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    Q162128 CAG: Clip Gallery General Troubleshooting Tips Part 2 of 2
    Q161689 CG3: Error Messages Appear When You Install Extra Clipart
    Q44128 How to Search for PowerPoint Articles by KBSubcategory
    Q139745 OFF4: How to Add an Extension with Office 4.2.1
    Q141139 Organization Chart Not Installed with Typical or Compact Setup
    Q138643 PowerPoint 95 Viewer Doesn't Replace 16-Bit OLE Files
    Q122962 PPT4: Can Only Print One File at a Time in Find File
    Q114580 PPT4: Colors Change in Inserted Word Table
    Q139915 PPT4: Contents of PowerPoint 7.0 Translator Disk (for Macintosh)
    Q121895 PPT4: Embedded Microsoft Excel Chart Loses Data When Edited
    Q116425 PPT4: Error Installing Microsoft Office Manager (Readme)
    Q111749 PPT4: Playing Media Clip Objects Across Multiple Slides
    Q133803 PPT4: PowerPoint 7.0 Translator for Mac PowerPoint 4 Available
    Q144032 PPT4: PowerPoint 97-98 Import Converter Available
    Q119205 PPT4: Segment Load Failure in POWERPNT.EXE w/AppMeter 1.0
    Q139151 PPT: 7.0 Translator Requires Correct Type and Creator
    Q143665 PPT7: Animation Player for ActiveX Available
    Q26885 PPT7: Clipart Gallery 2.0a Update for Windows NT Users
    Q147801 PPT7: Differences Between PowerPoint versions 7.0a and 7.0b
    Q136974 PPT7: Error Opening Earlier Version Presentation
    Q135671 PPT7: How to Play Sound Files Across Multiple Slides
    Q160801 PPT7: Invisible Shapes Print With Borders in Black and White
    Q135745 PPT7: Objects Displayed in Grayscale in Black & White View
    Q136603 PPT7: Patch to Correct PowerPoint 7.0a Screen Redraw Problem
    Q139150 PPT7: PowerPoint Missing Features Under Windows NT
    Q116424 PPT: Adding the Present It Tool to Word
    Q95598 PPT: Apple File Exchange (AFE) Translator Available
    Q121873 PPT: Black and White Versus Pure Black and White Printing
    Q178120 PPT: Cannot Change Color of Embossed Text in PowerPoint 4.0 File
    Q133448 PPT: Cannot Customize AutoClipart List
    Q138645 PPT: Can't Open PowerPoint Files with Windows 95 Quick View
    Q93588 PPT: EPS Graphic Displays as Mostly Empty Frame
    Q170793 PPT: Error Editing PowerPoint File Type in Windows Explorer
    Q88082 PPT: Error Opening Untranslated Presentation
    Q61916 PPT: How to Create (Format) a Default Presentation
    Q152033 PPT: How to Rotate Clip Images
    Q138839 PPT: Pictures Display as QuickTime Pict Placeholders
    Q182546 PPT: PowerPoint Saves Year in Three-Digit Format
    Q112827 PPT: PowerPoint Viewer (16-Bit) Available from Online Services
    Q120956 PPT: Presentation Using Template Ignores Default Setting
    Q113373 PPT: Removing or Restoring Default Template
    Q111822 PPT: Scaling Bitmaps and Movies for Slide Shows
    Q58323 PPT: Setting Default Attributes for Slide Objects
    Q110831 PPT: Slides Look Bad When Pasted into Other Programs
    Q150924 PPT: Version 4.0 Clip Art Not Added to ClipArt Gallery 2.0/3.0
    Q137057 What's Installed with PowerPoint for Windows 95 Setup Options
    Q133789 WT1229: Getting Started Controlling PowerPoint Through OLE
    Q113143 WT1230: Batch File Converter for PowerPoint for Windows 95
    Q85342 WT1249: Pure Black and White Printing Add-in

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