Q93255 VidCap: Err Msg: Cannot Initialize Capture Driver - Indeo
    Q96020 VidCap Err Msg: Can't Open Wave Input File
    Q95778 VidCap: Not Capturing Full Frames with Video Blaster
    Q95417 VidCap: Preview Is Black and White with Video Blaster
    Q94710 VidEdit: Combining .AVI Files with Different Frame Rates
    Q97701 VidEdit: Indeo Supports 24-Bit Color Only
    Q94763 VidEdit: Unnecessary Recompression of .AVI Files
    Q92759 Video Err Msg: Undefined Dynalink
    Q94764 Video: No Frames Captured with New Media Graphics Cards
    Q95416 Video: Unexpected Exit Error Message During Setup
    Q90001 Voice Pilot Does Not Support MS-DOS Applications
    Q125391 Voice Pilot Err Msg: "Cannot Access the File at This Time..."
    Q120816 Voice Pilot Levels Limited to Four in Windows Sound System 2.0
    Q94595 Voice Pilot: Limit to Number of Words in Vocabulary Files
    Q90061 Volume Control Loops Endlessly with Microsoft SoundBits
    Q93275 VWF: Setup - How to Install Run-Time From Hard Disk
    Q110494 Windows Hangs on Reboot After Installing Sound System 2.0
    Q99227 Windows Sound System 1.0a Disk Dir List (3.5 and 5.25 Inch)
    Q127793 Windows Sound System 2.0 DEINSTAL.TXT Contents
    Q106231 Windows Sound System 2.0 Disk Dir List (3.5 inch, 1.44 MB)
    Q110802 Windows Sound System 2.0 Disk Dir List (3.5 inch, 720K)
    Q131747 Windows Sound System 2.0 Modified for WaveJammer Sound Card
    Q119705 Windows Sound System and ASPI4DOS Causes Windows to Hang
    Q94594 Windows Sound System and Berkeley Systems' Screen Savers
    Q89985 Windows Sound System and MPC Compatibility
    Q103162 Windows Sound System Does Not Update Lotus
    Q103281 Windows Sound System Err Msg: Could Not Play File
    Q89878 Windows Sound System: How SoundScapes Works
    Q92638 Windows Sound System Specifications
    Q89986 Windows Sound System Supports Audio Written for Windows 3.1
    Q89996 Windows Sound System Supports ISA/EISA, Not Micro Channel
    Q101537 Windows Sound System Uncompressed Files
    Q92729 Windows Sound System Version 1.0 Disk Directory Listings
    Q93677 Windows Sound System Will Not Load on Diskless Workstations
    Q89955 Windows Task Manager Does Not End Task for Sound Finder
    Q89873 WSS Compatibility with Sound Boards and MS-DOS Applications
    Q94247 WSS Err Msg: Cannot Find the SNDSYS Driver
    Q113711 WSS Err Msg: The Device Is Being Used by Another Application
    Q119215 WSS Err Msg: WSETUP Caused a GP Fault in Module WSETUP.EXE...
    Q122704 WSS: Excel 5.0 "Proof On Entry" Does Not Display Check Mark
    Q94014 WSS: Internal Error at File XLRDR.C with Proofreader
    Q130747 WSS Setup Does Not Load TASKMAN.EXE
    Q94800 WSS Voice Pilot Deactivated When Playing Waveform (.WAV) Files

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