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    Q172068 BUG: Add-in Causes Access Violation
    Q184398 BUG: Client Installation EXE can Corrupt the Registry
    Q172210 BUG: Components May Cause Errors When Using the Windows NT Event Log
    Q172210 BUG: Components May Cause Errors When Using the WinNT Event Log
    Q180468 BUG: Java Components Hang When Run in Transaction Server
    Q170832 BUG: Microsoft Transaction Server Reports Error 80004002
    Q180221 BUG: MTS Connection Pooling Problem with Visual Basic 5.0
    Q170820 BUG: Path May Prevent Creation of Client Installation Executable
    Q177894 BUG: Recalculate Links Increments InterDev Files Under Source Co
    Q177894 BUG: Recalculate Links Increments InterDev Files Under Source Control
    Q168529 BUG: SP2 Causes Control Panel and RAS Problems on WinNT 4.0
    Q156394 BUG: Splash Screen and Background Dialog Box Are Different Sizes
    Q180192 BUG: Unable to Close Transaction Statistics Err Message Dialog
    Q166107 DAO/Jet Cannot Be Used in Transaction Server Components
    Q197812 DTC Log File Corruption or Growth Problems
    Q156416 FIX: Allows Your Own Machine Name for a Remote Component
    Q181776 FIX: BUG: Locking Problem When Using XA Transactions
    Q181775 FIX: BUG: MTS Trusted Impersonators Group Name Is Too Long
    Q156391 FIX: Cannot Scroll "Overwrite Files" Dialog Box
    Q156392 FIX: Catalog Doesn't Recognize Visual Basic Hex Typelib Versions
    Q232348 FIX: DTC's XA RM Incorrectly Returns No More Transaction to Recover
    Q156393 FIX: Err RPC_E_WRONG_THREAD Using Apartment Threaded Component
    Q156389 FIX: Extern "C" Directive Causes Problems for C Compilers
    Q156375 FIX: F1 Does Not Display Help Topic in Transaction Explorer
    Q156395 FIX: Icons Look Strange When Using 256 Colors or Less
    Q170821 FIX: Installation of a Remote Component May Fail
    Q156685 FIX: Internal Error During Recovery
    Q156398 FIX: Link Failures with Non-Default Calling Conventions
    Q156397 FIX: Long Path in Setup Causes a Problem with the Reset Log File
    Q156406 FIX: MTS Catalog Does Not Support Interface Forwarding
    Q232330 FIX: MTS Explorer Crashes When Configured the Machine Uses Remote DTC
    Q170822 FIX: Only Administrators Can Use MTS on Localized Platforms
    Q156688 FIX: Passing Arguments in Custom Interface Causes AV
    Q151245 FIX: Readme for Sample Applications Bank Server Incomplete
    Q156390 FIX: "The Topic Does Not Exist" Error Using F1 Key for Help
    Q156396 FIX: Warning LNK4099 Message from Visual C Version 5.0
    Q232343 FIX: XA Transaction Monitors May Show Inconsistent Outcome
    Q188919 HOWTO: Avoid "Error 91" when Debugging MTS Components with Visual Basic
    Q180217 HOWTO: Control Server Location in a Visual Basic Client
    Q172869 HOWTO: Debug a Component Written with Visual Basic 5.0
    Q172214 HOWTO: How to Invoke MTS Components from Active Server Pages
    Q180191 HOWTO: How to Obtain Microsoft Transaction Server Samples
    Q197814 HOWTO: How To Troubleshoot RPC Errors
    Q168031 How to Obtain Microsoft Transaction Server Version 1.1
    Q150929 How to Obtain Transaction Server 1.0 Service Pack 2 Alpha
    Q234218 HOWTO: Reusing ADO Connection Various for Operations MTS Transactions
    Q158305 HOWTO: Search Transaction Server Articles by Article Topic
    Q158305 How to Search Transaction Server Articles by KB Subcategories
    Q170819 How to Secure Microsoft Transaction Server Administration
    Q175383 HOWTO: Use ADO in an MTS ATL Component.
    Q166276 HOWTO: Write an MTS Component Using ATL
    Q181825 INF: DTC Files Are Removed from SQL Installation
    Q185184 INFO: Components That Do Not Support Transactions
    Q191766 INFO: Example: Simple DCOM VB Client Talking to an MTS Component
    Q230330 INFO: How Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0 Handles Load Balancing
    Q197208 INFO: IBM DB2 Driver Available for Use with MTS
    Q185174 INFO: Latest Version of Microsoft Transaction Server
    Q197217 INFO: Memory Leak in Msdtc.exe when Using XA Resource Manager
    Q164915 INFO: Microsoft DTC Must be Running for Transaction Support
    Q191167 INFO: Mixing Threading Models
    Q197815 INFO: ODBC Drivers That Are Compatible with MTS
    Q185185 INFO: Operating System Is Required to Run Transaction Server
    Q185175 INFO: Problems From Losing Client Identity Checking
    Q197218 INFO: Stand Alone Distributed Transaction Coordinator Setup
    Q222634 INFO: This Interface Has Been Forwarded Error in Visual Basic with MTS
    Q169210 INFO: Tips for Using Database Components with MTS
    Q191166 INFO: Transaction Error Logs
    Q197809 INFO: Turn Off the Use of Temporary Stored Procedures with SQL Server
    Q191165 INFO: Updating Data in Sources Other Than Databases
    Q170831 INF: Proxy-Stubs for Custom Interfaces Must Include Mtxih.lib
    Q197811 Memory Leak When Using XA TM and SQL Server/DTC
    Q143130 Microsoft Transaction Server Frequently Asked Questions
    Q177411 ODBC Driver Must Be Thread Safe If Used with MTS
    Q230172 PRB: Catalog Error 80040154 Accessing MTS via MMC
    Q230324 PRB: Catalog Error 800706BE Accessing MTS via the MMC
    Q166108 PRB: Changing Database Context Can Lead to Unexpected Results
    Q233997 PRB: Error 406 Accessing an MTS Component in a Library Package
    Q180190 PRB: MS Oracle Driver 1.0 Limitation in MTS Environment
    Q197816 PRB: MTS Client Installation EXE Is Not Created with Specific MTS Configuration
    Q167745 PRB: ODBC Connections Must Be Opened With SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT
    Q170835 PRB: Security May Prevent Creation of Client Installation .Exe
    Q192680 PRB: Upgrading SQL Server 6.5 to the MTS 2.0 DTC Release
    Q165605 PRB: Using MFC OLE Components with Transaction Server
    Q165343 Transaction Server 1.1 Intel & 1.0 SP2 Alpha Fixlist
    Q197810 Upgrading DTC to Close Idle Connections
    Q192687 Upgrading MTS 2.0 DTC to Reduce Memory Usage
    Q192681 Upgrading MTS 2.0 DTC to Support IBM DB2 and Informix Databases
    Q193893 Using Oracle Databases with Microsoft Transaction Server

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