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    Q139503 Alarm Will Not Activate on an Archive File with Reminders
    Q146379 All Day Check Box Inconsistent in Recurring Appointments
    Q146383 All Instances of Recurring Appointments Download to Timex
    Q131491 ALT+Arrow Does Not Move Day to Day in Yearly View
    Q146340 Alt+Shift+tab Causes Schedule+ to Behave As If Shift Held Down
    Q137511 Anniversaries and Birthdays Appear in Mixed Order
    Q146547 Anniversary Dates on Timex Datalink Not in Chronological Order
    Q151923 Appointment Book Marks Accepted Even if Time is Changed
    Q137341 Appointments Print on a Weekly Basis Only
    Q130431 Appointments That End on the Next Day Are Not Archived
    Q146071 Asterisk for Private Appt. Shows in Monthly and Not Daily View
    Q130427 A Task's Start Time Cannot Be Changed
    Q149113 AT Gen: First Contact Form for Schedule+ for AppleTalk Network
    Q137204 Attachments Sent to Schedule+ 1.0 User Cannot Be Saved
    Q139641 Backup of Schedule File Smaller Than Original
    Q147019 Bypassing the Schedule+ Login Dialog Box
    Q146168 Cannot Restore From Archive When Exchange Server is Shut Down
    Q136785 Can't See Attachment Sent w/ Sched+ 7.0 Meeting Requests in 1.0
    Q131519 Century Information Lost with m/d/yy Date Format
    Q178775 Changing Default Setting For Published Free/Busy Information
    Q147290 Changing Focus From Role Box Loses Newly Typed Data
    Q146189 Character Set for the Timex DataLink Watch
    Q146335 Command-Line Parameters for Schedule+
    Q147150 Command Line Parameters for Schedule+ 7.0
    Q146772 Converting from 1.0 CAL File to 7.0 .SCD File
    Q145873 Copying/Pasting Appointment Inherits New Appt. Time
    Q146194 Covey ALT Key Combination Not Funtional on Some Tabs
    Q146403 Covey ALT+Key Combination Not Funtional on Some Tabs
    Q146305 Covey Sample Index May Not Show Information
    Q149986 Creating a .SCD File for an Existing Profile
    Q138265 Creator Field Empty When Creating Recurring Tasks
    Q146689 Cursor Flashes While Determining Free and Busy Times
    Q146190 Cut and Paste Available on Wisdom Tab
    Q130432 Daylight Saving Time Not Displayed Before April 6, 1987
    Q130428 Day Starts At and Day Ends At Settings Round Down
    Q141270 Day Starts/Ends At Settings Rounded to 30 Minutes
    Q147281 Delete Key and Delete Button Function Differently
    Q146392 Deleting a Contact Deletes Any Associated Tasks
    Q148214 Deleting Roles Causes Duplicate Button Faces
    Q150612 Deleting the Schedule+ Data From the Exchange Server
    Q141985 Download of Time to Timex Watch Is Incorrect
    Q146334 Editing a Deleted Appointment Can Generate Error
    Q147387 Err Msg: "Invalid Property Value" Modifying Role
    Q151206 Err Msg: ...Problem w/ Mail System. Messages Could Not Be Read
    Q152872 Err Msg: The New Item Could Not be Inserted
    Q296414 Err Msg: There Was a Problem Starting Microsoft Schedule Plus
    Q149400 Err Msg: The Topic Does Not Exist. Contact Your Application...
    Q152479 Err Msg: You Are Not this Person's Assistant
    Q146160 Error Exporting Data When Dispdib.dll is Missing
    Q146367 Exception Does Not Inherit Properties of Series
    Q129223 Export to Timex Data Link Watch Overwrites Old Information
    Q131620 Filename Extension Remains .SC2 When Exporting
    Q148189 Free/Busy Time Planner Doesn't Translate Time Zones
    Q165736 German Schedule+ 7.5 Win 3.x Help File Can't Be Viewed
    Q147262 Goal Buttons Turn Black w/ SHIFT+Click Twice
    Q149313 Goto Date Box Changes When a Number Is Entered
    Q146452 Go To: on Contact Tab Not Work Until Sort Contacts
    Q146589 Group By With Multiple Entries Doesn't Repaint Bottom of Grid
    Q149213 How Resource Accounts Automatically Accept Meeting Requests
    Q133399 How to Clear All Schedule+ Data
    Q146047 How to Display a '&' Character in a Schedule+ Tab Title
    Q147490 How to Import a 1.0 Cal File Into 7.0
    Q154040 How To Print Seven Habits Tools Information
    Q150002 How to Sort Schedule+ 7.0 Contacts List Using VB for Apps
    Q157706 Icons Not Updating in Sched+ 7.0 for Rsponses from Sched+ 1.0
    Q146282 Import Project with Same Name as Existing Project Merges Tasks
    Q146331 Import Reverts Moved Appointments Back to Original Time
    Q131844 Inconsistent Appointment Creation with Mouse in Planner
    Q130434 Incorrect End Date for Recurring Task in To Do List
    Q130435 Internal Task Ordering with Timex Data Link Watch
    Q146356 Large Width Scrollbars Causes Wisdom Lit. to Word Wrap
    Q146488 Last Action for Meeting Request Overides Previous Action
    Q147589 Location of .Vue File Can Be Customized
    Q147303 Long Term Goal Box Data Lost If Not Linked To Role
    Q80892 Mac MSPlus: Filenames Longer Than 32 Characters Truncated
    Q131079 Mac MSPlus: Schedule Information Only Distributed for 3 Months
    Q80895 Mac MSPlus: User Distribution Settings Not Working
    Q80891 Mac MSPlus: Values Entered in Distribution Settings Truncated
    Q128320 Mac MSPlus: Viewing Other Users' Appointments
    Q296417 Mapisp32.dll Invalid Page Fault Err Msg in Schedule+ Profile
    Q137206 Meeting Acceptance Differs in Schedule+ Versions 1.0 and 7.0
    Q151724 Meeting Created by Delegate Shows Manager as Organizer
    Q146265 Meeting Request Allows Multiple Resources
    Q146749 Meeting Wizard: Planner Shows Incorrect Color
    Q146132 Meeting Wizard: Resource Displayed in Where Field
    Q150123 Migrated Schedule+ 1.0 Users Are Prompted for Password
    Q191406 Missing Appointments in Outlook Calendar When Using Schedule+
    Q146038 Modifying Text of Meeting Response Message
    Q152663 Monthly View Print Out Will Not Wrap Appointment Text
    Q146366 Mtg Req: Decline and Don't Send Response - Attendee Icon Wrong
    Q145706 New Local Schedule+ Files Do Not Synchronize with Server
    Q131486 No Task Visible for Upcoming Tasks in Schedule+
    Q149298 Not Reminded at Correct Time in Full Screen Command Prompt
    Q146358 No Update to Recurring Meetings with Mixed Versions
    Q130429 One-Minute Appointment Doesn't Appear in Planner
    Q145711 Only First Two Events Will Display in Notes
    Q146313 Only Last Expired Reminder Is Received on Recurring Appts.
    Q146404 Only Text Can Be Pasted into a Meeting Request
    Q146195 Only Text Can Be Pasted into a Meeting Request
    Q146553 Other Systems Options Unavailable When Export
    Q195205 Outlook/Schedule+ Error "req32.cfg could not be opened"
    Q137508 Overlapping Appointments Cannot Be Modified
    Q145955 Overlapping Appointments Cause Synchronization Error
    Q147013 Past Reminders for Reoccuring Tasks Show After Event
    Q98658 PC WSPlus: 1.0a Schedule+ Disks 1, 2, 3, & 4 [3.5; 5.25]
    Q98657 PC WSPlus: 1.0 Schedule+ Disks 1, 2, 3, & 4 [5.25; 3.5]
    Q99662 PC WSPlus: Access Privileges Are Unavailable When Offline
    Q112880 PC WSPlus: Access Privileges Invalid After Using MOVEUSER
    Q86089 PC WSPlus: Add Gateway Brings Up All Gateways
    Q106260 PC WSPlus: Adding Sharp Wizard Options
    Q104060 PC WSPlus: Alarm Pop-Up Dialog Box Is Not Pen Aware
    Q116484 PC WSPlus: AM/PM Missing in Day Start/End Times
    Q103846 PC WSPlus: Appending Archive Information to an Existing File
    Q86843 PC WSPlus: Appending to Existing Archive File
    Q86609 PC WSPlus: Appointment or Message Window Off Screen
    Q105433 PC WSPlus: Archive Progress Indicator Starts at 50 Percent
    Q86376 PC WSPlus: Assistant Needs Access to Postoffice
    Q105768 PC WSPlus: Automatic Recovery and the RECOVER.CAL File
    Q86379 PC WSPlus: Auto-Pick Picks 1-Hour Slot for Appointment
    Q86844 PC WSPlus: Calendar File Must Be Available for Reminders
    Q98784 PC WSPlus: Cannot Choose All When Exporting to a Text File
    Q128518 PC WSPlus: Cannot Open Appointment Book with View Free/Busy
    Q131518 PC WSPlus: Can Not Print from Note Section of Archived Files
    Q86603 PC WSPlus: Cannot Switch to Task List
    Q98574 PC WSPlus: Cannot View Another User's Notes
    Q129565 PC WSPlus: Change of Status Not Always Reflected in POF File
    Q92804 PC WSPlus: Changes and Enhancements Made in Schedule+ 1.0a
    Q98611 PC WSPlus: Changing the Calendar Font Color in Schedule+
    Q86605 PC WSPlus: Clicking Schedule+ Icon Gives Beep
    Q101615 PC WSPlus: Command-Line Parameters for Schedule+ Reminders
    Q103845 PC WSPlus: Completed Tasks Are Deleted in Schedule+ Calendar
    Q138002 PC WSPlus: Complete List of SCHDPLUS.INI Settings
    Q128965 PC WSPlus: Compressing Schedule+ Calendar Files
    Q137073 PC WSPlus: Corrupt Schedule File May Prevent Access
    Q112890 PC WSPlus: Cursor Jumps to Beginning of Line Often
    Q104058 PC WSPlus: Date Bold When Viewing Other's Appointment Book
    Q86608 PC WSPlus: Day Must Start on Hour or Half Hour
    Q110096 PC WSPlus: DefaultPrivateTask= Does Not Work as Documented
    Q105311 PC WSPlus: Default Reminder Poll Time in Schedule+
    Q138725 PC WSPlus: Definition of *.POF Files (Access Control List)
    Q141067 PC WSPlus: Description of Offline and Online Merging
    Q99665 PC WSPlus: Displaying the Time in a Military Time Format
    Q132687 PC WSPlus: Documentation for Mixed Networks Dynamic Schedule
    Q112173 PC WSPlus: Drag & Drop Schedule+ Reassigns Appointment Times
    Q128369 PC WSPlus: Duplicate Appointments in Calendar (.CAL) File
    Q86088 PC WSPlus: Dynamic Connections Do Not Show Busy Times
    Q139286 PC WSPlus: Dynamic Connections Limited to 8 Netware Servers
    Q122579 PC WSPlus: Dynamic Connections Not Released
    Q131380 PC WSPlus: Dynamic Connections through GSNW to Novell Servers
    Q104061 PC WSPlus: Edit Gesture Does Not Work with Appointment Book
    Q141674 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Cannot Access Your Server
    Q93132 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Can't Find SCHDMSG.DLL
    Q104085 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Clean-Up Schedule Files
    Q86604 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Could Not Open the File Named...
    Q101540 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Not a Valid File or Invalid Password
    Q104402 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Not Enough Disk Space Available...
    Q99205 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Not Enough Memory to Display Dialog Box
    Q139353 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Problem Occurred Initializing MSSCHED.DLL
    Q98610 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: SCHDIST.EXE -br00:01:00 Terminated...
    Q126888 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: SCHDPLUS Caused a GPF in DEMILAYR.DLL
    Q122999 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Schedule+ Is Not Available for Booking...
    Q99667 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Schedule Transport DLL Does Not Support...
    Q125254 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: The Schedule File Could Not Be Opened...
    Q86381 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: XXXXXXXX.CAL Is Not a Valid Local...
    Q132559 PC WSPlus: Err Msg: Your Passwords Don't Match...
    Q240699 PC WSPlus: Error Message "Schedule Plus Caused a GPF in Dem...
    Q86842 PC WSPlus: Error Printing with Printers Using GENLIB.DLL
    Q112919 PC WSPlus: Errors Importing Data Files
    Q111897 PC WSPlus: Files Installed During Schedule+ 1.0a Setup
    Q125264 PC WSPlus: Forced to Work Off Line
    Q100032 PC WSPlus: Free/Busy Times Are Not Received
    Q134232 PC WSPlus: Frequently Asked Questions for Schedule+
    Q86085 PC WSPlus: Friendly Name Does Not Change When Updated
    Q86378 PC WSPlus: Header Information Is Displayed in Message Body
    Q141500 PC WSPlus: How to Access Multiple CAL Files Working Offline
    Q105163 PC WSPlus: How to Change User Name Displayed on the Desktop
    Q132692 PC WSPlus: How to Retrieve Archived Schedules
    Q141755 PC WSPlus: How to Set Up Schedule Distribution
    Q121800 PC WSPlus: How to Use Schedule+ Without Microsoft Mail
    Q148713 PC WSPlus: How to View the Schedule of Resource Accounts
    Q104062 PC WSPlus: IBM Matrix Incorrectly Prints Right Border
    Q86384 PC WSPlus: Importing Calendar File Overwrites Notes
    Q94883 PC WSPlus: Importing/Exporting Information to the Sharp Wizard
    Q86383 PC WSPlus: Importing Long Appointments Hides Buttons
    Q86183 PC WSPlus: Importing WordPerfect Files
    Q94182 PC WSPlus: Information Stored in Schedule File Exceeds Limit Set
    Q88836 PC WSPlus: Invalid Password Prevents Changing to Online
    Q139068 PC WSPlus: Issues When Multiple Users Have the Same Assistant
    Q131636 PC WSPlus: Last Update Received/Sent Is Never
    Q103626 PC WSPlus: Libraries Do Not Function When Offline
    Q104059 PC WSPlus: Local .CAL Misplaced Moving to Empty Floppy Drive
    Q94184 PC WSPlus: Locating a Specific User's Online Calendar File
    Q132685 PC WSPlus: Loss of Description Data After a Carriage Return
    Q111859 PC WSPlus: Lost Connection to LAN Manager or NetWare Server
    Q128964 PC WSPlus: Mailbox Change Creates New Calendar Files
    Q86182 PC WSPlus: Margins Off When Printing on HP LaserJet III
    Q140192 PC WSPlus: Meeting Requests Returned as Undeliverable
    Q86382 PC WSPlus: Moving Appointments Off Line Gives Error Message
    Q128170 PC WSPlus: MVCAL Fails If USERNAME.BAD Exists in CAL Directory
    Q98536 PC WSPlus: Network Connection Broken in Mail
    Q118322 PC WSPlus: New Users in Group Cannot Access .CAL File
    Q87990 PC WSPlus: No Error Message When Printers Removed
    Q130702 PC WSPlus: Offline Additions May Be Gone After Working Online
    Q86084 PC WSPlus: Postoffices Missing in ADMINSCH
    Q112278 PC WSPlus: Print Margin Changes Not Saved
    Q86380 PC WSPlus: Problem Sending Mail Does Not Update Appointment
    Q86606 PC WSPlus: Projects Sorted Alphabetically Only
    Q86377 PC WSPlus: Replies from Gateway Users Not Received
    Q128584 PC WSPlus: Restoring Schedule+ .CAL File Information
    Q122851 PC WSPlus: Restoring the SCHEDULE.KEY File
    Q96502 PC WSPlus: Resynchronizing Schedule+ After Network Name Change
    Q101403 PC WSPlus: Running SCHDIST.EXE as Idle Process in Dispatch
    Q108373 PC WSPlus: Running Schedule+ Demo from a Network Installation
    Q87622 PC WSPlus: Running Schedule+ for Windows 1.0 from the Network
    Q140191 PC WSPlus: SCHDIST.EXE Ignores CAL File Security
    Q132683 PC WSPlus: Schdplus.exe Version 1.0.4003 Update
    Q112878 PC WSPlus: Sched. Dist. Doesn't Propagate Free and Busy Times
    Q128576 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Access Library Error Codes
    Q125577 PC WSPlus: Schedule Access Library GP Faults
    Q94183 PC WSPlus: Schedule Distribution Command-Line Parameters
    Q126890 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Does Not Remember Print Margin Units
    Q131522 PC WSPLUS: Schedule+ Dynamic Connections Not Work w/Novell NDS
    Q129568 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Libraries Won't Work on 32 Bit Schedule+
    Q112282 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Monthly View Space Not Fully Used
    Q104030 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Prints Incomplete Message, Header Info
    Q113144 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ SCHDIST.EXE 1.0a.2 Update
    Q113144 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Schdupd.exe Update Available
    Q114661 PC WSPlus: Schedule+ Splus.dll 1.00.4002 Update and SAL Files
    Q109699 PC WSPlus: Sending a Meeting Request for a Busy Resource
    Q114029 PC WSPlus: Set Access Privileges Option Unavailable/Disabled
    Q98977 PC WSPlus: Setting up Dynamic Connections
    Q104249 PC WSPlus: Setting Up Schedule Distribution
    Q128172 PC WSPlus: SPlusReadAppt Fails to Retrieve Creator Information
    Q119828 PC WSPlus: Standalone Install Login Name Shouldn't Have Spaces
    Q121797 PC WSPlus: Standard Response Buttons Unavailable
    Q104129 PC WSPlus: Subject Field Incorrect for X.400 User
    Q110274 PC WSPlus: Summary List of Schedule+ 1.0 and 1.0a Bugs
    Q121796 PC WSPlus: Support for Timex Datalink and Schedule+ Interface
    Q128962 PC WSPlus: Synchronizing Calendar Files for Remote Mail Users
    Q125017 PC WSPlus: Tentative Appointments Do Not Show in Planner
    Q128578 PC WSPlus: Timex Data Link Error - Cannot Find VFORMS.DLL
    Q98120 PC WSPlus: Troubleshooting Corrupted Schedule+ Calendar Files
    Q140194 PC WSPlus: Tuning a Schedule+ 1.0 Installation
    Q86607 PC WSPlus: Undoing Deleted Recurring Appointment
    Q112920 PC WSPlus: Users Disappear from Set Access Privileges List
    Q140340 PC WSPlus: Using SPLUSGetFreeBusy Causes a GPF in VB 4.0
    Q132209 PC WSPlus: Viewing Free/Busy on Remote Postoffice Via Async
    Q140686 PC WSPlus Win: Err Msg: Your Message File Could Not Be Located
    Q104369 PC WSPlus: Wrong Message When Deleting Meeting
    Q147482 Picture in About Dialog Box Does Not Fill Frame
    Q146469 Printing Empty Schedule Pages Causes Separator Page to Print
    Q157542 Private Meetings Not Created as Private on Attendee's Calendar
    Q141064 Problems w/ Automatic Adjust Clock for Daylight Saving Time
    Q105164 Proper Rights for the CAL Subdirectory
    Q131492 Recurring Appointment Dialog Box: ALT+Y Doesn't Work
    Q142348 Recurring Appointments Include the Until Date
    Q137205 Recurring Meetings Booked Incorrectly in Schedule+ 1.0
    Q146467 Recurring Meetings w/ Same Patterns May Fall on Different Days
    Q131515 Recurring Task Shown Once in Weekly Schedule View
    Q146314 Recur Task Continues if No End Date and No Auto-done Selected
    Q142577 Reply to All Will Not Include Resources Attendees
    Q146461 Required Rights for Novell when Using Schedule+ 7.0
    Q131089 Resizing Planner Alters Selected Dates/Times
    Q152502 Restoring Schedule File Doesn't Reset Disallow Overlapping
    Q136205 Results Vary for Reminders Set 2 Minutes or Less
    Q146148 Running the Seven Habits Wizard Doesntt add a Seven Habits Tab
    Q146066 Sch+ 1.0 User Unable to Read Meeting Details of Sch+ 7.0 User
    Q146337 Schd+ for Win 3.x Limited to 6 Open Archive and Project Files
    Q248701 Schdist.exe Caught in Endless Loop of "Sent Resend Requests"
    Q102557 SchedPlus: Mtg Request Only Displays Subj Line in Appt Book
    Q146145 Schedule+ 1.0 Does Not Adjust for Time Zone Differences
    Q152879 Schedule+ 7.0 is Unable to Write to Schedule+ 1.0 CAL
    Q249574 Schedule+ 7.5 To Do Tab Maps Short Date Style Year Incorrectly
    Q296421 Schedule+ 7.x Hangs at Start After Selecting Group Mode
    Q188675 Schedule+ ErrMsg "The meeting request is out of date"
    Q146137 Schedule+ ErrMsg: There Was a Problem Importing the File
    Q197195 Schedule+ Four-Digit Year Entries Require All Four Digits
    Q146362 Schedule+ Meeting Wizard and Time Zones
    Q186441 Schedule on Server Can Be Locked by User with Read-Only Access
    Q240018 Schedule+ Stack Fault After You Apply Office 95 Y2K Update
    Q130426 Schedule+ Tasks: Duration and Estimated Effort
    Q175934 Schedule+ Time Zone Transition Dates Incorrect
    Q262563 Schedule+ User Sees ??? for User's Free/Busy Data
    Q186294 Schedule+ Week Numbering Incorrect in Monthly View
    Q183650 Schedule + Won't Print Outlook Private Appointments
    Q156525 Sched+ User Gets NDR from Attendee not Listed in Appointment
    Q130433 Secondary Time Zone Defaults to Pacific Time
    Q216246 Secondary Time Zone Off by One Hour in Danish Schedule+ 7.5 Clie
    Q146039 Second Time Zone May Display Incorrectly
    Q146133 Sending Attachments When Responding to Meeting Request
    Q146492 Setting a New Contact to Private Requires Data to Be Entered
    Q140187 Setting Recurring Monthly Appointments to Day 31
    Q145876 Setup Does Not Warning When Install Over Previous Installation
    Q148211 Seven Habits Tools Goals Not Appear When Recurring
    Q146175 Seven Habits Wizard and the Six Step Process
    Q130548 Tentative Appointment Doesn't Show in Date Navigator
    Q133402 Timex Data Link: Invalid Anniversaries May Appear
    Q133404 Timex Data Link Stores Phone Numbers of Up to 12 Digits
    Q137727 Timex Data Link Watch Rounds Appointment Times
    Q146187 Timex: Dates Are Not In Order When Downloaded
    Q131488 Today's Date Is the Default Date in Go To Dialog Box
    Q147358 Translators Available in Schedule+
    Q147541 Undoing Goal Deletes Goal Text from New Item box
    Q150630 Using the Seven Habits Wizard Generates Bad File Name Error
    Q146475 Vertical Line Appears in a Project Name
    Q131489 Week Entry in Go To Dialog Allows Week 0 through 99
    Q130425 Weekly - 5 Day Print Layout Always Begins on Monday
    Q146502 Which Schedule+ Meeting Time is Correct?
    Q150333 Will Not Print Projects Without Assigned Tasks
    Q141269 Windows 3.0 Shortcut Keys Work
    Q152655 Wrong Cancellation Form Sent for Recurring Meeting
    Q129567 WSPlus: Err Msg: Your Login Credentials Do Not Match
    Q141066 WSPlus: How to Force Schedule+ 7.0 to Ask to Work in Group
    Q157426 XCLN: "All Your Access Permissions Could Not Be Reset..." Err
    Q153959 XCLN: Attendees Can't View Other Attendees of Meetings
    Q164421 XCLN: Behavior of Schedule+ 7.0 Synchronize on Exit
    Q162564 XCLN: Cannot Change Time of Recurring Appointments
    Q153960 XCLN: Can't Drill Down On Distribution List In Schedule+
    Q216509 XCLN: Can't Open Schedule: The Schedule File Could Not Be Opened
    Q163634 XCLN: Can't Synchronize Microsoft Schedule+ File if Offline
    Q152120 XCLN: Copying Profile Passes Along Schedule+ Access
    Q153937 XCLN: Creating an .SCD After Schedule+ Configured for no .SCD
    Q164125 XCLN: Creator Information Missing for Scheduled Appointment
    Q146976 XCLN: Deleted Appointments are Downloaded to Intellilink
    Q168133 XCLN: Deleting the Schedule+ Data from Exchange Server
    Q171144 XCLN: DocErr: Delegate Owner Does Not Receive Reminders
    Q227854 XCLN: Dr. Watson in Schedule+ While Opening Outlook Calendar
    Q146170 XCLN: Err Msg: Schedule+ Cannot Find or Run Application
    Q185414 XCLN: Err Msg: There was a problem opening MSTRE schedule...
    Q171006 XCLN: ErrMsg When Attemtping to Import Another Schedule File
    Q166986 XCLN: Error Printing from MS Schedule+ If Normal.fmt Corrupted
    Q183825 XCLN: GPF Viewing Multiple Schedules, Leaving Schedule+ Running
    Q146096 XCLN: Hidden Groups in Attendees List Not Invited to Meeting
    Q167824 XCLN: How Schedule+ Displays Busy Times for Resources
    Q153769 XCLN: How to Automatically Import Holidays into Schedule+ 7.0
    Q154691 XCLN: How to Print the Schedule+ Contact List in Two Columns
    Q184403 XCLN: How to Reset the Recently Used File List in Schedule+
    Q154137 XCLN: How to View, Print MS Exchange Personal Address Book Files
    Q154101 XCLN: Importing 3rd Party Schedules into Schedule+
    Q163382 XCLN: Macintosh Schedule+ and Exchange Interoperability
    Q164844 XCLN: Meeting Request Booked on Wrong Calendar If Auto-Forwarded
    Q252800 XCLN: Meeting Request Goes to Former Delegate
    Q156282 XCLN: Meeting Request Sent to Assistant Will NDR the Response
    Q146742 XCLN: Modified Column Widths are not Preserved
    Q168086 XCLN: MS Schedule+ Time Zones Wrong w/ OEM Service Release 2
    Q146774 XCLN: New Profile & SCD File Resets Default Access Permission
    Q146542 XCLN: No Indication of Attachments Associated with Appointment
    Q158349 XCLN: Print/Add/Remove Columns from Contact or To Do Lists
    Q146375 XCLN: Printing Weekly 5-day Prints from Monday through Friday
    Q146074 XCLN: Restored Schedule+ File Not Synchronized w/ Server File
    Q204216 XCLN: Schedule+ 1.0a Does Not Refresh Free and Busy Time
    Q153753 XCLN: Schedule+ 1.0 and 7.0 Interoperability in MS Mail
    Q192200 XCLN: Schedule+ 1.0 Supports dates to 2019
    Q192201 XCLN: Schedule + 1.0 Will Not Run After 12/31/2019
    Q158777 XCLN: Schedule+ 7.0 Prompts for Password After Upgrading
    Q171167 XCLN: Schedule+ 7.x Cannot Directly Import Version 1.0 CAL Files
    Q170587 XCLN: Schedule+ Always Prompts for Shared Schedule Password
    Q157704 XCLN: Schedule+ Appointments Scheduled Time Incorrect
    Q163140 XCLN: Schedule+ Calendar Not Synchronized If Not Logged Off
    Q252878 XCLN: Schedule+ Err Mssg: The File Req32.cfg Could Not Be Opened
    Q160865 XCLN: Schedule+ Error Granting Permissions to Users from PAB
    Q161042 XCLN: Schedule+ Error: "The Schedule File Could Not Be Opened"
    Q162087 XCLN: Schedule + Meeting Wizard Won't Auto Pick Locations
    Q250436 XCLN: Schedule Plus Does Not Open Outlook Calendar Across Domain
    Q146928 XCLN: Schedule+ Printing Is Not WYSIWIG
    Q186162 XCLN: Schedule+ Prints Black Bars in Monthly View
    Q157697 XCLN: Schedule+ Reminders Affect Screen Saver in Windows 95
    Q254562 XCLN: Schedule+ Two-Digit Date Is Not Interpreted Correctly
    Q251314 XCLN: Schedule+ Two-Digit Date Is Not Interpreted Correctly
    Q158014 XCLN: Seven Habits Commands Not Available on Tools Menu
    Q170605 XCLN: Troubleshooting Schedule Synchronization in Schedule+
    Q146049 XCLN: User Permissions Not Migrated Over to New .SCD File
    Q151220 XCLN: Users with Delegates do not Appear in Meeting Requests
    Q157176 XCLN: Using Auto Accept Meeting Requests / Auto Remove
    Q146363 XCLN: Using Space Bar in Name Field on Contact Page
    Q155397 XCLN: Values for Role Field Are Stored in Seven Habits Tool
    Q156105 XCLN: Viewing Other Attendees after Accepting Meeting Request
    Q202855 XFOR: Exchange Migration Wizard for MS Mail Fails on Schedule+
    Q254788 XFOR: Schedule+ 7.5 Users Always Prompted for a Password
    Q242581 Y2K Analyzer Tool Does Not Recognize Schedule+ 7.0a

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