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    Q140730 Accessing PCI Device's Configuration Space from Device Driver
    Q140728 AdapterSettings Entry for SCSI Miniport under Windows 95
    Q182541 BETA-HOWTO: Controlling SCSI LUN Scanning in Windows NT 5.0
    Q116450 BufferAccessScsiPortControlled Flag Information
    Q185502 BUG: ANSI Version of SetupDiEnumDriverInfo() Fails
    Q132894 BUG: "Bad Format GPC File" Error Message
    Q140657 BUG: Bidirectional Printer Not Recognized at Installation Time
    Q216308 BUG: Calling IoDeleteDevice May Unexpectedly Unload Driver
    Q140453 BUG: Can't Build Nec73pcm\Drv DDK Sample Without Vxdpipe.h
    Q126417 BUG: CLIPOBJ_bEnum Can Overwrite End of Buffer
    Q200452 BUG: COA Number Displays Incorrectly in System Properties
    Q139999 BUG: DeleteFile Returns Wrong Value If VxD Removed from Memory
    Q169578 BUG: DriverCallback Return Value Invalid
    Q170087 BUG: DriverCallback Return Value Invalid
    Q208173 BUG: Duplicate LUN 0 When LargeLuns Registry Key Enabled
    Q135843 BUG: GDI Assertion Failure in PostScript Driver
    Q171249 BUG: GDI Limits DirectDraw Surfaces to 2048x2048
    Q201134 BUG: GetKeyNameText Fails When Rebuilding Keyboard DLLs
    Q225489 BUG: IFSMGR_ParseOneElement Fails with Certain Character Combinations
    Q131455 BUG: Image Does Not Print Correctly on Postscript Printer
    Q140454 BUG: IME KANA MS-DOS Key Activation Isn't Reflected in Win32
    Q195554 BUG: Infrared Device Stops Functioning During Data Transfer
    Q169602 BUG: Installing a Plug and Play Network Card
    Q123460 BUG: Interim Fix for IoAssignResource Fails When It Shouldn't
    Q141988 BUG: IOCTL_SCSI_RESCAN_BUS Finds New TargetIds, Not New LUNs
    Q196120 BUG: IOCTL SMART_GET_VERSION Returns Invalid bIDEDeviceMap Info
    Q196119 BUG: Layered Service Provider That Handles ReadFile & WriteFile
    Q139293 BUG: Locked Keyboard When SHIFT or CTRL Key Is Pressed
    Q156537 BUG: Missing 16-bit PFM Fonts in the Epson9 Minidriver Sample
    Q201678 BUG: Multiple Disk Install Causes Error in Windows 98
    Q122439 BUG: NdisMReadDmaCount Will Not Link into Driver Binary
    Q139998 BUG: Plug & Play BIOS Problem with Vendor Defined Descriptors
    Q177303 BUG: Printer Property Folder Displays Unnecessary Dialog Box
    Q151887 BUG: Print Processors Will Not Be Deleted with DeletePrintPro
    Q140610 BUG: SCSI Miniport Parms Not Parsed on Multi PCI Bus Systems
    Q140656 BUG: SCSI Printers Don't Work in Windows 95
    Q142237 BUG: SCSI Scanners on Multiple Adapters Not Recognized
    Q135305 BUG: VDDInstallMemoryHook Fails on Non-x86 Platforms
    Q139292 BUG: VMD_Post_Absolute_Pointer_Message Bug in VMOUSE
    Q169586 BUG: _VWIN32_WaitMultipleObjects Does Not Function Correctly
    Q169584 BUG: Win95: ScsiPortGetDeviceBase Does Not Return Linear Address
    Q222946 BUG: Windows 98: Shutdown Hangs With WDM Audio Driver Installed
    Q232535 BUG: Windows NT 4.0 DDK May Report Build Errors When Platform SDK Is Installed
    Q170085 BUG: WinNT DDK SCSI Tape Class Driver Sample Causes System Crash
    Q182540 BUG: WinNT X86 MPS HAL Can Fail To Map System Relative IRQs
    Q141147 Calling Configuration Manager from Windows 95 Apps and DLLs
    Q188276 Cancel.exe Self Queued Cancel and Cleanup Routines
    Q151889 Cannot Replace Default Port Monitor for Standard Printer Ports
    Q90081 Configuring a Kernel Debugger to Debug a Device Driver
    Q115757 Direct Connected Network Printers Using DLC, IPX
    Q175377 DOC: _BlockOnID Function Uses the Block_Thread_Idle Option Flag
    Q169591 DOC: Cancel_Call_When_Not_Critical Not Implemented
    Q131456 DOC: Converting Windows 3.1 .RC Files to Windows NT
    Q156536 DOC: Creating a Minidriver
    Q131839 DOC: DCI Support in Windows NT Video Display Drivers
    Q192482 DOC: Do Not Need NdisTerminateWrapper in MiniportHalt
    Q141989 DOC: Driver-supplied IoTimer Routine & IoStopTimer API
    Q140673 DOC: EngCreatePalette pulColors Parameter Description Error
    Q152118 DOC: EngPlgBlt for Rotating a Bitmap Surface
    Q152536 DOCERR: Ddkenv.bat Called Before VC++ and MASM Batch Files
    Q143256 DOCERR: DLI_FMT_INCREMENT Doesn't Work as Documented
    Q141486 DOCERR: No DDI ReEnable Docs for Windows 95 Display Minidriver
    Q194637 DOC: Error Incorrect NdisMWriteLogData Return Value
    Q140672 DOC: Error in DEVINFO Description
    Q126125 DOC: Error in DEVMODEW Structure
    Q152541 DOCERR: Passing Reference Data to a Hardware Interrupt Handler
    Q141938 DOCERR: Power Control Messages in VxDs - Definitions Moved
    Q131774 DOCFIX: Error in SURFOBJ Description
    Q122173 DOCFIX: Incorrect Parameter for NdisReadEisaSlotInformation()
    Q126427 DOCFIX: IoAcquireCancelSpinLock Comments Are Incorrect
    Q128248 DOCFIX: IoAttachDevice Will Work with Already Attached Device
    Q124078 DOCFIX: MmAllocateNonCachedMemory Documented Incorrectly
    Q132247 DOCFIX: NdisMPciAssignResources Parameter List Is Incorrect
    Q149234 DOCFIX: ZwEnumerateKey STATUS_NO_MORE_VALUES Is Incorrect
    Q133705 DOC: Freeing Allocated Resources with IoAssignResources()
    Q140267 DOC: HalSetBusData/HalSetBusDataByOffset Supports CMOS Bus
    Q198664 DOC: How to call CONFIGMG_Get(Set)_DevNode_PowerCapabilities
    Q138697 DOC: Incomplete Definition of VideoDebugPrint
    Q140674 DOC: Incorrect iModes Parameter to DDI StretchBlt Functions
    Q122171 DOC: Incorrect Parameter for NdisReadMcaPosInformation()
    Q126428 DOC: Incorrect Return Value for HalGetBusData (PCI)
    Q196557 DOC: Incorrect Status Value for Media Change Notification
    Q196551 DOC: InitializeListHead Function Documentation Is Incorrect
    Q175378 DOC: Interrupt 2Fh Function 1684h Name-based Usage
    Q163360 DOC: IOConfig Alias-offset Example Incorrect
    Q136632 DOC: IOCTL_DISK_REMOVE_DEVICE Is Not Supported
    Q195394 DOC: IoInitializeIrp Function Documentation Is Incorrect
    Q152198 DOC: IoRaiseInformationalHardError Return Value Type Changed
    Q136681 DOC: LibraryProcedure DLL Prototype Incorrect
    Q200192 DOC: MmCreateMdl Function Documentation Is Incorrect
    Q123676 DOC: SCSI Miniport SlotNumber Set by ScsiPortInitialize
    Q140268 DOC: SCSI Miniport's Use of the SRB DataBuffer
    Q169592 DOC: Set_XXX_Time_Out and Cancel_Time_Out Are Async Services
    Q169589 DOC: Structure Definitions for CONFIGMG_Get_Bus_Info
    Q149272 DOC: UNICODE_STRING.Length Is in Characters, Not in Words
    Q224152 DOC: Windows 95/98 Don't Use the Display Driver's FastBorder Interface
    Q89279 Dumping Physical Addresses Under the Kernel Debugger
    Q176415 Event.exe Shows How to Share and Signal an Event Object
    Q179490 FILE: BusMast.exe Handles DMA on Bus Master Device Using WinNT
    Q192603 FILE: DskDrive.exe - Removing/Adding Disk Drives Under Win95/98
    Q178321 FILE: GEXPort.exe Demonstrates How to Write an Export DLL
    Q192604 FILE: HotSwap.exe - Hot Swapping IDE or ATAPI CDROM Devices
    Q178322 FILE: IMSamp.exe: Ndis 4.0 Intermediate Driver Sample
    Q178317 FILE: IOCTL.exe: How to Use Various Types of IOCTL
    Q192602 FILE: IOSFAQ.exe - IOS Port Driver Frequently Asked Questions
    Q176417 FILE: Joyflt.exe Contains Joystick and Keyboard Filter Drivers
    Q192606 FILE: MBtFAQ.exe - Windows 95 or Windows 98 Master Boot Record
    Q192605 FILE: MiniPort.exe - Writing SCSI Miniport Drivers for Win95/98
    Q178320 FILE: NMPipe.exe Sample Opens a Named Pipe Created in User- Mode
    Q176418 FILE: Parstat.exe Reads Status of Parallel Port
    Q179489 FILE: SlaveDMA.exe Demonstrates How to Use Slave DMA
    Q192607 FILE: VCache.exe - How to Use VCACHE Services
    Q126369 FIX: Large Transfers Via SCSI Passthrough May Crash System
    Q201214 FIX: NdisMIndicateReceivePacket Bugchecks on Multiproc Checked Build
    Q140671 FIX: No PCL Page Protection in Minidrivers
    Q126285 FIX: PortIO.exe Fixes GENPORT.C: PortAddress Not Initialized
    Q126430 FIX: Problems with IoWriteErrorLogEntry Writing Error Messages
    Q126285 FIX: Problem with GENPORT.C: PortAddress Not Initialized
    Q198575 FIX: TDI Filter Drivers Require Windows NT 3.51 SP 5 or Higher
    Q128259 FIX:Unresolved External as Visual C++ Compiles Printer Drivers
    Q132894 FIX: UnTl.exe Fixes "Bad Format GPC File" Error Message
    Q222824 FIX: Windows 98: Reenumerating PCI Device Can Cause Reboot
    Q121552 FIX: Zw Calls Fail If KeyFullInformation Is a Parameter
    Q182329 HOWTO: Acquire NDIS 4.0 PCI Miniport Resources
    Q153382 How to Add Middle Mouse Button from a VxD Using Simple Hook
    Q170084 HOWTO: Add PCMCIA Support to a Windows NT Device Driver
    Q124079 How to Allocate Non-Cached Memory for an NDIS Driver
    Q131030 How to Build Your Own VxDCall Wrappers for Windows 95
    Q121965 HOWTO: Change Max Memory Allowed with MmProbeAndLockPages
    Q115486 HOWTO: Control Device Driver Load Order
    Q152044 HOWTO: Create a PCI Device Driver for Windows NT
    Q126368 HOWTO: Create Device Objects in Dispatch Routines
    Q164459 HOWTO: Debugging NDIS 4.0 Drivers
    Q182539 HOWTO: Debug NDIS WAN Miniports for MSDUN 1.2x
    Q133301 How to Debug User-Mode Drivers Using WinDbg and WinDbgRm
    Q163361 HOWTO: Detecting CD-ROM Eject Without Bluescreen
    Q169590 HOWTO: Determine the Currently Installed Display Driver
    Q115757 HOWTO: Direct Connected Network Printers Using DLC, IPX
    Q153385 HOWTO: Disable Plug and Play for a Serial Hardware Device
    Q126419 HOWTO: Enable Debug Output for OEMSetup.inf Scripts
    Q152537 How To Generate Map Files with Line Numbers
    Q195389 HOWTO: Get an Interrupt in a PCI/AGP Video Miniport Driver
    Q200876 HOWTO: Get Information for a Given Display Driver
    Q193824 HOWTO: Getting OS Version Information in a Device Driver
    Q207965 HOWTO: How to Change Dial Method Default During Preinstallation
    Q169580 HOWTO: Install Networking Components Programmatically
    Q140731 How to Load the Generic Plug and Play VxD Sample in Windows 95
    Q189327 HOWTO: Map Adapter RAM into Process Address Space
    Q175419 HOWTO: Mark a Device Configured Through VendorInstaller DLL
    Q153380 How to Modify VxD in VKD_Define_Hot_Key to Detect All Keys
    Q141230 How to Monitor or Intercept COMM Data Traffic in Windows 95
    Q214455 HOWTO: Ndis Intermediate Driver Models
    Q229660 HOWTO: NdisWan Debug Tracing
    Q175416 HOWTO: Obtain a NDIS Trace on Win95 for an NDIS Driver
    Q140581 How to Obtain the IEEE P1284 (ECP) Specification
    Q195316 HOWTO: Open TCP and UDP from Win32 Applications
    Q133706 How to Pass Parameters to a SCSI Miniport via the Registry
    Q218479 HOWTO: Prevent Mouse Not Detected Dialog Box During a Preinstall
    Q194941 HOWTO: Programmatically Install Modem Drivers
    Q169588 HOWTO: Programmatically Undock Using the Keyboard Buffer
    Q195391 HOWTO: Query the NDIS Version at Run Time
    Q128372 HOWTO: Remove Symbols from Device Drivers
    Q228769 HOWTO: Retrieve Print Job Information
    Q148730 HOWTO: Search for Win32 DDK Articles Using KBKeywords
    Q170083 HOWTO: Set Modem Lines Initial States in Win95 SERIAL.VXD
    Q140560 How to Set the Default Printer Programmatically in Windows 95
    Q140560 HOWTO: Set the Default Printer Programmatically in Windows 95
    Q138432 How to Set the ECP Mode Addressing on LPT Ports
    Q191840 HOWTO: Share Memory Between User Mode and Kernel Mode
    Q131454 How to Take Advantage of Color Plane Ordering in Minidrivers
    Q216347 HOWTO: Test and Modify the Logos in an OEM Preinstallation
    Q153386 How to Use Conditional Debug_Out & Trace_Out Debugging Strings
    Q152540 How To Use Configuration Manager to Get Free Resource Info
    Q153383 How to Use/Replace Windows 95 Hardware Wizard in Custom Code
    Q202060 HOWTO: Use Testdrv.sys from Windows 98 DDK as a WDM PnP Driver
    Q224784 HOWTO: Writing WDM/NDIS Miniports for Windows
    Q194635 HOWTO: ZwCreateFile on \device\atalkddp Requires Protocol #
    Q133005 HP's Windows 95 JetAdmin Software Is Not Extensible
    Q221823 INFO: 1394 Device Not Being Detected
    Q182542 INFO: ASPI on Windows NT Is Not Supported by Microsoft
    Q163355 INFO: Call Enable DMA Translation Only After DMA is Complete
    Q126416 INFO: Cautions on Using METHOD_NEITHER IOCTL
    Q200913 INFO: CPSUI Behavior When Printing Through MS WORD
    Q120170 INFO: Creation and Destruction of File Objects
    Q90082 INFO: Debug Printing Implementation in the Device Drivers
    Q163353 INFO: DirectInput Inf Defintions for OEMDATA
    Q126547 INFO: Floating-Point Math Not Supported in a Kernel-Mode Driver
    Q182335 INFO: Format of Event Log Data Created by ScsiPortLogError
    Q197529 INFO: HalSetBusData Does Not Allow Programming PCI Bridge Device
    Q229664 INFO: Hooking Display Drivers Through the Display Driver Management Layer in Windows 2000
    Q117308 INFO: How Drivers Notify User-Mode Apps of Asynchronous Events
    Q133005 INFO: HP's Windows 95 JetAdmin Software Is Not Extensible
    Q163357 INFO: Inf AddReg Sections Value Types are Limited
    Q192486 INFO: Introduction to Windows NT Kernel Special Pool
    Q180589 INFO: IoMarkIrpPending(Irp) vs. IoStatus.Status=STATUS_PENDING
    Q120171 INFO: I/O Request Packet (IRP) Cancellation
    Q229035 INFO: Kernel Mode Drivers Are Read-Only in Windows 2000
    Q113996 INFO: Mapping NT Status Error Codes to Win32 Error Codes
    Q115758 INFO: Meanings of Address Fields in an IRP Structure
    Q199311 INFO: MmMapLockedPages Returns Actual Virtual Address In SP4
    Q214454 INFO: NdisMRegisterInterrupt Fails on Multiprocs
    Q192483 INFO: Network Binding Analysis
    Q229043 INFO: New Network .inf Files Required for Windows 2000
    Q163339 INFO: Ordinal Numbers for Password Provider Entry Points
    Q222821 INFO: PCMCIA Interrupt Sharing Under Windows 98
    Q77215 INFO: PostScript Fonts Have Two Font Names
    Q169595 INFO: Printer Driver Must Support Multiple DCs
    Q169601 INFO: Reboot Keyword Will Not Work in Printer INFs
    Q174834 INFO: Requesting a Network Provider ID
    Q200111 INFO: Retrieve Font Styles Using EnumFontFamiliesEx
    Q191839 INFO: Sharing Interrupts in PCI Device Drivers
    Q186775 INFO: Tips for Windows NT Driver Developers -- Things to Avoid
    Q223282 INFO: Using IFSMGR_InstallFileSystemApiHook in Windows 98 to Intercept Executable Files
    Q195392 INFO: Using NdisReadConfiguration with NdisParameterMultiString
    Q175418 INFO: Wait States for PCIC Socket Controllers
    Q179254 INFO: Why Is My deviceObject->currentIrp == NULL in My ISR?
    Q169582 INFO: WIN31COMPAT Flag Allows Compatible Win3.1, Win95 VxDs
    Q165720 INFO: Win95 Video Capture Drivers Must be 16-Bit
    Q163354 INFO: Windows 95 Multimedia Wave Device Drivers Must be 16 bit
    Q165719 INFO: Windows 95 Printer Drivers are 16-Bit
    Q230470 INFO: Windows 98: Set Power Management with _VPOWERD_Get_Mode
    Q168276 INFO: Windows Postscript Level Support
    Q140658 INFO: Windows Postscript Level Support
    Q165969 INFO: WinNT Drivers Built With VC++ 5.0 Require Updated WinDbg
    Q152222 Installing Localmon with Duplicated Port Will Fail
    Q178317 Ioctl.exe: How to Use Various Types of IOCTL
    Q115760 Kernel Debugging Using WinDbg
    Q141146 Long Dir/File Names Not Supported by CreateFile to Open VxDs
    Q152538 Modifying DDKENV.BAT to Build 16-Bit Multimedia Drivers
    Q137383 Necessary Changes to DriverEntry for PCI SCSI Miniport Driver
    Q155341 New README File for Generic Port I/O Driver
    Q152250 No Support for Dosxxxx Functions in Sample Net-print Providers
    Q151886 PARSEPJL.OBJ Source Code Not Available
    Q191838 PRB: AppleTalk Does Not Bind to FDDI Cards in Windows NT 4.0
    Q194942 PRB: Bad Cfgdir Variable Prompts for User Intervention
    Q169585 PRB: Bug in the GDI Font Mapper Code
    Q140718 PRB: Cannot Connect to WinDbgRm
    Q151890 PRB: Cannot Install a Print Processor Named WINPRINT
    Q170116 PRB: Can't Find Symbols in Modules When Exe's Have Same Basename
    Q200977 PRB: Can't Set MaxTransfer Size for USB Composite Device
    Q178655 PRB: CM Warning: Device Does Not Allow Rebalance and Removal
    Q141231 PRB: Control Message Fails when Trying Dynamic VxDs as Static
    Q141266 PRB: DCB_unit_number Field Not Filled in for Removable Drives
    Q163358 PRB: DDKDEBUG.BAT Copies Some Drivers to the Wrong Directory
    Q163362 PRB: Device Installation Conflict -- In Use by Unknown Device
    Q141046 PRB: ERROR_VOLUME_EXISTS Defined Incorrectly in DDK Error.h
    Q141538 PRB: ERROR_VOLUME_EXISTS Defined Incorrectly in DDK Error.h
    Q122438 PRB: Error When Compiling: Missing header file PSHPACK4.H
    Q158497 PRB: Generic Serial Plug-and-Play ID String Warning
    Q169593 PRB: GP Fault on DC_BINADJUST if No Input Bins Are Selectable
    Q152201 PRB: IoRaiseInformationalHardError Does Not Behave as Expected
    Q140793 PRB: MAP File Line Number Incompatible with Nu-Mega Msym.exe
    Q132897 PRB: Missing Message Error When Starting Driver for 3.51
    Q137483 PRB: Missing Message Error When Starting Driver for Windows NT
    Q163356 PRB: mixerOpen Function Callbacks Not Available in Win32
    Q195390 PRB: Multicast packets Might Pass through Despite MAC Filtering
    Q122172 PRB: NDIS.H Header Has Incorrect NdisReadMcaPosInformation
    Q164460 PRB: NDIS Miniport Does Not Return a Valid Parameter on Win95
    Q194638 PRB: NdisMWriteLogData Returns Incorrect Status Value
    Q169596 PRB: No Text Using Hebrew or Other Glyph-index Fonts
    Q153381 PRB: Odd VMOUSE Int 15 Calls Appear Instead of AX=0C2xx
    Q186758 PRB: OSR 2.1/2.5 - IoDeleteDevice() Might Cause Blue Screen
    Q200916 PRB: OSR 2.1 - OHCI Driver May Not Break Up Transfers Correctly
    Q169587 PRB: OSR2 Device Installation Defaults to Wrong Source Location
    Q169577 PRB: OSR2 Device Installer Requires Matching Hardware IDs
    Q199988 PRB: OSR2 Device Manager Driver Properties Display Incorrectly
    Q169576 PRB: OSR2 Sets Bridge Control Register ISA Enable Bit
    Q169579 PRB: PCMCIA Memory Window Size Limitations
    Q195547 PRB: Preinstalled Network Settings Lost on Reboot
    Q171248 PRB: Printer Properties for Minidriver Missing Property Sheets
    Q123254 PRB: Problems Running Multiple HCT Managers
    Q201915 PRB: Problem with Splash Screen Logo While Preinstalling
    Q186778 PRB: Queuing a DPC Multiple Times Causes Page-Fault in Win98
    Q194634 PRB: Receive Packet Over IPX on a Token Ring Network
    Q234309 PRB: Relative Paths in SourceDisksFiles Section of Driver .inf Files Replaced By New Value in SourceDisksNames Section
    Q178654 PRB: "Ring 0 Stack Not Aligned" Error Message
    Q140269 PRB: SCSI Miniport Adapter-Specific Parameter May Be Incorrect
    Q126431 PRB: ScsiPortLogError May Not Log Multiple Errors
    Q216306 PRB: SetSuspendState() Fails Under Windows 98
    Q180587 PRB: Spurious Interrupts Cause Exception 0Fh on Pentium Pro
    Q138895 PRB:Status Error Bit Ignored by Windows 95 Serial Port Driver
    Q126347 PRB: Trouble w/ winnet as Secondary Driver & WNetOpenJob() API
    Q169594 PRB: UniTool 3.08 - GPC v1 to v2 Sets RES_BO_OEMGRXFILTER Bit
    Q141232 PRB: VCD_Virtualize_Port Works in 3.1 but Fails in Windows 95
    Q186777 PRB: WDM Drivers Can Only Reside in System Directories
    Q222820 PRB: WDM Driver Written in C++ May Fail to Load
    Q151330 PRB: WinDbg Gets Stuck in a Hard-coded Breakpoint
    Q169581 PRB: Windows 95 DDK Won't Install After Installing Platform SDK
    Q140732 PRB: Windows 95 Doesn't Load SCSI Miniport Driver
    Q216385 PRB: Windows Explorer Shows Nonexistent A Drive
    Q123252 PRB: Windows NT 3.5 Install Doesn't Recognize Mitsumi CD-ROM
    Q180577 PRB: Windows NT Kernel WinDbg Message "Unable to modify memory"
    Q175414 PRB: Writing to a File Prior to Load Phase 7 Starts Chkdisk.exe
    Q126415 SAMPLE: Async.exe Demonstrates Notification from Kernel Mode
    Q126415 SAMPLE: Async Notification from Kernel Mode Driver
    Q178660 SAMPLE: Dumppci.exe Shows How To Dynamically Load/Unload Driver
    Q176415 SAMPLE: Event.exe Shows How to Share and Signal an Event Object
    Q182148 SAMPLE: GetAddr.exe Demonstrates IOCTL_SCSI_GET_ADDRESS
    Q191813 SAMPLE: IRPQ.exe Shows How to Manage IRP Queuing WinNT Driver
    Q140659 Sample Net Print Provider Not Installed with Printer Samples
    Q185075 SAMPLE: PCIDMA.exe PCI Busmaster DMA Driver
    Q186759 SAMPLE: PhysMem.exe Gets Total Physical Memory Size
    Q181278 SAMPLE: PortIO.exe Demonstrates How to Reserve Ports
    Q194945 SAMPLE: Section.exe on Sharing Memory Between Kernel & User Mode
    Q126414 SAMPLE: Sequences & Uses of Kernel APIs to Operate Slave DMA
    Q208048 SAMPLE: SmartApp.exe Accesses SMART Stats in IDE Drives
    Q182146 SAMPLE: Statest.exe Reads Status of Parallel Port
    Q126286 SAMPLE: Using ZwCreateFile() to Open File from Kernel
    Q126286 SAMPLE: Zwcf.exe Uses ZwCreateFile() to Open File from Kernel
    Q153264 SCSI Miniport AlignmentMask Restrictions
    Q134908 SCSI Miniport Data Transfer Restrictions for IDE Controllers
    Q137384 SCSI Miniport Driver Must Not Be Given a Long Filename
    Q123253 SCSI Miniport SlotNumber Field Set by ScsiPortInitialize
    Q153966 Serial Mouse Sample Builds but Doesn't Install
    Q181279 StartIO.exe Demonstrates Cancel and Cleanup Routines
    Q182146 Statest.exe Reads Status of Parallel Port
    Q126418 Streams Transport Driver Support for Windows NT
    Q117894 The Windows NT Parallel Driver
    Q121964 Unidrivers: Convert Win 3.1 .RC Files to Win NT .RC Files
    Q123677 Unsupported SCSI Commands When Using SCSI Pass Through
    Q151888 User-defined Paper Size and UNIDRV.DLL
    Q133090 Using Thunks with Windows 95 Printer Driver
    Q140729 Using Windows 95 PCMCIA Card Services
    Q153384 VCOMM Port Drivers EscapeCommFunction and DeviceIOControl
    Q141131 Why OpenVxDHandle Is Not Contained in Kernel32.lib
    Q152535 Windows 95 DDK Compatibility Tests are Outdated
    Q152539 Windows 95 Multimedia MCI Device Drivers Must Be 16-bit
    Q133004 Windows 95's UNIDRV.DLL Has Limited Vector Command Support

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