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    Q233774 Access Violation When Using Component Builder's Import COBOL Wizard
    Q228495 After Upgrade to SNA Server 4.0 SP2, COMTI Application Fails With "Out of Memory" Indication
    Q222944 Allow COMTI LU6.2 Send Size to be Configurable.
    Q182638 BUG: Admin: Snap-in Does Not Recognize the Local Machine Name
    Q182667 BUG: Cannot Use Return Value as OCCURS DEPENDING ON Index
    Q179464 BUG: CedarBank: Session Object Error 'ASP 0168 : 80004005'
    Q183546 BUG: Cedar Bank VBClientExplicitSecurity Compile Errors on Alpha
    Q184886 BUG: CICS RE: CICS ABEND AZCE When LU 6.2 Message > 32767 Bytes
    Q182678 BUG: COBOL FILLER Generated Incorrectly After Recordset Array
    Q183181 BUG: COBOL PIC X(32768) or Larger Causes an Error
    Q177501 BUG: Code Page Specified in Remote Environment Was Not Used
    Q182653 BUG: Component Builder Title Bar Shows MS-DOS Filename
    Q182636 BUG: COMTI Reserved Words Erroneously Allowed for Method Name
    Q183549 BUG: DBCS Parameters Not Allowed When Importing COBOL
    Q182835 BUG: Decimal Type Doesn't Allow Scale for COBOL DISPLAY Types
    Q182832 BUG: Error in COBOL Export After Moving Type Library
    Q216449 BUG: Example for User Defined Type (UDT) Missing from CedarBank Tutorial
    Q183547 BUG: Friendship Tutorial: Runtime Error 1738 Using Playback
    Q178329 BUG: Generated COBOL Data-Names Not Accessible in COBOL Program
    Q182668 BUG: Help File Inconsistent with Advanced Method Properties Window
    Q182668 BUG: Help File Inconsistent with Adv. Method Properties Window
    Q180681 BUG: HRESULT 8000ffff When Creating an Instance of a COMTI Component
    Q180681 BUG: HRESULT 8000ffff When Creating Instance of COMTI Component
    Q190532 BUG: Import COBOL Wizard Cannot Select LL, ZZ, TRANCODE (IMS)
    Q182666 BUG: Inconsistent Length of String When Type Changed to String
    Q182634 BUG: JCL Present in COBOL Import File Causes Error
    Q191865 BUG: Loop in COMTI After CICS ABEND During Send Processing
    Q189423 BUG: Memory Leak: Recordsets with OCCURS DEPENDING ON Clause
    Q182652 BUG: Memory Leak When Transactional Method Fails Before Connect
    Q216672 BUG: Misleading Error or Inaccurate Data Returned using TCP/IP Connectivity & CICS MS Link Model
    Q182834 BUG: Missing Error Messages When Using Diagnostic Capture
    Q189424 BUG: No Warning, Recordset Row Count Not Equal Length- specifier
    Q182836 BUG: Numeric Edit Fields Allow Non-numeric Input
    Q187642 BUG: "Out of Memory" Calling COMTI in Same MTS Package as Caller
    Q182635 BUG: Paste in Label Edit Mode Shows Name Conflict Message Box
    Q191868 BUG: Runtime Error 1205; CedarBank VBClient in DCOM Environment
    Q189426 BUG: Runtime Error 1225 When Return Value Is a Recordset
    Q184816 BUG: Run-time Error '52' Trying to Open Component Library
    Q182581 BUG: Runtime Error: Attempt to Initialize Tagen.dll Fails
    Q183555 BUG: Size Of Dynamic Output Array Always Set to Maximum
    Q183118 BUG: Special Characters Disallowed in Transaction Program Name
    Q183548 BUG: Update to Diag. Capture Remote Environment Not Recognized
    Q177975 BUG: VBClientExplicitSecurity:ActiveX Component Cannot Create Object
    Q177975 BUG: VBClientExplicitSecurity:ActiveX Component Can't Create Obj
    Q182683 BUG: Windows Taskbar Unavailable During IMS COBOL Import
    Q233544 Certain Invalid Date Fields Are Converted to Valid Dates Which Are Returned to the Client Application
    Q233550 Component Builder Appears to Change Component's Transaction ID, But Does Not Change It
    Q222947 COMTI: Allow Use Of Already Verified and Application Override
    Q230515 COMTI Method Invocation Fails With Runtime Error 1426
    Q193963 Conversion Errors Result when Return Value is Repositioned
    Q233852 Import COBOL Wizard Inappropriately Flags COBOL Syntax Error; Import Cannot Be Completed
    Q181011 INF: Appearance of CICS Abend Information in SNA Server Traces
    Q177994 INF: CICS Abend 'ADPL'
    Q235275 INF: COMTI Sample COBOL Programs for TCP/IP Can Write Log Data to Record Debugging Information
    Q231862 INF: Configuring COMTI to Use TCP/IP Link to CICS Using the Cedar Bank Demo
    Q234062 INF: Determine the Conversation State in CICS Program After SYNCPOINT Command Is Issued
    Q220967 INF: Explanation of COMTI Metadata Elements
    Q221533 INF: EZY1309E IBM Runtime Error on Mainframe Using CICS MS Link Programming Model and TCP/IP Transport With Authentication
    Q177011 INF: Generated COBOL Will Not Compile
    Q193828 INF: IMS Programs May Lock after COMTI Posts a Backout Operation
    Q235868 INF: Invoking COMTI Method Elicits MTS Event ID 4128
    Q177974 INF: Location of CedarBank Recording File Is Misleading
    Q216101 INF: Missing Entry in Control Panel...Add/Remove Programs After MTS Package Export
    Q178147 INF: Unable to Save Typelib Changed in Component Builder
    Q182631 INF: Using Alternate Code Page When Creating a Recording File
    Q182631 INF: Using an Alternate Code Page When Creating a Recording File
    Q183179 INF: Using PL/I Programs with COM Transaction Integrator
    Q179958 INF: When to Use "Already Verified Authentication"
    Q234284 "Path not found" Error Occurs When Saving Component Library
    Q178146 PRB: Access Violation After Shutting Down Server Processes
    Q216202 PRB: Application Stops Responding; IBM CICS/VSE Terminal Unavailable
    Q184819 PRB: Awkward COBOL Definition for Bounded Recordsets
    Q214406 PRB: CICS ABEND ATCV When Using Two Phase Commit and CICS Remote Environment
    Q179467 PRB: Inappropriate Use of Trailing FILLER with an Array
    Q228503 Runtime Error 1215 Occurs When IMS Transaction Program Name is All Numeric Characters
    Q233551 Runtime Error 1226 Occurs When Using Diagnostic Playback
    Q233549 Sample APPL Statement in Worksheet Produced by Mainframe APPC/LU6.2 Wizard is Inaccurate
    Q230374 'Subscript out of range' Error When Saving a Component Library
    Q193351 Trailing Blanks Removed from String in Reply Data
    Q234066 When Using Import COBOL Wizard Cannot Select Group Item for User Defined Type or Recordset

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