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    Q176420 BUG: InternetSetOption Does Not Set Timeout Values
    Q167736 BUG: MFC ISAPI Generates Access Violation in CHtmlStream.Detach
    Q199154 BUG: MIFST <SPNAME> Tag Placed in Wrong Position
    Q229563 BUG: OFX Parser Breaks If <MSGBODY> Tag Contains Leading Spaces
    Q176113 BUG: Set-Cookie Is Ignored in CGI When Combined With Location
    Q232504 DOC: Permission Settings Incorrect for Security Server
    Q197728 FILE: Creating a Thread Pool for MFC-Based ISAPI Extensions
    Q174831 FILE: Using Check Boxes and Radio Buttons with MFC Parse Maps
    Q152968 FIX: Extra Invalid Characters in String Arguments
    Q156914 FIX: Form with Unchecked Checkboxes Wrongly Processed by ISAPI
    Q152493 FIX: ISAPI Extension Wizard Generates Bad OnAuthentication
    Q190483 FIX: Memory Leak in MIFST Crash Recovery If NEWFILEID Received
    Q190481 FIX: MIFST Web Client Development Kit Component Problems
    Q152365 FIX: Sending a POST HTTP Request May Cause an Access Violation
    Q190482 FIX: UserKey Component Causes MIFST to Terminate
    Q183480 HOWTO: Debug ISAPI and Filter DLL Under IIS 4.0
    Q163166 HOWTO: Fixing the "500 Extended Server Error" Problem on ISAPI
    Q140964 HOWTO: Getting User Name and Password in ISAPI or CGI App
    Q168864 HOWTO: Implementing Cookies In ISAPI
    Q185518 HOWTO: Implement Worker Threads Using MFC ISAPI Extension
    Q156223 HOWTO: Launching OLE Servers from ISAPI Extensions
    Q195768 HOWTO: Profile an ISAPI DLL
    Q158229 INFO: Security Ramifications for IIS Applications
    Q186841 INFO: SF_REQ_GET_CONNID Unavailable in IIS 4.0
    Q152054 INFO: Tips for Debugging ISAPI DLLs
    Q151094 INFO: Troubleshooting Windows CGI Applications with IIS
    Q190542 INFO: Using WinInet APIs in a System Service to access SSL sites
    Q232930 OFXPing Error: Translation Server Is Paused
    Q186837 PATCH: MIFST Sample BankMailSyncRS Not Accepted By MS Money
    Q178668 PRB: "A Given HROW Referred to a Hard- or Soft-Deleted Row" Error
    Q178668 PRB: A Given HROW Referred to a Hard- or Soft-Deleted Row Error
    Q182448 PRB: MIFST Frequently Asked Questions
    Q169109 PRB: Parse Maps Do Not Handle Multi-select List Boxes
    Q163351 PRB: Required Privilege is Not Held ISAPI Debugging Error
    Q145661 PRB: Specified CGI Application Gets Error Message
    Q189888 PRB: Stack Size Now 256 K in Internet Information Server 4.0
    Q188954 SAMPLE: Create and Delete Virtual Directories in IIS 4.0
    Q186836 SAMPLE: FI Processing Component for MIFST
    Q191239 SAMPLE: Sample Base 64 Encoding and Decoding
    Q194706 SAMPLE: Sharing Data Between ISAPI Filters & ISAPI Extensions
    Q189651 SAMPLE: Uploading a File to IIS Using a Browser
    Q154145 SSL: ISAPI Secure Transmissions Limited to 32K of Data

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